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Republicans pass Trumpcare, destroying Obamacare.

Republicans just passed to end Obamacare and replace it with Trumpcare:

If you think this doesn’t affect you, then you are wrong. Trumpcare means preexisting conditions are back. If you get your insurance through your employer, the new law will allow employers to pick plans that limit coverage for people with preexisting conditions, just like before Obamacare.  THIS DOES NOT JUST AFFECT PEOPLE ON OBAMACARE.

Remember, just about everything is a preexisting condition for which you can be denied coverage or charged more, such as: cancer, allergies, arthritis, depression, asthma, pregnancy, diabetes, any kind of heart disease (high blood pressure, heart attack, etc.), prior injuries (broken bones), Alzheimer’s/dementia, MS, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, COPD, Parkinson’s, pneumonia, epilepsy, sleep apnea, stroke, kidney disease, and many more.  Know anyone these would apply to?  This will impact millions of people.  Whether you get insurance through the Obamacare exchanges, or through your employer, your insurance is now going up. The law changes things for EVERYBODY.

This new Republican Trumpcare now allows insurance companies to charge older people much more.  Currently under Obamacare, older people can be charged no more than 3 times more for insurance than a younger person.   The new law allows insurance companies to charger older people up to 5 times more for insurance.  So if you have parents who are in their mid-50s or older, you better hope they don’t get sick.  

The new Trumpcare health bill will cause 24 million Americans to lose insurance.  Over 11 million Americans on Medicaid will also be dramatically impacted.  Trumpcare will eventually lead to a defunding of Medicaid.   Birth control may also become more expensive and/or not covered due to actions taken today by Republicans. 

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What kind of presents would the DAI companions and advisors give to the child inquisitor for their birthday? (I love child inquisitor reacts, I like seeing the inner circle as a big bunch of aunts/uncles/big brothers/big sisters)

Cassandra: In public she gives the, a useful gift. A weapon or armor, something that will be of use in the field and therefor will help the Inquisition. It is a proper gift to receive from a Seeker and will raise no eyebrows.

In private, however the gift is quite different. The book of Orlesian fairy tales is a twin of one much loved and packed safely away in Nevarra. It spawned an early love of romance and epic stories where good alwas triumphs. And if they are willing she will be happy to read it with them.

Solas: It is hard to imagine the Dread Wolf spending time with a small child, but in truth Fen'Harel has always been patient with young people. And  the Inquisitor -especially if they are curious and eager to learn- is different. The book on Fade magic that he gives them is a trifle, something to satisfy their curiosity, but the true gift comes when the mage helps their young leader paint murals of their choosing on the walls of their quarters.

The time spent- his larger hand patiently guiding theirs on the brush- is a gift to them both, and is cherished. It will be another regret on Solas’s mind when  he leaves.

Varric: He doesn’t give them a book. It crosses his mind, the gift of a novel or even penning something especially for them. But at the end of the day the Inquisitor is always reading- and often reading documents far above their education level. Pleasure reading is probably not something they have much time for.

And so instead he makes the day about them. It takes some work to arrange a trip to Val Royeaux with just him and the Herald, but once there (and incognito) he spends the whole day letting them enjoy the Summer Market without being mobbed and treats them to meals and a few fun trinkets.

Sera: Skyhold had best duckle down because the Red Jenny will turn it upside down to celebrate the littlest Herald. Pranks and cookies and all manner of fun-most nicked or bought with fenced earnings- and more or less Sera going all out to make at least one day special in a way that it should ne for a child.

And later, in private, she gifts them with a bow at their sirze and the promise of lessons in the future.

Vivienne: Like Varric she makes the entire day about the Herald, but instead of traveling Madame de Fer brings Val Royeaux to them. Food and drink (sparkling juice only) and a new outfit or two that she had made ahead of time, even a musician or two if they have expressed a fondness for such things. Whatever they might like that makes the day more about them.

Blackwall: He spends weeks carving, sanding, polishing and painting to be done on time, but manages it.  The chair and desk are made at their size- with room to grow into it- and inlaid on the side are the great Free March heroes of legend– elves, dwarves and humans alike.

It’s a simple thing, as far as gifts go, but something designed to make them feel a little more at home in a new place where very little is made for their size.

Dorian: Of all the companions he is the most unsure of how to celebrate the child Inquisitor. If it were an adult he might take them to the tavern for the night, but such a party seems vastly inappropriate for a child. And like varric a book jsut seems like piling more onto already too young and burdened shoulders.

But in the end he plays to both his strengths and instincts, throwing them a child friendly part at the Herald’s Rest and organizing the eager guests. In Tevinter it would be a celebration mocked in the magisterium, but for the Herald and their inner circle it works for them. And the cheerful thanks he gets from the Herals later makes any anxiety he felt worthwhile.

Iron Bull: Arguments that dragon hunting is totally inappropriate aside, the Iron Bull completely ups the ante on celebration. As his normal method of tension removal is completely out of the question the Ben-Hassrath instead takes them with the Chargers and gives the company firm instructions to drop titles for the day. Then they go off for a day or two and just enjoy themselves like a normal mercenary band.

‘The Littlest Charger’ is allowed to have some anonymous fun, and is showered with gifts by the Chargers.

Cole: He makes little fuss if they don’t want the attention, but attends the celebrations if they want to see him. And without them saying anything he has the gift they were secretly longing for.

And a hat.

Cullen: He agonizes over whether or not to get them a gift, and then what it should be. But in the end he goes with his gut and takes them to a Mabari kennel to find a pup who bonds with them. It gives them a companion who loves them above all others, and if it makes them happy he is thrilled.

Leliana: She keeps her distance for the most part, but the spy master does find a small but meaningful gift for the Herald and leaves it in their quarters.

Josephine: She attends the celebration and finds them a gift- probably candy or sweets from Antiva- but also uses all of her diplomatic powers to clear their schedule entirely for the week of their party.

Mod Fereldone

Oh Maker, The Bull's Chargers Microbrewing Company

Ft. Snobby wine critic Dorian that secretly loves Ferelden beer and especially after the giant qunari in a baby pink shirt with a cartoon bull wearing a beer hat gives him free samples at a festival.


“Dalish enchants some of our fancier stuff, you know the ones for people that want to remember vivid summer days or some crap like that.”

“Now sir, you know I can’t do that. I’m not a mage.”

“You’re holding your staff Dalish.”

“It’s a ladle.”

Swimming prompt for @damnyoualex from @grenoiulle

Dorian loathes the water. Liquid, he feels, is for consumption only - and intoxication preferably - and under no circumstances should he actually be immersed in the stuff.

Even more than the water, he loathes the cold. And while it never occurred to him to add ‘being stranded on a shoddily constructed raft in middle of the Waking Sea with only a Qunari for company’ to the list, he’s beginning to suspect he loathes it most of all.

“I think I’m going to be sick again,” he announces.

“Well, you know the rules. Do it over your edge of the boat, big guy.”

“You’ve strapped a handful of planks together with - what is this? Rope? Seaweed? This qualifies as a boat as much as those,” Dorian gestures vaguely in his unfortunate raftmate’s direction, “qualify as pants.”

The Qunari shrugs. “They’re comfy.”

“Well I’m not.”

A particularly choppy set of waves hits their raft and Dorian groans, retching for the third time over the edge. His stomach is long empty, but it makes a truly valiant effort at regurgitation regardless.

A massive, soothing weight settles itself between Dorian’s shoulderblades, rubbing small circles as he coughs. It takes a moment for Dorian to register that it’s the Qunari.

“Shit, you really don’t mix well with water travel, huh?” he says sympathetically as Dorian dry-heaves a last time. “Was it this bad for you on the ship?”

Dorian shakes his head. He spent the last of his birthright money on a third-class ticket aboard the ill-fated Caspar’s Pride, and a pouch of small pills that some Nevarran merchant swore would keep his stomach calm.

Concentrated nug shit, most likely. But against all odds they’d worked, up until the point Dorian was forced to jump ship without them.

The constant gentle pressure on his shoulders feels unexpectedly good, and eventually the nausea subsides.

“Thank you,” Dorian manages.

The Qunari’s arm falls away and he nods. “No problem. I’m the Iron Bull, by the way.”

Dorian stretches out on his back and throws an arm over his face, in the vain hope that perhaps obscuring the sight of the sea, the raft, and the Iron Bull will make the lot disappear.

“Cremisius Aclassi. Charmed,” he says.

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The Space Between

By @heronfem for @toddnyallison.  The prompt asked for Satinalia gift exchange or birthday celebrations; Bull trying on Tevinter clothing or Dorian wearing Qunari-inspired fashion; or someone being mildly sick and the other helping them. I managed two of the three, and I’m sorry that this is late!

“Teach me how to do the knots.”

Bull looked up from where he was working on a report for Cullen, monocle firmly in place. “What?”

Dorian stood in the doorway to his room, shifting uncomfortably back and forth. He was carrying a heavy bundle of bright red rope, just thin enough to be used for decoration instead of more athletic endeavors. Bull removed the monocle, and Dorian stepped inside, closing the door behind him.

“What’s this about?” Bull asked as Dorian set the rope on the bed.

“Well.” Dorian took a deep, slow breath. “I was talking with Adaar.”


“And she told me about the knots meaning different things. I thought- I thought it might be nice to learn what they meant, and know how to make them.” He ran his fingers over the rope, not looking at Bull. “I know they’re not just for armor, Bull. You put me in some of the same decorative harnesses as I’ve seen when Adaar wears the Antaam-saar. I want to know how to do them too.”

Bull leaned back in his chair, considering Dorian for a moment. “This is kind of strange,” he admitted. “We’ve been tiptoeing around this for a while now, this whole culture clash thing.”

“I know.” Dorian glanced up, giving him a faint smile. “We should do better, don’t you think? They’re so much history between us, and yet so little we talk about. I want to learn more about you. I want to understand, and learn, and this- this is important. Will you teach me?”

“Yeah,” Bull said quietly. “Yeah.”

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