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Lori’s Recs: Anker chargers

So today on Lori’s Recs, I’m going to show you the best $25 I ever spent:

This is an Anker Astro E3 portable charger. This thing has saved my ass so many times, I can’t even tell you.

This charger (and Anker has a ton of models, this just happens to be the one I have) is about the same size as a cell phone, so it’s easy to carry. I pretty much bring it everywhere. This device, when fully charged, can charge up your cell phone anywhere from 4-5 times before requiring recharging itself. AND it charges my phone faster than a wall or car charger, to the point that sometimes I will use it to charge even when a wall or car charger is available, for the speed.

When I was in Germany, I’d be out all day and I definitely needed my phone for navigation, banking access, and just for something to read while I ate or rode the bus, and you and I know a phone’s charge won’t last a whole day of frequent use. This baby kept me up and running. I also use it while hiking and away from power.

The ONLY downside is that it kind of takes a long time to charge up itself. Overnight, at least. I usually charge it every few days or once a week depending on how often I’m using it.

I can’t speak for Anker’s other products but this baby is one of the best things I ever bought.

Technology doesn’t tend to just disappear: what is the social network of solar punk? How do we order and deliver goods? What do cars and public transport look like? What is our power grid? Are personal and street lights now bioluminent, or are they charged solar pieces? Are cell phones and computers integrated into our brains, updated frequently? What are advances in Wi-Fi technology? Are there people who prefer to go all natural, forgoing implants for suspicion of technology or religious reasons? What do robotics look like in a solar punk society? Are they humanoid, passing as people? Do they have rights? Are robotics used to supplement human bodies, like with functional prosthetic limbs and replacement parts? Or do we slowly eschew robots in favor of technology to grow whole new body parts, to create new organics for ourselves?

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Summary: You didn’t actually know who you were, rescued from H.Y.D.R.A, you suffered Dissociative Amnesia. The Avangers helped you, now was time for you to help Bucky.  

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,016 (fight me… again!)

Warnings: Cursing(do I REALLY need to warn?), sexy kinda sexual thoughts(?), stupidity, angst, self-deprecating

A/N: GUESS WHO’S BACK. I’m sorry about the delay, but guess what? In Brazil we have Carnaval and is a holiday and I’ll have a week off SO YEAH THERE WILL BE NEW THINGS YAAAASS 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 

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“How long?” Bucky asked, feeling all his muscles tense with the thought of Steve leaving him alone on the tower.

“I’ve told you already, just a couple weeks, Buck. You won’t be alone, though. Y/N will be here for you to make you company and to bother you, you’ll be even begging for her to let you rest.” His cheeks got red as Steve laughed, packing what he needed

“He’s right, Buttercup. You’ll beg me to let you rest.” Both men snapped their eyes at your figure leaning against the wall; they didn’t heard you entering the room. Bucky bit his lower lips to suppress a moan with the thoughts of you above him, your hand on his chest trying to keep him pressed against the mattress as you rocked your hips, whispering dirty things against his jaw between your own moans.

Those dirty thoughts had been there ever since you started – purposely – to speak innuendos and brush yourself on him when you two were at the kitchen, when you would ask him to grab the high foods, at the mat, when you passed next to him at a corridor or etc;

Steve kept looking from you to Bucky, feeling left out as you two communicated by darkened eyes.

“Hey, Y/N. What you’re doing here?” Breaking the eye connection, you smile at Steve as you walk towards him

“I came to help you pack and to say good bye.” He smiled at your action; you sat on his bed and used your powers to make some things float to his suitcase.

Bucky almost gasped in surprise, you had never showed him your powers. He felt you could do much more, since the buzzing sound on his years indicated an enormous amount of power. It almost felt material, as if he could grab and breathe it.

“Wow.” Your cheek went red when you noticed what you had done, it wasn’t usual for you to use your powers. Especially in front of people, but you felt comfortable around Steve and Bucky.

You cleared your throat before speaking again, afraid that Bucky might think of you as a freak

“Huh, I didn’t came here just to help you, Bubbles.” Steve rolled his eyes and zipped his suitcase, searching for anything he might have missed

“Pietro e Wanda will be okay, Y/N. Don’t have to be such an owl-sister.” Narrowing your eyes, you crossed your legs and squeezed your lips together

“I know that, dickhead. I was just going to say for you to be careful and to let your beard grow; your face is easily recognized.” He chuckled and nodded with his head, getting closer to you and kissing your forehead

“You also be careful, yes? If you have any nightmares or need to talk just give me a call.” Bucky couldn’t help but feel a little bit of jealously, he just couldn’t tell if it was because of you or because of his friend.  

“Aye, aye, Captain.” Getting on your feet, you smiled to Bucky and passed by him, sliding your fingers through the side of this stomach; the smirk grew bigger when you felt he lock his abs with you touching him. “See you later, Sergeant.

Yeah, you were teasing. You have been doing it for a couple weeks.

Natasha and Wanda helped you to understand what you were feeling; it wasn’t as hard as they thought it would be, since you were a big stubborn.  

Steve cocked a brow to his friend as soon as you left the room, taking the sight of Bucky sharply breathing as a sign to have the “talk”.

“Huh, hey! Isn’t Y/N nice?” He crouched as if he was looking for something under his bed, avoiding looking into Buck’s eyes and trying to remember what Natasha told him to ask Bucky.

“Yeah… She makes me feel comfortable.” The Winter Soldier looked to the carpet and tried to calm his heartbeats, remembering that back in the days, he wouldn’t be having that kind of conversation, since he would already be pinning you against the wall.

“Do you like her?” Steve didn’t got an answer right away and he was at an awkward amount of time looking under his perfectly-cleaned bed. Sighing, he faced Bucky only to see him with his brows furrowed and eyes locked at a point on the wall.

“I… do?” Not being able to control the grin with the state of his friend, Captain America sighed one more time, getting closer to Bucky and patting his shoulder

“Is that a question or an answer?” Shrugging his shoulders, Bucky sighed in defeat

“I don’t know, Steve. I don’t… Deserve this. I don’t deserve her.”

“Bucky… After all you’ve been through, you deserve to be happy. And I feel you’ll be, next to her.” Giving one last squeeze on Bucky’s shoulder, Steve grabbed his suitcase and followed his friend out of the room, heading to the jet where you hugged Pietro and Wanda, kissing both of their cheeks

“I’ll be waiting you two with your favorite dishes, yes?” Both of them chuckled, it felt like an older sister saying that she would be waiting for them when they got back from school.

“We’ll try not to die.” You smacked Pietro shoulders, hissing him to take it back, making Wanda and him laugh loudly.

“We’ll get back safely, sora mea mai mare.” Wanda helped her brother with a smile as you sighed, pulling them to a last hug, trying to get as much of their scent as you could.

“I love you both, be careful.” With grin on their faces, they kissed your cheek and entered the jet while you walked over to Steve and Bucky. “You too, Bubbles.” Standing next to Bucky, you watched him walk away.

“Is just you and me now, James.” Ignoring the shiver that walked down his spine when you said his first name, Bucky grabbed – carefully – your forearm to indicate that he was getting back.

“Where is the rest of them?”

“Well, Bruce is travelling with Tony to a research, Clint is back to his family, Sam went with them for back up, Nat went on another mission on some Intel she found and Vision… Well, I don’t know. He’s probably… charging himself.” You started to chuckled expecting Bucky to get the pun and do the same as you, but when he just frowned his brows in confusion, you sighed “He’s an Android… You know… Cell phone… Charge… Ah, fuck it. Wanna’ go watch a movie?”


“C’mon, Cap, don’t you wanna know what is happening?” Sam whined trying to convince his friend to let him peek at the cameras of the tower to see how you two were dealing with each other.

“Sam, no.

“What if the tower is under an attack?”

“They’re both the biggest fighters and shooters of the compound; you think they would have a problem?”

“But what if they kiss and I lose the bet?!” Wanda chuckled at Sam’s scream; all of the team had made a bet on how long it would take for you to kiss him.

Yes, you kiss him, since they all knew Bucky wouldn’t be brave enough to do it.

“Exactly, they can’t kiss until Saturday, or else I’ll be the one losing.” Everyone from the jet laughed at his mumble.

“But really, don’t you wanna know who they’re doing?”

“We’re going on a mission, birdie. Stop wanting to spy on people’s life.” Sam huffed at Pietro hiss

“So you’re really going down without fighting?”

“There is nothing to fight. I never actually had a chance, but I still love her, thought.” Wanda smiled gently at her brother, stroking his hand as he kept his eyes locked on the book he was reading.

“A shame, I would like to see how a jealous Bucky works.”


“What?! Are you telling me you wouldn’t want to know, neither?” Steve stared at him, his silence made the siblings raise their eyes in curiosity.

The truth was that Steve never saw Bucky actually liking someone. Sure, he always had dates and hook ups. But never a real date, one where he would like the company and not look just for one night.

“Cap?” Pietro had a smirk creeping into his lips, closing his book as Wanda laughed, already knowing his plans. “Do I have permission to cause jealousy on The Soldier, when we get back?”

It took a few minutes for Steve to reply in a mumble, not wanting to get involved

“You don’t need my approval, Pietro.” The grin on his face grew with the thought of making someone feel jealous and hitting on you.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” Sam laughed, already imagining the scene.

“Cut it, Pietro.” Your laugh made him smirk through the mobile; you were face timing, like you’ve been doing for a couple days.

You would face-time Wanda in the afternoon when you were eating something on the couch with Bucky while watching a stupid movie he had missed, then, she would pass to Pietro – who’ve been excessively flirting with you –, when he was finished, he would pass to Sam and then to Steve. You would talk a couple minutes with him, reassuring that you didn’t had any nightmare and that Bucky‘ve been eating and sleeping well.

Maybe the part of you not having nightmares and the part of Bucky sleeping well was a lie, but Steve wouldn’t be able to tell.

You two had been talking and bonding a lot, since it was only the two of you in the tower and you liked to talk.

It became a routine on the fifth day, you would wake up at 4 a.m after a terrible nightmare, would go to the gym only to encounter Bucky already there, respecting his space and needing your own, you would try to forget the nightmare.

“Cap said we might take a whole month, instead of just a couple weeks.” Faking a grin, you nodded with your head, feeling Bucky’s hand squeeze gently your thigh. He knew you had problems with being alone on the tower.

“Pass to him, now, Greedy.” Pietro laughed before Steve popped into the screen, smiling apologetically

“Hey, Y/N… Is everything ok?”

“Yeah, Bubbles. Just a little empty here with just the hottie and me. But we always found a way to entertain ourselves, don’t we, James?” Steve chuckled, denying with his head as you smirked at Bucky with darkened eyes, feeling the grip of his hand tight on your thigh.

“Yeah, we do.” His husky voice send chills through all your body, hitting your core and you couldn’t help but to imagine that voice at your ear as he bit your neck, moving in synchrony with you.

“Earth to Y/N.” Ungluing your eyes from his, you got up and handed the tablet to Bucky, so he could have his talk with Steve. You would always leave them alone not wanting to invade the privacy that Bucky needed, and he would always appreciate that.

Watching you make your way to god knows where, he saw you disappear, knowing that he wouldn’t find you for the next hours until before dinner, where you would try to do something, he would be giving you glances over his shoulder from the couch, watching you swing your hips to the music playing.

“Buck, you’re still with me, pal?”

“So here is where you disappear every evening?” Popping your head out of the water and gasping for air, you looked at Bucky, he was standing next to the door as you swam to the edge of the pool “I didn’t knew that Stark had a pool in here.”

“No one knows, I think that even Tony forgot about this place.” You looked at him with curiosity before patting the edge, indicating him to sit next to you.

In hesitating steps, he crouched at your side, trying to keep his eyes off of your cleavage.

Suddenly, you were aware of your scars, sinking more your body into the water, you waited for him to raise the legs of his pants and put them on the pool.

“How did you find me? Better, why did you want to find me?” Cocking your head to one side, you watched him breath heavily, looking at your shoulders and back to your eyes. Giggling, you raised one hand to stroke one of the scars “Ugly, right?”

“No.” Snapping your eyes back to him, you watched him extend one hand, inviting you to get closer, but you couldn’t. Not when you were feeling so exposed in front of him. “Please.”

You bit your lip as you was gently pulled to the edge, quickly drowning more, trying to hide as much of skin as you could.

“You didn’t answered my questions.” His eyes were glued on the water, noticing your discomfort.

“I just… Steve… I wanted to spend some time with you. I want to know you… The real you. I know you been having nightmares.”

“What do you want to know?” Ignoring his last statement, you looked at his face, watching a grin grow on his sweet lips

“How do your power work? I know you can’t just… lift things.”

“Well… Remember the movies of Star Wars? We watched them a while ago.” Waiting for him to nod, you sighed lifting one hand and moving it around “It’s like The Force, but not exactly. It is… Material. I can feel things. Energy. The air. The oxygen. The dust… You… Everything.” He gulped, watching you make smooth movements with your hand, and he felt it. The air getting thicker, his body getting light, as he weighted as much as a feather. “There is more. However, I don’t know it… Yet. Besides, of course, all the serums and… things I don’t remember that they tested on me.”

“So you’re a telepath?”

“No. Wanda is a telepath; she can hear thoughts and shit. I can control everything. I can make all of the oxygen of earth vanish in one wink. I can end with gravity. I can create a hole on the ground that might bring all the nuclear lava into here.” It didn’t sound like you were boasting. It sounded as if you were blaming yourself “If I can do this to the earth. Can you imagine what I can do to a human body? Hell, I could make all of your bones melt and crack with a single flicker of a finger… I’m a freak.”

“No you’re not.”

“You don’t know me that well, Bucky.” You didn’t know where that came from and neither you wanted for it to sound soo cold, it wasn’t a thing you would do. Talk about your powers and what turned you into who you were.

“I know you enough to know you would never do these things. You were the one to say that whatever you made… You didn’t you wanted to do and neither had a choice.”

Again, don’t you use my own words against me.” He chuckled with your mumble, finally looking into your eyes, you had noticed before, but his smile was finally reaching his eyes, and you loved that.

“I can’t help it, Doll. You make incredibly life-changing speeches.” You kept your eyes on him, seeing him swing his feet on the water, watching it shine on the lights.

“Hey… Why don’t you… Come in? The water is warm.” Snapping his eyes back to you, you saw surprise and fear. And that made you laugh. “Come on, Soldier. I won’t bite.” Swimming back with a dirty grin playing on your lips “Unless you ask me to.”

 “You are one teasing little thing, aren’t you?” The bubbling laugh escaped before you could control it, biting your lip, you watched him hesitantly get up, taking of his shirt in that sexy way that only men do.

Yeah you had seen his muscles before, when his shirt would be sticking on his body because of the sweat. But you didn’t see it in full colors, neither how the metal arm was connected to his body.

He was next to you before you even notice, his wet hair flipped behind, those incredibly blue eyes flickering at your figure.

“Ugly, right?” Bucky whispered, mirroring your words as you stroke the reddish, burned flesh with your fingertips. You could see other scars, some of them being incredibly alike yours.

“No.” Your hand raised to his neck, sliding your fingers through his dark colored hair, hearing him purr in exchange. “Aren’t you scared of me? Even after you finding about… About what I am?” Looking straight into his eyes, you felt all of the fear leave your body like a wave, he had sincere eyes, looked a lot like Steve’s, but they had this… “something else” that you couldn’t explain.

“No. And you? Aren’t you scared of me?”

“Never.” His hands brought you closer to him, and even on the water, you could feel his heat; The heavy breath… You could feel him as a whole, and you didn’t need to be a telepath to know what he wanted. So you kissed him.

You kissed him like the world was ending and you only had one last minute before everything went down.

And happily, he seemed as thirsty as you. His hand tighten on your waist, and you could feel all of his body pressed against yours.

You had dates with some IT guys before, you kissed, even “made the deed”. But that… That was different.

It was like all of your cells were shaking, changing you, and making you bubble and feel.

When the air became necessaire, you touched his forehead with yours, eyes still closed as you sighed in relief

“Wow” The bubbly laugh came out with his whisper, and stroking his stubble with your thumb “What? Did I lost my kissing skills?” Laughing harder, you denied with your head, finally opening your eyes and biting his lower lip, pulling as you heard him moan

“You, definitely, didn’t lose your skills, James. I was just wondering how much Bruce won on the pool.”

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Nursing Confessions 5th Edition...

1. Currently, I’m in the midst of a serious competition with some coworkers to see who can pass a dobb hoff the deepest into the small intestine. The current winner speared poop in the small intestine with the tip of the dobb hoff. She calls this her greatest achievement.

2. I don’t know what the AF stands for in the names of tube feeding formulas, but in my mind it’s peptamen as f***.

3. When I’m telling a patient why they should not do something, too often I use the logic “because if you do, you will die.”

4. Every minute my coworker is late to take report from me, is a minute less of report they are getting.

5. Not getting picked to talk to JCAHO or Magnet surveyors is the nurse equivalent to winning the lottery.

6. “Hey you want coffee?” Is nurse for “I love you.”

7. I don’t always hide in the medication room, but when I do, it’s to talk crap about my patient or their family or Dr. Full-of-himself.

8. I live for the moment I get to kick visitors out.

9. It is wrong to walk around the ICU saying “I see dead people,” or “Welcome to the vegetable garden,” or “I will unplug her vent to charge my cell phone.” All things that had to be explained in a unit meeting on appropriate work conduct. 

10. I will straight up ignore my patients when the therapy dogs come to the unit.

Thoughts on 7x11

Went back and re-watched 7x11 and took some notes. This episode wasn’t all it was hyped up to be in my opinion. Still good, but I feel like since there are only nine episodes left, there needed to be serious answers in all ten episodes. Sure we for confirmation about Mary being Spencer’s mom/Peter being her dad, Toby being alive, Ali really being pregnant, etc. I just wanted the episode’s intensity level to be where it was at the end of 7x10. Oh well, onto 7x12!

• Spencer was on the verge of dying, but now her arm is just in a sling? Cool.
• Toby is alive! Yay! Really thought he would have been in the medically induced coma, not Yvonne. I thought she would have been dead already.
• Still ridiculously mad at Ezra.
• My babies are still perfect. Caleb pushing Hanna to follow her dreams is everything.
• Of course Paige and Emily both got hired.
• I find it hilarious that Emily is surprised EVERY single time Ali shows her disdain for Paige. You know home girls hate each other, Em!
• I really don’t know how I feel about this game AD is making them play.
• Hanna’s advice to Aria about keeping the wedding plans is not her best.
• Ali’s bitchiness is so annoying, omg.
• “Too bad about Noel…well no, not really.” Mona. My second spirit animal.
• Mona and Hanna’s friendship is one of my faves on this show. I love it.
• “Do you trust me?” “Sometimes..” I love everything about this scene.
• I REALLY wish they had made Sparco a thing instead of Spaleb. Their chemistry is fire.
• Surprise! Jenna didn’t actually shoot you, Spence.
• Holden! I was wondering how they were going to work him into the storyline. Interesting.
• “Is this a conflict..?” “No conflict here! Scouts honor.” Well May, you’re about to find out how much of a conflict it really is.
• Aria not being able to answer any of Holden’s questions about the wedding is red flag numero uno that she should not be going ahead with planning this wedding.
• Cue the tears. This Spencer/Veronica scene is too much.
• “Alison’s husband wasn’t a real doctor, turns out he was a crook and took all of her money, Noel Kahn kidnapped Hanna, she got away, Noel Kahn is now dead, Jenna Marshall shot me, probably, Toby and Yvonne were in a car crash…do you want a glass of wine?” This made me laugh way harder than it was intended to. 😂😂
• Veronica is so scared that she is going to lose Spencer. It’s so evident in this first scene.
• “There she was at the door like any neighbor. Come to borrow a lawn mower. Or a husband.” Oh, Veronica. Good one.
• Peter Hastings. Original fuck boy of Rosewood.
• This scene absolutely breaks my heart for Spencer. Literally crying with her as Veronica tells her this story.
• That baby is at least 6 months old. There’s no way she’s a newborn.
• Oh hey, Ezra. Thanks for reminding me that I’m Team Jason.
• “Who’s Nicole?” Exactly, Holden. Exactly.
• Not. Enough. Haleb. In. This. Episode. 😭
• This Emily/Paige/Alison bickering scene is just ridiculous.
• Do they have to charge that cell phone that comes with the game or? Asking for a friend.
• This Spoby hospital scene has me all in my feels. The looks. The hug. The conversation. Everything. Troian and Keegan’s chemistry is fire too.
• “You should try putting on your glasses, old man.” Oh. My. God. Perfection.
• I feel for Ali. I really do. But her cattiness needs to cease.
• “Please don’t kiss me again. Not until you know.” Tell her, Em! Makes me wonder if Emison really is endgame.
• Hanna’s sass is everything. Just in case y'all forgot.
• “I was excited that we could finally be able to work together! Other than you know, kidnapping my ex-boyfriend?” Mona. Your one liners kill me. 😂
• The one thing about this game that has me intrigued is the puzzle pieces. Are they going to spell out who AD is or…?
• This letter to Spencer from Mary isn’t very heartfelt. Not really feeling it.
• I’m shocked that Veronica didn’t read the letter. She had ample opportunity.
• “Ever notice how she’s always the victim? Always needing to be rescued? Some people make it a habit of being rescued. Just like some other people make it a habit of jumping in after them.” YES, PAIGE! PREACH GIRL!
• Emily’s confusion about Spencer’s mothers is hysterical. And how we’re all feeling at this point in time.
• I really wish Hanna would have stabbed that game. I have a feeling it would have been juicer than what is going to happen the next couple episodes.
• Jenna, AD can keep you.

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Three more to go...

With my abdication on it’s way I’d like to say I’ve been lazy in Cambodia, but no.. I walked in yesterday to new FDM who is on her second day, new GM who is on her second month and still can’t do a check in, New Girl who I will now refer to as Rad Girl and some other dude we borrowed from some other property who was wearing the wrong uniform.


Rad Girl was getting off work and simply whispered “Good Luck” and ran for it. I don’t blame her, she’s still learning stuff and keeps getting put in these situations where she’s basically training the managers.

Because I was already wearing a dress shirt, and there was a line forming, I just pulled out my name tag and jumped in to help because there was a ton of help needed.

New FDM has dyslexia which hey, nothing wrong with that but training her is going to be difficult as many of our codes are two letter codes and she keeps getting them mixed up. Again it’s her second day and this is to be expected. I just see this as a long process for her.

Borrowed guy is seasoned but he doesn’t know the system either and was basically in the way. But I was on an 8 hour shift and I’m supposed to have back up… So I set them to work filling the coffee station so I could get people into their rooms and move them out of the lobby so I could see whatever else mess was made.

I wanted to just go home. But the customers deserve more than that. My new GM deserves to go home at a reasonable hour. So I hunker down and get some shit done. You wonder if it’s worth it sometimes but then…

We have these two goofy dude bros that stay with us. They work for a cable installer and they stay with us two or three times a month for like four days. They practically live with us. I know one of the guys wife’s name and talk to her pretty frequently when she calls to check on him when he forgets to charge his cell phone. The other one is a total pot head but he always smokes out in his car and he’s really nice. They’re just two dude bros who don’t insist on having their own rooms, they always share a two queen, get high in their cars after work and walk to the gas station for a 12 of whatever is cheap. I didn’t really think they knew anything about me at all, other than even when we’re pretty close to fucked as far as avails I always find them a room.

Unmarried Dude comes up to the desk when I got back from my vacation on Monday and says “Hey what the fuck I heard you’re leaving, what’s all that about?”

I told him I was taking a new job to make more money, etc etc and he asked when my last day was and I told him and he said “Man this fucking sucks. You’re always so rad. Dude Bro Number 2 is going to be sad. His wife loves getting you on the phone when she calls.”

I smiled and said thanks and didn’t think anything else about it.

Yesterday they both came by the desk and brought me a thank you card.

It said “Sometimes the people we count on the most are the ones who hear thank you the least. Since you’re one of hose people, I hope you always know how much you are appreciated.”

And they signed it “Mad Love, Dude Bro 1 and Dude Bro 2! Good Luck!”


By: queenofcambodia


That May, none of you bought the yearbook. Doesn’t matter how clean they make the body for the funeral – blood gets through the telephone lines and sticks to your skin, and it could be years before it washes out. People do crazy things when they’re mourning, the grief counselor said.

She said that to all of you, one at a time.
People do crazy things.

It’s been four years since they put him in the ground, and the ten of you have come back home to finally cut the cord. You made promises back then. Don’t you remember? The dirt clotted at your feet. It’s time to make good on the person you told him you’d be. Load up your backpack. Pay attention to your cell phone charge. There’s one last adventure waiting where the wind picks up, and you have company to keep. And miles to go before you sleep.

And miles to go before you–

RIPPLE is a 10-person adventure/horror roleplay inspired by the video game Until Dawn. Players will choose from bare-bones skeletons representing basic archetypes, all of whom are old high school friends reuniting four years after the death of one of their own. Prompts, tasks, and plot drops will provide choices along the way – choices crucial to the direction of the story.

In a group where no character is safe from death, what will you choose?
How far will you get?
What do you have to do to survive?



AUTHOR’S NOTE: So is it a real thing that a woman glows after she does the dirty?

“Mama,” Sarada said one morning as she sat down for breakfast before her training session with Team Konohamaru.

“Yes?” Sakura asked as she untied her apron around her neck.

“You’ve been acting weird.”

The pink-haired woman raised an eyebrow curiously at her daughter. “What do you mean by that?” She slowly folded her apron in her arms thinking back to the last few weeks wondering if her actions really have changed.

“It’s just since Papa has been home.” Sarada eyed her mom to gauge her reaction as she said, “You’ve been glowing.”

Sakura could feel her face turn a bright red as she opened her mouth in defense. However, no words came out. Instead, small squeaks of embarrassment escaped her lips adding on to her embarrassed state even more. She could see an expression of mild disgust form oh her daughter’s mouth. “Sa…Sarada, what–”

The two heard the front door open. As Sasuke entered the house, he called out, “I forgot to charge my cell phone, Sakura.” He turned to look into the kitchen only to find the two girls in his life staring each other down. Sakura had a horrified expression on her face and Sarada had disgust on hers. He looked between the two of them in confusion. “Did something happen?”

Sarada shrugged and shot a look at her father before saying, “You glow, too, Papa.”

Sasuke felt his face turn a light shade of pink as he looked at his daughter. “Wh-what?”

The young Uchiha girl pushed herself away from the dining table and stretched before heading out the door herself. “I’m not too hungry today, so I’ll go ahead to meet Konohamaru-sensei for training.” Before she closed the door behind her, she cleared her throat. “Next time make sure I’m not in the house, please. Okay?”

Sasuke froze at the doorway as he and his wife exchanged horrified expressions when the door shut behind Sarada. “She…she was…,” Sasuke trailed off.

“Sh-she heard last night…?” Sakura stuttered.

“I thought she was with the Akimichi family,” Sasuke thought to himself, trying to reassure him that Sarada couldn’t have possibly heard everything. He pressed his right hand to his forehead in an effort to cool his face down.

Sakura pressed both her hands to her cheeks and let out a high-pitched sigh. “I…feel so embarrassed, Sasuke-kun.”

“So do I.”

As they glanced at each other once more, they realized simultaneously, “We really do glow.”

if you buy thor a cup of coffee (and ask him nicely), he’ll recharge your cell phone for you.

Chapter 172: The BROTHERS' mutual ENCOURAGEMENT

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Translator: Sae

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Tips for anyone new (or not!) to the Northeast, from someone who grew up in the Northeast.

  • Black ice is not a myth. It is real. You can’t see it. If you drive too fast over it, you will die.
  • Frostbite and hypothermia are not myths. If you go outside to take pictures of the snow, wear appropriate clothing. 
  • ‘White outs’ are not myths. If it is snowing hard enough, you will lose visibility, and if you are outside and get lost, there is a very real chance you will get lost. And die. 
  • Don’t drive during the blizzard. Don’t do it. Just don’t. Please.
  • If you lose power, don’t get angry at the power company. Not only is it dumb because they can’t help trees falling on the lines, but if you are rude to them, they will help you last. I’m not kidding. They will literally decide to help your sector last if enough people from it are rude, because someone has to be last anyways so why not make it the assholes?
  • If someone knocks on your door and says they are freezing and need somewhere to stay, do not let them inside. Give them a blanket and say they can go in your shed if you have one, but do not let them inside. 
  • If you lose power and need heat, and happen to have a gas stove, boil pots of water for warmth.

That brings us to: Lily’s Quick and easy To Use Guide to Gas Stoves

Type 1: Manual gas stove

  • If you have one of these, you are in luck! 
  • Light the burners on top by turning the gas on with the dial (it will still work if the power is off) and quickly lighting it with matches or a lighter - quickly is important because if you wait to long too much gas will come out and when it lights you will lose your eyebrows. And maybe die.
  • Find the pilot light underneath your stove; there is usually some kind of pull out drawer at the bottom and that’s where you’ll find it. Turn the oven on (again, manual stoves will still work if the power is off! The gas will come out, but there won’t be a spark). and light the pilot light with one of those really looooong matches. DO NOT USE REGULAR MATCHES OR A LIGHTER FOR THIS. There are plenty of people from the north who probably can, no problem, but if you’ve never lit a pilot light before, be careful and use a long match or you could burn your hand and maybe clothes and also maybe die.
  • Because it’s a manual stove, you’ll be able to turn the oven gas off - yay!

Type 2: Digital gas stove

  • So basically, do everything the same as manual, EXCEPT do not light your pilot light!!!! You will not be able to turn it off. REPEAT - DO NOT LIGHT YOUR PILOT LIGHT BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE NO WAY TO TURN IT OFF. 
  • You can still cook things on your stove top though! And boil water for heat!

Last little tips:

  • If you lose power, you can flush your toilet by pouring a big bucket of water right at the center of the bowl.
  • Use melted snow for water to boil and flush; save spring water for actual drinking.
  • Keep your heat low.
  • Put chains on your tires or ask a qualified neighbor to do it for you!
  • If your neighbor has a generator, they (almost certainly) will not mind letting you use their shower. At some point in their life, they have lost power and needed a shower and maybe a neighbor let them use their shower. 
  • Store refrigerated products out in the snow if you lose power.
  • If for some reason you need to go out in a white out, tie a rope around your waist and to the house. Yes, it looks silly, but better silly than dead. 
  • Yeah basically that’s all I can think of.
  • oh yeah try not to die

gyzym  asked:

obsessed with the idea of derek driving around town in his family friendly toyota, a cooler in the backseat, he's got orange slices, he's got juice boxes, he's got lays potato chips but only one bag each, guys, you know too much salt's not a healthy choice. you kids need a ride to the mall? OBSESSED. WITH. IT.

I mean, once upon a time I would have said we were all projecting a narrative onto the character that wasn’t really there, but then Derek bought candy to hand out to trick or treaters and was delightfully proud of himself for giving them a magical Halloween memory, so I feel PRETTY WELL SUPPORTED BY THE TEXT.

Derek keeps multiple USB chargers in his car so that people can charge their cell phones in his cigarette lighter. Derek keeps a bottle of Advil in his glove compartment for muscle soreness or menstrual cramps. (Kira once asked him why being a kitsune didn’t make her immune, and he said “let me do some research” and he did and then they talked about it while looking over his notes together.) Derek buys spray sunscreen because Isaac hates the regular kind. Derek leaves pamphlets about how to quit smoking in Chris Argent’s living room. Derek keeps his reusable grocery bags in the car, because otherwise he always forgets them at home.


force your hand. deancas. (ao3)

for michelle! happy birthday <3

It used to be easy, hunting witches. All Dean had to think about were the evil pacts and the spewing fluids and his course of action became clear: track them down, kill them off.

Which is why it’s so annoying that this particular witch messes up the perfectly good routine Dean had settled into.

They track the witch down, like they always do, but this time, as they corner him, he looks so young and panicked that for a second, it gives them pause.

It used to be simple. Hunters good, witches bad. Nowadays, though, there’s the internet. There’re a lot more people just dabbling, not having any real ill intent. A lot more people getting into stuff they don’t know nearly enough about. Witchiness just isn’t what it used to be.

Honest to God, Dean catches himself thinking, “Kids these days.”

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