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British Pattern 1822 Infantry Officer’s Sword with Prince Of Wales Feathers Cartouche

William IV, 1830-1837. By John Prosser, Maker to the King & Royal Family, Charing Cross, London. Slightly curved, 35 ¼" blade, single edge-false edge, piped back; the brass half basket hilt bears the Prince of Wales three feather cartouche in white metal, fish-skin grip with brass wire. The royal cipher of William IV is on both sides with maker’s name below; steel scabbard with large drag.

This pattern usually has the cypher of the monarch in the cartouche. I’ve not seen one with PoW feathers. This is a beautiful sword.

uberhavornoxa  asked:

I had my second Charing Cross appointment yesterday and got the go ahead for T (yay!) I know they take ages to send letters so I was just wondering how long it'll actually be until I'm on T? Also got a 3rd appointment set for September 1st for a follow up, is it possible to get my 1st signature for top surgery then?

It depends on (a) how long it takes the letter to arrive, and (b) how long it takes you to get in to see your GP once it arrives. I think letters are currently taking a couple of months, and then it’s just a case of going to see your GP and getting the prescription (and making an appointment with a nurse to inject, if you’re starting on injections). I wouldn’t want to hazard a guess as to exactly how long all this will take, in case my estimate is way out, but 2-3 months isn’t too unlikely.

As for you second question - yes, it’s perfectly possible, though you might not be told this explicitly in the appointment.

~ James

life/transition update under the cut (if you’re interested in knowing about my life on the regular ur better off following me on twitter tho!) warning - kinda depressing, the UK system is a mess.

I was referred to Charing Cross GIC in August 2015. I’ve had my initial assessment there, and my nine month follow up assessment is booked for this June, which is theoretically when I’d be starting hormones if I was following their timescale.

Last September I decided this was way too long (I was gonna have a breakdown and buy testosterone online), and that I could afford to pay the £220 required by gendercare for an initial appointment with them, which I knew was likely to result in a prescription for bridging hormones, which would start me nicely on testosterone to be followed up under the NHS.

This winter I was, as I had hoped, recommended testosterone by gendercare pending my baseline hormones being checked by their endocrinologist. This is the same endocrinologist who works at Charing Cross GIC. Unfortunately my DHT levels were abnormally high, so I have to get my hydroxyprogesterone checked, etc, before I can start. It also means that very likely I will need to see this endocrinologist before I can start testosterone.

His next available private appointment is in June. His next available NHS appointment is in fucking October. I can’t really afford to pay to see him, but fuck it, I’m going to have to because I really can’t wait till October.

I just, it feels like the universe is conspiring against me, you know? I know it’s not and it’s just the fucking system in the UK is a mess, but everybody else I know is on hormones and I don’t fucking pass and never will without testosterone, and I’m bitter about it. The system seems biased against those who need additional care (messed up hormones, counselling, whatever it is!) and it’s useless and I know it’s being overhauled but the prospect of a 10 month wait to see an endocrinologist is horrifying.


These beautiful advertisements for ‘Portraits Of An Icon’ at National Portrait Gallery have been spotted in tube stations around London.

The top photo was taken by me at Piccadilly Circus. The bottom shot was taken by Terence Pepper at Charing Cross.

Audrey Hepburn: Portraits Of An Icon is showing at National Portrait Gallery until 18th October. Don’t miss it!