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00Q Drabble

So my brain took a London Spy prompt and wrote a 00Q Drabble. Hope you enjoy:)

Q opened the door to the empty flat and stepped inside greeted only by the cats.

Today was a day where Q wanted nothing more than to grab 3 of his favorite fleece blankets, cat treat bribes, and queue up “Kingsmen” to watch bundled in blankets next to Bond on the couch. 004 had been dispatched for an intel mission that did not go according to plan and weapons were hijacked instead of hard drives being copied. No one was hurt and 004 had not been discovered but ⅓ of Q branch, it’s head most of all, needed some sleep and time to recharge after 72 hours of mission.

If Bond had been home “Operation Blanket Nests” would already be underway but instead Q was alone with the cats in charge of figuring out his own dinner. Q was startled by the doorbell and was even more surprised to see that pre paid for curry was being delivered by the doorman along with a picnic basket of sorts. Q realized he was holding a “Operation Blanket Nests” starter kit. The note was addressed to “My Dearest Boffin” and detailed the contents of the package to include curry, a new TARDIS blanket and Q’s favorite chocolate. The disc included was not a DVD but it was a cd with the instructions “listen to me, “Kingsman” can happen when I return” written in sharpie.

Bond might be in a different country but he still knew how to take care of Q when it was needed most. He followed the instruction and got all curled up with happy cats on the couch eating while listening to the CD from Bond.

“When you’re lost, you’ll find a way
I’ll be your light
You’ll never feel like you’re alone
I’ll make this feel like home”

forgivablefoundations replied to your photo: how does a cat have references. who does one get…

Do you have to have known Zepher in a personal or business setting to be able to submit a reference??

“applicant demonstrates strong cuddling skills and is able to flop in patches of sunlight with minimal supervision.”

Chapter Sixteen

“Yes?” said Firepaw, approaching his charge.

The old cat was sitting up and chewing at her forepaw. She made a harsh noise and jerked her head back until whatever was on her leg came off. Spitting out a burr, she eased herself back down and onto her side. She shut her eyes with no response to Firepaw.

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So I guess that with all the “you just lost a fan” tweets I’ve seen the past few months from Trump supporters that after today they’ll be reduced to watching reruns of Charles In Charge while Cat Scratch Fever plays on a loop in the background.

//🐾❌ 💊 💉🏥❌ 🐾//

Soo, my cat is really ill (she can die before 2017)She’s still fighting and I wanted to help her as a witch, so here you have lil emoji spell to help your pet stay healthy. (But you need to remember that if your lil friend is ill, you should take him to vet!)
If you are in the same situation as me, or just want to help my cat:

❤ Charge
🔁 Cast

OMG OKAY SO the place that offered me the bomb ass internship that I accepted!!! Told me today that they’d like to actually hire me as the assistant scenic artist instead of the paints intern!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which means more money and a better resume item and more experience and like AHHHHH I’m so excited and happy! wtf!

Also next semester/school year I’ll most likely be assistant paint charging a show (probably Cat in the Hat) and then paint charging a show in the spring (probably Addams Family) !!!! I’m so excited and I feel really bright about my future

happy emoji spell

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(cat context: spell made for my friend and they said cats make them happy, so i used it to represent something that makes them happy)

anonymous asked:

can i tell you abt my courier, her name is maria and she's a lil bisexual whip of hellfire. she's always been an adrenaline junkie thrillseeker (worse after getting shot,) left home young looking 4 adventure. a sweet affair with cass, a twisted sexually charged game of cat and mouse with benny, and a really intense thing w joshua graham. platonic best buds w arcade and raul. she leads NV to independence and reopens the lucky 38, the parties are legendary.

tb…qh… after some thought cass is my #1 would date list of the companions. at the very least i feel like we would get along pretty well for long periods of time.

also you made me think more about my courier like… if hed go to parties… but what kind of parties? are their hotel parties at these casinos run by the young ncr soldiers??? my couriers a little old for those lmao. hed like the Tops and theyre music shows or hanging out with the King and their elvis parties. probably use the lucky 38 to hold dinner parties and invite a bunch of people and ending up making an unintentional “Jeffersonian dinner.”