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Octavia Blake

Okay so i couldn’t wait to write this, don’t blame me, I’m going to get into why Octavia is acting the way she is and hopefully answer some questions about why it had to go this way. So sit back because it’s going to be a long post. Hopefully I normally say that then my mind goes blank.

Season 1 Octavia Blake: In the first season we see Octavia. She’s just a normal sixteen year old, She’s the first Skaikru person to step on earth, later in season one we see her adventures/ rebellious / reckless side to her, in episode one when she jumps in the lake without making sure it’s safe. she time and time again puts herself in harms way, at the end of season 1 one, we see her step up from just the girl under the floor to her taking charge of her life and swinging a sword around and that was the start of her becoming a warrior a fighter, i really liked her character from the beginning, she was interesting, she lived under the floor and i kept wondering were her story would go, i also liked how Octavia and Lincoln became a couple, that was her first real love, and it was interesting to watch unfold. so season 1 Octavia will be one of my favorite developments, the way she went from a scared girl to a fierce fighter was just so cool.

Season 2 Octavia Blake? or Octavia Kom Trikru?:  in season two, we see Octavia fighting to become Indra’s second in command, she wanted it so bad. she was tried of people thinking she was weak or that all she was is the girl under the floor. she wanted to step up be respected be seen as something more then Bellamy Blakes little sister. and that’s what she did, she fought. she won she became Indra’s second, then we see her become trikru, she never liked skaikru, they locked her up for being born. we see her battle against the mount men, against Bellamy who still thinks shes the little girl hidden in the floor that he must protect, i really think that season 2 was the stepping stone to her becoming who she is now in season 4, if she didn’t become Indra’s second would she be the character she is now? i don’t think so, it was great seeing her step up and defend herself. 

Season 3 Octavia Blake? or Octavia of the sky people?: in season 3 we see Octavia this time she is not Indra’s second, she is just Octavia of the sky people, i thought that she was brave to go back to arkadia and help them even after they locked her up for being born, we see her wanting to leave because she feels like a outcast she doesn’t fit in, what makes she stay? her friends and the fact that pike hated grounders and wanted to kill them when she herself is in love with a grounder and was/is a grounder, we see a bit of a drift between Lincoln and Octavia as he gets more and more involved with arkadia. we see her beat up her brother because he was on the wrong side, that was what hurt her, her own brother her protector, betrayed her. she took out her anger and her sadness because of Lincolns death. this was the real turning point as to why she acts the way she does, all her hurt and anger go into her fighting, now she is numb she only thinks of revenge and how Lincoln her home was taken from her, unfairly. unjustly. what really makes her who she is now in season 4 is when she kills pike, when she kills the man who took everything from her, that’s when we first see the first of skyripper, after all she been through she takes all her pain from when she had to hide under the floor, all her pain and guilt because she might blame herself for her mothers death, all her pain and anger and sadness make her skyripper, a death bringer, a assassin, a killer. 

Season 4 Octavia Blake or Skyripper?: This is the season, the season where we see a new Octavia, someone who is void and numb of pain and emotion, she has become what she fights, she has become like her enemies. she is hurting and looking for herself outside of Lincoln who is gone and outside of Bellamy who was her only friend/brother/protector that was all she knew, we forget that she never socialized outside of Bellamy, and i like how this season although it’s sad that they are fighting, that we get to see Octavia and Bellamy grow outside of each other, we see Octavia try to give up, she wants it too end she just wants all the pain she feels to end, we see her try to be normal but she can’t fight who she thinks she is, she thinks all she can do is fight, all she thinks she can do is use a sword all she thinks she can do is cut, is kill, because maybe that’s how she feels close to Lincoln who was a warrior a fighter, maybe this is her way to be close to him, but she is wrong she can be more then a warrior she can be the girl who wanted adventure again, and i am hoping to see  Octavia Blake the one that isn’t hurting the one that will forgive her brother again, but we all know the 100 isn’t for happy endings, so where will Octavia take us next will she become more then skyripper or will she become less? will she become who we all know she is? or not?  

I hope this answers some questions as to why she is like this? why does she think this is her only option has she given up on hope? 

this is my thoughts on how she came to be, i am really excited to see where her character will take us, where will she go in season 5 or will she make it that far? honestly she is my favorite character, i always liked her and i don’t care what people say that she isn’t a good character, because she is, she shows us that a person can change a lot after someone close to them dies, she shows us that we must keep fighting, she shows us that revenge can change a person. she shows us that going down one path can sometimes be a bad idea and we must look at all the paths in sight first before making a choice. 

Wow okay so maybe i typed a lot, but i have a lot of thoughts and maybe i’ll even make a second post on her later on, but add on or correct me if i’m wrong, not meant to be offensive, sorry if i offend anyone, thank you for reading, i’m going to tag some people i guess, @bellamyblakesgun @parapluiepliant @iamkstewteam @mrsbellamy-blake @bobmorlee @prettiest-warrior @as-inevitable-as-morning @octaviablakxe

  • What she says: I'm fine
You cannot forget to take some time to invest in yourself and everything that you are. Dive into your interests. Strengthen your talents. Develop your own self perception.  Find out who you are.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Signs as Existential Questions

Aries: How should I live my life?

Taurus: Am I really needed by those I know?

Gemini: Do I really know those I am close to?

Cancer: How am I viewed by my friends?

Leo: Can I take charge of my own life?

Virgo: Am I fulfilling the real purpose in life?

Libra: Am I working up to my fullest potential?

Scorpio: Am I treating those around me right?

Sagittarius: Have I discovered what I’m really interested in?

Capricorn: Am I exerting myself to try and succeed in life?

Aquarius: Why do I feel like what I’m doing isn’t enough?

Pisces: Can I really be a better version of myself?

Aries: Rules the Head ~ Jumps head first into new encounters. Scar/mark on forehead. Headaches. Sudden fevers. Prone to sudden accidents. Jaw and dental problems
Taurus: Rules the Throat ~ Known by voice. Symptoms manifest in the throat. Associated with singing. Lyrical life. Vocal cords. Stiff neck. Tonsilitis. Rules the thyroid = easy weight gain
Gemini: Rules the Lungs and Arms ~ Twins = Bilateral breathing and two arms. Illness is directed through respiratory problems. Circulates Air - the medium to which we speak. Rules the nerves. Overabundance of nervous energy
Cancer: Rules the Breasts ~ Only sign to rule an erogenous zone. The nourisher of new life through breastmilk. Emotional worries directed through stomach pain. Rules insulin = has a high urge for sugar and milky/dairy products
Leo: Rules the Heart ~ Pumps the universal love syrup throughout humanity from the heart. High blood pressure. Irregular heartbeat. Shines from the centre of the body, the centre of the source (heart/love). Distributes the vital fluids.
Virgo: Rules Digestive System ~ Breaks down food like the break down of information. Purity in the body = purity in the mind. Emotional distress  and nerves manifest in stomach upset. Easily offset by chemicals and toxins.
Libra: Rules the Kidneys ~ Balances salt and minerals in the body like the balance of life. Kidney and spine afflictions. Low back problems. Cystitis. Requires extra fluids. Breaks down toxins like the break down of disharmony
Scorpio: Rules the Reproductive Zone ~ Multiple life transformations like constant destruction, reproduction and creating new life. Emotional distress manifested through sexual desire. Menstrual problems. IBS.
Sagittarius: Rules the Thighs ~ Charges through life on limbs traveling far and wide. Sciatica. Hip pain. Rules the liver = can have trouble with alcohol. Needs an active life with fresh air to get legs moving.
Capricorn: Rules the Bones, Joints, Skin and Teeth ~ Profound bone structure. The backbone of society. Dry skin/eczema/skin conditions. Sore joints in conjunct with emotional complaints. Arthritis. Gout. Dental problems and dental phobias
Aquarius: Rules the Calves and Circulation System ~ Unmissable striking calves. Circulates blood like the circulation of love throughout humanity. Lower leg complaints. Walks to their own beat. Varicose veins. Intolerable to processed foods/harsh chemical medicines.
Pisces: Rules the Feet ~ Walks in the shoes of every sign before them. Feet problems. Bunions. Blisters. Oddly shaped feet. Sensitivity can lead to substance use. Can absorb the ailments of others


Imagine: The That 70’s Show series finale opens with Eric on a plane saying to the passenger beside him, “And I bet that that is exactly what happened while I was gone! I’ve only been in Africa for six months but I had to come home and make sure my whole life hadn’t turned to crap. It came to me in a dream. It’s like when Luke Skywalker….” The other passenger rolls his eyes and asks a stewardess for another drink. When Eric gets home he finds that nothing has really changed that much after all. His dad is tinkering away in the garage and calls him a dumbass who can’t remember what month it is before clapping him on the shoulder and leading him into the house. His mom is in the kitchen preparing food for the New Year’s Eve party they are throwing and cries when she sees him, telling him that he isn’t allowed to leave her ever again. Her sobs cause someone to enter from the living room and there is Donna, still blonde and beautiful and smiling at him as she charges forward to wrap him in a hug. She pulls back after a second to smack him on the chest and calls him a dillhole for not telling her he was coming but less than a second later her arms are back around his neck and she tells him it’s more romantic this way anyway. After being reassured by his parents and girlfriend that nothing too out of the ordinary happened while he was away Donna leads him down to the basement where he is met by the welcomed sight of Hyde and Jackie sitting on their usual chair, and Fez across from them in the lawn chair; all of them watching a random rerun on the television. They all stand up and greet him with hugs, even Jackie who then proceeds to shove her left hand in his face showing off the diamond ring that Hyde had put there after they returned from Chicago, and he congratulates her before glancing at his best friend who has a smile plastered on his clean-shaven face. He realizes that the unholy couple looks happier than he ever remembers them being and he congratulates them both again with more sincerity. Hyde answers by pulling Jackie back to their chair as he suggests a welcome home circle and they all eagerly gather around the old wooden table. Fez proves to be his usual pervy, fun-loving and awkward self and takes it upon himself to fill Eric in on all the boring details of what he’s missed as they pass the joint. Just like old times. Once their highs begin to wear off Eric follows Donna as she starts to drag him yet again, this time leading him out the basement door, up the stone steps and across the driveway to her house for a more private reunion. When they finally make it back to the Forman’s they find everyone in the living room where the party has already started and they are just in time to see Kelso enter through the front door with Betsy and Brooke and the last piece of the puzzle shifts into place. Jokes are told, burns are made and a minor crisis or two is averted until finally it is time to move the party to the driveway and ring in the 80’s. Fade to black.

life has gone to shit in the past few weeks and so i decided to start waking up early and taking charge of my life. it’s going ok so far. i am a night owl, though, soooo listen to me my tips work y’all

getting ur sleep hours

  • okok so iK that this is not always possible n u stay up late doing crap for school or smthing BUT
  • waking up early becomes so much better and easier and calmer when u get ur hours ok
  • find out how many hours u need (varies from person to person; me it’s 8 hours which kills me bc so much frigggging time)
  • depending on what time u want to wake up at, calculate it backwards and this new hour is ur hour that u absolutely cannot stay up past*
  • (* unless u absolutely absolutely have to. i understand that sometimes u just have too much stuff to do and u gta get it done. so in that case u would have to go to sleep as early as u can - meaning after ur deadline has passed, u focus focus focus n don’t do shenanigans.)
  • the idea here is u want a routine ok bc ur body likes routines ur brain likes routines and eventually it’ll wake up naturally at the time

ur alarm

  • this can either go both ways, whatever works 4 u:
    • make it RLLY RLLY shrilly n hella annoying that u hate it and u go and turn it off
      • warning: this can backfire bc u just turn it off and don’t actually wake up
    • or u make it like soft and happy and pretty
      • warning: similarly this can backfire bc u r still sleepy bc soft and happy and pretty
  • either way!!!!!!! DO NOT HIT THE SNOOZE
  • u made the promise to urself to wake up early, honour it. don’t be a shitty person who can’t keep their word. (look @ me guilting u)
  • some ppl like their alarms far but i don’t have enough self control for that lol like my alarm is my phone n getting out of bed b4 sleep to put my phone across the room eh

ur awake. now what?

  • ur probably still sleepy af bc ur a sleep-deprived person who would ideally be sleeping but u persevere my friend
  • ok first thing u do is get out of bed bc the bed is ur enemy and it distracts u ok it sucks!!!!!!!!!
  • couple things to stay awake:
    • in the winter especially i blast light in my face 2 tell my brain “yooo it’s like the day now can u wake the hell up” and then serotonin comes in and it’s like “yooo ty
    • wash my face w/cooold (diduthinkiwasgnasaycool) water bc that wakes u up !!! if u’ve ever been woken up w/water!!! yes it works !!!
    • some ppl r like exercise but be warned: this only works if ur body is somewhat used 2 exercise like mine is not and so exercising in the morning just makes me tired tbh
    • stimulate ur mind ya ok some ppl r against electronics in the morning but idk watching a funny vid or smthing cheers me up a lot (laughing!!! important)


  • bc we r humans driven by desires
    i make like a nice breakfast that i like w/like fruits and like good things and it makes me feeling nice n it’s usually rlly tasty
    • things i like to eat: berry smoothies, burrito wraps, congee, dates lol i’m obsessed w/dates rn
  • sometimes i also plan my outfit n i’m like yooooooo i look so good and it gets me feeling rl nice
  • i also have a short impromptu dance party bc like i can afford it w/the time i have now like i don’t listen to music that much anymore :( but now i have a special time to dedicate to music and dance and it’s gr8

final words

  • pls persevere; habits r not made overnight n u will miss some days n it will be totally ok
  • sunrises r nice to actually see and it’s x108908394 easier in the winter bc later sunrise time soooo js
  • my best friend just texted me “can we nap together tmrw” and that pretty much sums us up idk why that’s relevant but s.o. to him !!!
  • i rlly want a burrito rn
  • ur a superstar u can do it also wtf is sleep who needs that???
  • <3

anonymous asked:

Hey, I really like your fic recs and wanted to let you know I appreciate them , also could you recommend me some super long fics , I'm kinda new so I don't mind the #classics Thank you and 😘😘

Thank youuuu! So nice! Let me present to you, the 10 longest Drarry fics I’ve read* (*that I love enough to want to rec to you & everyone else):

Secrets by Vorabiza (411k)
Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer after sixth year becomes filled with activity and many secrets. As his summer progresses, Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side.
(I have about ten thousand favorite scenes in this fic, it is SO much fun, I love the characters, BAMF!Harry, the sweet Drarry, the details of the plot etc.)

Cunning and Ambition by MinaAndChao (371k)
Harry Potter has found out he’s a wizard and is on his way Hogwarts. He is found by a boy on the train. Who knew one simple sentence and one simple gesture could change history? A Slytherin!Harry AU.
(Tear my heart out, why don’t you? This fic kills me, it’s the canon rewrite I always wanted. Much darker, more emotional. I’ve read it many times.)

Foundations!verse by Sara’s Girl (a total of 364k)
Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places.
(This entire ‘verse is SO wonderful, you are going to fall so hard for this Harry and Draco. A+ characterizations, such sweet domestic fluff, EVERYTHING!)

Turn, by Sara’s Girl (306k)
One good turn always deserves another. Apparently. 
(I have too many words about how much I adore this fic, see my dissertation on the topic here. Beautiful story, amazing characters, excellent writing.)

Malfoy Flavor by Vorabiza (222k)
Harry’s ready to banish the Golden Boy image and take charge of his life. Unfortunately for him, or fortunately, there are surprises in store for him.
(Fic aesthetic by me. I always have such fun with this one, I’ve read it multiple times. Very pro-Slytherin, secret identities, badass!Harry, sweetness…)

Big Dick, Come Quick by Calanthe (204k)
Draco’s got a theory. About sex. After much searching for the right candidate, it appears that only Harry Potter, his life long enemy, can help him test it out.
(This one is amazingly hot, amazingly fluffy, and sooo sweet. Might not be ideal to read in public, but I think it’s well worth a read or five. Lovely Drarry.)

Draco’s Boy by empathic siren (186k)
A mysterious little boy named Harry moves in next door to Draco Malfoy, and he’s determined to make him his friend and learn all of his secrets. Years later, he’s determined to make Harry more than a friend.
(I feel like this fic shortened my life with at least ten years, THAT’S HOW MUCH I CRIED. Sweet baby!Harry deserved better. Perfect for you angst-lovers.)

Temptation on the Warfront by alizarincrims0n (180k)
Draco Malfoy is forced into hiding with the Golden Trio and dragged into their search for horcruxes. What ensues is a journey of redemption, unexpected friendships and an unwanted, turbulent romance with Harry Potter.
(Omggg this fic. Harry and Draco have such passion in this, there’s so much desperation, and the angst, oh it hurts. Another favorite of mine.)

All Our Secrets Laid Bare by firethesound (149k)
Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.
(Love. This. Fic. I have so many headcanons thanks to this one. Great writing, and wonderful pining, also humor, badass magic, Death Eather safe houses…)

Consequences of Redemption by bobbirose (120k)
When Draco makes an impromptu decision to rescue Harry Potter from Malfoy Manor, the two find themselves alone and facing the looming climax of the war against Voldemort. Harry must start from the beginning with Draco–and starting over has more consequences than either of them anticipated.
(This one is all fluffy fun and sweetness, I mean they’re ADORABLE… until it casually decides to ruin your life. It’s not like I needed a heart anyway.)

Discipline 101

So you have the ambition. You have all the answers. All you lack is the discipline.

Unsurprisingly, this is a problem most people have, so don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Tell me, do you have a concrete goal? Or is it something vague like, “Rule the world”, or “get rich” or “become famous”?

Usually those who lack discipline have a habit of getting ahead of themselves and they end up having all these fantastic goals without any knowledge of how to achieve them. They have big ambitions, but no clear plans, no visible steps, and no foundation to start their life on. It’s the equivalent of standing on one side of the river and being able to see the other side, but having no method of making it across.

It’s good to have a starting point, and know what you want in the end. But the path to earning what you desire isn’t pre-made for you. It’s up to you to lay every brick and measure everything out. In your life, you’re the architect, you’re the engineer, you’re the investor, you’re everything.

So the how do you get some discipline?  It’s simple: You need to know how you’re going to do something, before you set out to do it.

Step 1: Get Motivated

Make a list. And make sure you handwrite it. Two columns. Think about everything you have a problem with, all your interests and passions, and everything you have ever wanted in one column. In the other column, spend as much time as you need to come up with solutions to each issue/goal. Don’t write one side, without the other.

Spend a couple days looking at that list. Make it into a poster, use it as your phone background, it doesn’t matter as long as you make sure you see it every day until you feel something. I’m saying that incredibly vaguely because people are fueled by different emotions. For me, it was rage.

Every morning, I stared at that list of everything I’d ever wanted, every little problem that made my life miserable and I got furious. To see what my life revolved around so callously written on paper, and feeling so close yet so far, that drove me insane. My anger made my passion double, and nothing fuels discipline more than passion.

Step 2: Plan

Once you’ve gotten yourself suitably motivated to take charge of your life, don’t waste any time. Start by creating a plan. Now that you know what you want to do, figure out how to do it.

Create a timeline for the next year and then a looser version for the next ten years. It can sound daunting, but when you fall off track at some point (and I can guarantee, you will) you’re going to need something to point you in the right direction.

For your detailed, one year plan, make sure your goals are distributed into two categories: Short term and Long term.  

For your short term goals, list everything you want to achieve in that year and how exactly you’re going to do it.

For example,  if you want to lose weight, I don’t just want to see you write down “lose weight”. Tell me how. Tell me how much. Tell me by when. “Lose five pounds by October by going to the gym 4 days a week”, or “Cut down on eating X food so I can lose 5 pounds by October”, etc. Be specific.

For your long term goals, pick 3 things you want in general. The first thing should be something you can achieve in that year, and it should be the focus of your entire year. The second thing is something you don’t necessarily need, but it makes you happy anyways (like spending more time on a hobby, or saving money for a new designer bag, etc.). The third thing should be something that stays fairly consistent in every single ‘year-plan’ you have. Ultimately, it’s either your most important desire, or very close to it.

These long term goals will help you put together your 10 year plan, and create a better sense of direction in your life.

Step 3: Prioritize

Learn to prioritize these tasks and goals. Don’t go to sleep until you’ve felt like you’ve completed all your tasks for the day. Don’t give in to distractions and the illusion of “well-deserved fun”. Sure, going clubbing may seem fun on  Saturday, but it won’t be fun on Sunday night when you’re frantically writing a paper that’s due in two hours. There’s always time for fun later, there’s always another concert and another football game and another party. But some things have a greater impact on your life than just one night of “fun”.

I’m not saying become some kind of a workaholic. There’s always a time and a place for everything. If you try to follow your plan without any distractions or any fun, you’re going to get bored and then you’re start to hate your plan and your life and then it gets messy. Avoid all that by knowing when you’ve earned a break. It’s very important to discern when you can afford to step away from work to have fun with your friends and when going out is just going to distract you from an important deadline. 

Step 4: Act

Now, don’t just write these goals down and shove them in a dusty file on your desk. Keep them within arms reach. Look at them frequently. What I like to do is every morning, I write down a short term goal I have for that week/day/month and one of my long-term goals in my planner. It’s just a little reminder and keeps me focused throughout the day. I don’t feel like my day is complete or productive until I’ve had some progress on either the long term or short term goal.

Also, keep in mind that while planning is a great thing to do, don’t expect yourself to stick to every single detail of the plan. Life happens, and there are certain things you cannot control (although it wouldn’t hurt to try). Don’t be too hard on yourself if you find yourself unable to complete one of your goals for the day/week/month. It happens to everyone, we’re all human. What you need to focus on is the big picture and move on. Don’t waste precious time wallowing in past mistakes. Time doesn’t wait for anyone, least of all for you.

Step 5: Commit

Discipline doesn’t come from just being motivated or having a plan. It comes from consistency. Form productive habits, start efficient routines, and stick to them. For example, if you want to become a writer, make sure you write something, however small it is, everyday. One sentence, one paragraph, one page, the amount doesn’t matter. It’s important to understand that something, however small, is better than nothing. This constant dedication to your work will help you move one step closer to your goals.

The more you force yourself to stay in line when faced with temptation, the easier it will be every other time you are faced with the same challenge further down the line. Everyone forms habits. Just make sure they’re the right ones and you’d be shocked at how much your life could change.

Everything you need to become disciplined is inside of you. Everyone has the willpower and motivation. It’s just some people know what to do with it.

Just remember: Get motivated. Plan. Prioritize. Act. Commit

And the world is yours.

i am officially pressing charges against shoma uno for being illegally rude during that one Cantilever™ during wtt ((u know what i mean)) because i’ve been sitting here for twenty minutes thinking about it and i’ve concluded that i’m Upset™

Don’t conform with the rest of the crowd. Get up. Rise up. Take charge and lead the rest of the pack.

thunderbolt50  asked:

Who is the second in command of Autobots?

Assuming you’re asking about G1, it tends to vary. The original bios written by Bob Budiansky identified Jazz as Optimus Prime’s “indispensable right-hand man,” and the cartoon’s pilot mini-series went along with that; he was in charge of organizing the Autobots for missions, and he and Prowl were depicted as Optimus’s two go-to-guys with whom he would discuss and formulate strategy (including a deleted scene from episode 1), as in this scene where Hound presents his plan to the “big three.”

That didn’t really translate to the ongoing series, though; in it, no one ‘bot ever seemed to take charge when Optimus Prime was out of action, with notable instances of temporary leaders including Huffer in “Divide and Conquer” and Ironhide in “A Prime Problem.” Ultra Magnus, meanwhile, was Rodimus Prime’s second in command, and he kept the job when Optimus came back to life, taking charge of Cybertron while Prime went to Nebulos in “The Rebirth.”

Jazz didn’t get much of a look in the Marvel Comics, in which Prowl was usually Optimus Prime’s second - he led the first mission on Earth, and assumed command when Optimus was captured by the Decepticons. Though injuries knocked him out of the US series for most of its run after the first year, the UK comic kept him around and told a bunch more stories when him in a high command position, including one where he and Jazz were the leading figures in a disagreement that split the Autobots into two camps. By the time he was back in action in the US comic, though, he was dismayed when Optimus Prime died and actually appointed GRIMLOCK leader of the Autobots, instead of him. Prowl served as Grimlock’s second, and hated every friggin’ minute of it.

Currently, in IDW continuity, it’s probably Arcee. She was described as the “defacto leader” of the Autobots on Earth several times when Optimus was off doing other things, and none of the other usual suspects are in a position to take the job right now.

1. stop comparing yourself to other people. embrace your differences. remember what you have to offer the world. make lists of your good traits. forget what other people can do better and remember what you do good.

2. tell your friends you love and appreciate them more. thank them for listening. thank them for being them. forgive them faster and stop letting petty things get in between your friendships.

3. stop going back to the ex who screwed you over. be friends if you want, but remember they don’t even deserve your friendship. remember you cannot be fixed by the one who broke you.

4. let go of the people who are bringing you down. if a relationship brings you more pain than joy, it’s a toxic relationship. stop putting effort into people who refuse to meet you half way.

5. compliment yourself at least one time every day. try to compliment others every day as well.

6. get serious about your health. eat wheat bread and less sugar. exercise, even if it’s just walking. don’t do this for a flat stomach; do it because it’s good for your health.

7. take care of your mental health. surround yourself with people who make the negative thoughts in your head shut off. ask for help. see a therapist if you need one. take your pills as prescribed.

8. stop letting little things bother you. ask yourself if you’re really going to care about it in five years, and if the answer is no, let go of it. stop wasting time feeling sorry for yourself. sometimes you can’t help but to get upset over things, but when you do, do everything in your power to try to cheer yourself up.

9. use the internet less. read more books. spend more time with your family. spend more time being present and looking people in the eye. look up and appreciate the beauty around you.

10. drink less alcohol. do things with people that doesn’t involve drinking. discover how to have fun sober.

11. start the career you actually want. switch majors, even if you will end up spending more time in school. go back to college if you’re not in it and you want a profession you have to go to college for. i know it’s expensive but the rest of your life is worth it.

12. stop watching life pass you by. learn to say yes and learn to say no. learn to make decisions for yourself. learn to say “i am unhappy where i am so i am changing it.” make the first move. take charge of your life.

13. save more money for things you really want, whether it be a vacation or a new pair of shoes. stop blowing money on things you don’t need. pay your bills on time and avoid the late fees.

14. appreciate the good things in your life. eliminate negative self talk (or at least try to). think about three good things in your life every morning before you get out of bed. stop dwelling on the bad.

15. give your all in everything you do. don’t settle for mediocrity. work every day to be a better person than you were the day before.

—  fifteen new years resolutions you can keep
The Thing, a study of Bruce's children

Bruce “I am the head of this household, and while that status is rather antiquated, I really must insist as your father/mentor that you do not do the thing”

Dick “UGH shut up go away let me live my liiiiiife I’ll do the thing if I want to!”

“Barbara, do not do the thing”

“This is interesting, I do not recall you ever being in charge of my life or decisions. Now, ONE of us has photographic memory, so…oh! That person is me! BYE BRUCE”

“Jason, do not–”


“Ah. Well then. Tim, you know that I care for you. So do not do the thing.”

Tim “I’m not going to do the thing” *looks at the audience* “technically because I already did it”

“Damian, you are ten years old and I am your father, now understand this: you are not allowed to do the thing.”


“No, it’s not. Do not. Damian, I mean it. DAMIAN–”

Bruce approaches Cassandra “Cassandra…my sweet obedient child…my only daughter…the shining hope of my heart…please…do not do the thing”





“…I am going to do the thing”

Bruce is distraught “All these children, and not ONE who listens!”

Stephanie pipes up “Hey, I actually didn’t do the thing. Do I get a prize? A card or a ribbon or something?”

Bruce is dead inside. “Fine. Sure. Go ahead. Make yourself a prize. I don’t care anymore”

“Awesome! I’m going to make one in your craft room”

“It’s not a craft room, it’s a cave”

“Craft room, cave, brooding place of solitude, whatever. Hey, do you have any glitter?”

Just started watching a show on Netflix called “Samurai Gourmet” and it is so good! At first, I thought it was going to be a documentary style show, kinda like the shows on food network, but I was so wrong!

It plays out like a J-Drama but starring this adorable 60-year-old man trying to enjoy his retirement with his cute wife and finds the simplest things like the taste of ramen noodles, or cold beer in the middle of the day, like heaven on earth. All the while, imagining if he could be bold and fearless like this ronin samurai, standing up for himself and taking charge of his new life.

The HD quality on the food imagery is mouth-watering. Now I want to go out and eat all the Japanese food! How did they make plain white rice looks so delicious??!!! This show is so wonderful and wholesome! I highly recommend it!