Little Witch Academia sketch dump. So apparently Croix is Italian? I vaguely remember reading that from somewhere (was it from the official handbook or something?). Also, I thought with Amanda being American, she could easily be headcanoned as Latina and/or Hispanic.

Please do not repost or upload anywhere. Drawn traditionally and coloured digitally.


The Chariot Boutique, an extension of The Fool’s successful clothing line in swinging 60s London into the then-burgeoning L.A fashion scene and featuring such products as their cosmic couture and Astraflash collection pieces


                                                 Chariots of Fire

1. Golden Portuguese Embassy Coach

2. Hermitage/Royal Carriage of Catherine the Great

3. King Ludwig II’s Cherub sleigh at Linderhof, Germany

4. Neuer Gala-Wagen Koenig Ludwigs II Carriage

5. The Gold State Coach of George IV

6. Coronation Coach at the Royal Mews in London

7. Royal Carriage from 17th Century Portugal