hey guys!  i’m in desperate need of some cash for bills while i’m between employment, so if anyone would like to commission me, please let me know!  any type of signal boosting would also be really helpful.  (’:

blinking chibs (or some other simple animation) are $7!

color is limited to busts and chibis; my depressive episodes have been bad and it makes coloring a daunting task.

nsfw is a +$10 charge

all prices subject to negotiation depending on the amount of detail


Aaaah the show is over, but at least it was a fun ride. I can’t wait for JoJo!

Here’s my cover of the second Kill la Kill OP, Ambiguous. I’m such a spoiled brat. Thanks so much to Merr for writing the lyrics to the song, and Y. Chang for spending his nights with editing! Love them both. :V

Vocals by Sapphire
Lyrics by Merr
Editing/Mixing by Y.Chang and Sapphire 


Cut the cord
And face tomorrow
Smash the door down
Takin’ charge
All the way…

On the edge and goin’ under
While the plastic world around me
Surrounds me
And holds me down

Blasted off into the thunder
Won’t admit that they’d just ground me
If they found me
As I am now

You I couldn’t fool anymore, though
You were born rebel, a fighter like me
You were more than willin’ to break my guard
And set the fire free

Dial it up
And know we got this
Time to show some skin
Hearts laid bare
But I don’t care
Baby, it’ a rush of pure adrenaline

Cut the cord
And face tomorrow
Smash the door down
Takin’ charge
All the way
For sure
Gonna change the world
And this time make it yours


Stand united with me