charie villa


I’ve been in Manila for two days now and it’s been a great couple of days. :)

My school is attending this national summit called Write Tool. I’ll just give you a gist of what Write Tool is about: It is a training program for young journalists formed back in 2007 as the need for quality instruction intensified. Instead of training that was contest-centered, it was decided that it would be the type of training that focused on excellence and ethics. The Write Tool Program, Caravan, and National Summit aims to mold campus journalits’ values and skills while they are still young. There are talks, workshops, and assessment tests held throughout the summit. The speakers and lecturers include the country’s finest journalists.

Our school joined the Write Tool National Caravan - Davao Leg back in January and though I’ve been in campus journalism for a long time, I was shocked at how informative the whole event was. Usually, journalism trainings would prove to be redundant and bland but Write Tool gave fresh approaches to writing, helpful tips, and inspired me. The talks were more than just about technicalities, they stressed that we, writers, have a crucial role to our society. Since then, I promised myself that I would do my best to uphold that role and when I heard about the National Summit to be held in Manila, my schoolmates and I were ecstatic.

Today, February 23, was the first day of the summit. We started the day early, waking up at about 5 AM. We went to DLS-CSB and when we got there, we were told the School of Design and Arts was another building and we walked through Taft looking for it (Haha, tourists). When we got there, it was a beautiful site and my excitement grew. We heard about the program and I was just euphoric when we were told Maria Ressa and Charie Villa would be there. I’m a huge fan of their work. My mother is a news geek and she loves them both. She told me that I should take a picture with both of them as a souvenir to her. Moms. :)) Anyway, I didn’t know what to expect from them and the other well-known speakers, because I’d only ever seen them on the internet and on TV but I knew it was going to be awesome. And I was right. :)