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hello it’s me again, there’s this musical called “daddy long legs” which if you haven’t heard of it already, go look it up asap

The 100 Season 5 Trailer

Why do we even need a S5 Trailer when we already know what it’s gonna be? (to be clear: this is not real, this is just me guessing based on past trailers/tropes from trailers)


Opening shot: Clarke speaking into her radio from 4x13.

“It’s been 2,199 days since Praimfire.”

Shot switches to early CGI of a crumbled Polis and the remaining piece of the Ark in space.

Clarke again from 4x13: “Where are you?”

That loud BWAAAHHH sound from every modern trailer ever happens, and the music picks up.

Shots from the Second Dawn Bunker. Cycling through our favs. We get glimpses of Nathan and Jackson in new costumes. They’re probably making out since we need some sexy action in the trailer. We also see Gaia doing something that looks suspicious. Niylah is seen soothing Octavia. Maybe there is a new character we get to see. All of this interspersed with shots of grounders and arkadians giving wary looks to each other.

Cut to an intense conversation between one of our adult leaders (probably Indra) to Octavia. Something like 

“You’re the one in charge here.” (shot of Octavia looking apprehensive, and shots of adultkru featuring: Jaha looking remorseful; Kane yelling, probably with frustration, in a group of people; Abby looking down with an unattached distance in her eyes.)

“Not Clarke.” (shot of Clarke doing something action-y, looks like she is in danger, running through the forest, probably with Madi being chased by Eligius)

“and not Bellamy.” (shot of Bellamy, stuck in space, looking remorseful by himself)

Shots are now from Spacekru. Something the fandom will jump on, but will turn out to be nothing, will be the absence of Monty’s hands in any frames. We’ll spend the remainder of hiatus zooming in on every frame trying to see if they are OK.

One of the couples is shown getting busy. Probably Harper and Monty because we got Emori/Murphy in the S4 trailer.  We get a quote over-top of all of this with Bellamy wistfully saying he’s not used to doing this alone in confidence to someone else from spacekru, probably Raven, or to a picture of Clarke on the Earth Monitoring screen which will get gif’d roughly 9000 times by all the Bellarke shippers.

We see Raven throwing some sort of tool on the ground with frustration. Someone yelling “Don’t walk away from me” at Murphy whose back is turned and we see him gesture dismissively at the person yelling. Echo or Raven is shown giving moon eyes at someone. The viewers presume Bellamy, but it’s a mislead from when Spacekru unites with Eligius.

Now we get a mix of shots. The music speeds up again. Even more loud BWAAHS depending on the shot. All the shots presumably to do with how they will get to the ground/reunite. But we’ll eventually find out they again are all giant misleads.
Bellamy saying “I missed you” on a radio and we all scream thinking it’s romantic but of course it’s going to be Octavia he’s talking to.
Octavia yelling “It was my only choice!”
Someone from Eligius says something menacing like “Did you really believe I would help you?”.
The shots are faster and faster so we get clips of various scenes of people being intimidating, our faves majorly suffering, action like a fast moving rover, but almost no context.   

Cuts to black, music is gone.

Clarke’s voice from 4x13 one last time:

“Never mind, I see you.”

One final BWAAAA and we get a one final CGI shot of something terrifying that none of us could guess right now without more context for the bigger plot of the season. Probably the return of Pauna.


What? Do your eyes deceive you? No, the headline is correct: TWO new weapons will be available later tonight. Namely, the Custom E-liter 4K and the Custom E-liter 4K Scope. So what are the differences? Our data should help out there!

Overall, both of these charger weapons are very similar to the original E-liter 4K. However, the version with the scope has a bit longer range…the tradeoff is that you can’t store a charged shot as a squid. It all depends on what is more important to you: range or flexibility. Decisions, decisions!

Both kits also come with the Squid Beakon sub weapon and the Bubble Blower special to round it out.

Batgirl by Joss Whedon
  • An unnecessary close up of Barbara Gordon's chest: I can't win this fight even with my genius and extensive combat efficiency by my dainty redheaded self, I need something stronger...I need Dick.
  • Chris Evans with a bad wig as Dick Grayson: Babs, don't worry your pretty little head. I know you're fully capable of handling stuff on your own and have countless times been the first to figure out the villains plan, but I'm just going to fight this battle for you anyway as it's a mans job and you've about done all the sexually charged close-up shots you can do
  • Barbara Gordon with a gratuitous shot of her backside for no apparent reason: I knew it. Dick is always dependable.
  • Tim Drake- watching from a distance: *Points out the sexual innuendo despite it not being remotely in character or appropriate for the circumstances*
  • Joss Whedon: This is it. Feminism.

“I had heard about Adam’s intensity before I worked with him, but he’s also really fun and funny,” says Rian Johnson, The Last Jedi’s director.

There was one emotionally charged scene that they shot over and over.

“Every time the guy holding the clapper marked each take, Adam just starts trying to steal his shoe,” Johnson recalls. “It was hilarious. And then Adam goes straight into it will all the intensity of Kylo Ren. He just added a sense of play that made the process really click.”

British GQ, December 2017

You’re Not the Same

Shiro gripped the controls to Black harder as he followed the Castle and the other lions through the wormhole before crashing on a planet. Looking around Shiro noticed red dirt and enormous rocks covering the flat surface around him. The other lions and the Castle near by.

“Is everyone ok?” He asked, his voice sounding a bit strained. He heard grunts and groans from the others confirming they were okay except from one person.

“Lance? Are you okay?” Shiro asked as he began standing up from his seat. Static was the only response he got. “Lance? Lance can you hear me?”

“Uh Shiro? I️ don’t see the Blue Lion anywhere.” Hunk’s nervous voice spoke up.


“I️ can’t track the Blue Lion.” Allura interrupted Keith, “He must be too far out of range.”

“Uh I was going to say we’ve got company but that’s nice to know also.” Keith mumbled the part under his breath as he watched the group of Galra soldiers get closer and closer.

“I️ don’t know about your lions, but Green’s down.” Pidge said, climbing out of her lion and summoning her bayard. Soon after the rest of Paladins followed after her facing the Galra sentries and soldiers getting closer and closer.

“Get ready everyone.” Shiro instructed, raising his hand as the others raised their weapons. As soon as the team was getting ready to charge several shots went off, soldiers falling left and right.

“What the he-“

“Stand back I’ve got this.” A morphed voice called from behind them. Looking over his shoulder Shiro saw a form dressed in all black, a hood and mask covering their face.

The figure ran past the Paladins in a blur, continuing to take out Galra soldiers in what looked like a graceful but lethal dance.

“Woah.” Hunk breathed watching the scene before him as the mysterious figure continued to take down the enemies with ease.

Moments later the last Galra fell and the figure walked back towards the Paladins only to brush past them, “You’re welcome.” They said in a cold tone.

“Wait.” Shiro said, grabbing their arm, “We’d like to thank you for-“

Shiro was cut off with a humorless scoff, “You’d like to thank me? For what? Saving your lives? For doing something you could never do for me or the others living on this planet? This planet sent out a distress signal five years ago and you never came-“

“Sorry to interrupt,” Allura said, announcing her arrival as her and Coran walked over to the small group, “We apologize for not coming here sooner. There are millions, perhaps even billions of distress signals all over the universe but rest assured, Voltron is doing their best-“

“Doing their best? If you’ve been ‘doing your best’ then please explain to me why you left your Blue Paladin with the Galra while you all ran off and didn’t even /try/ to get him back.”

“We left Lance behind?!”

“He’s with the Galra?”

“Princess we have to go back now!”

“What do you mean we didn’t try to get him back?!”

All the Paladins began talking all at once trying to get answers before the figure roughly pulled his arm away from Shiro, “Oh please as if you didn’t hear him calling for you all to come and help him out. You all left him and what’s happened to him is entirely you’re fault for ignoring him when he needed you most.”

“What’s happened to Lance?” Pidge asked in a small voice.

“I️ don’t know,” the figure started pulling their hood and mask off, “Why don’t you ask him?”

“Lance?” Keith asked. His eyes carefully scanning over Lance’s face, taking notice of the scars on his face. There was a small one on the right side of chin, another running through his left eyebrow and one last scar running from his forehead and ending on his right cheek. Keith noticed how his right eye was now a milky color and gently raised his hand to his face.

Lance caught his wrist and lowered it back down to his side, “Don’t touch the right side of my face Keith,” he hissed, “Incase you couldn’t tell I’m blind in my right eye and I️ don’t trust anyone or anything getting near it. All of this happened because you left me with the Galra for three years.”

“Wha-? Three years?! No we just got here it’s been like twenty minutes-“

“Try ten years, Hunk.” Lance said in an icy tone that made Hunk flinch.

“Ten years?” Shiro asked, “No that can’t be right we just-“

“No. It’s been ten years Shiro. Tell me do I️ even look remotely like the seventeen year old you knew?” Lance asked.

Now it was Shiro’s turn to take note of the scars and Lance’s eye. He saw how Lance’s features seemed more mature and his hair certainly wasn’t the same from when they saw it last. The sides had been shaved, brunette wavy hair still remaing on the top of his head.

“My boy,” Coran said moving towards Lance and placing a hand on his shoulder. Lance’s icy blue eyes seemed to thaw for a moment when he saw Coran, “I’m so sorry.” The older Altean said, a remorseful expression covering his face.

“Yeah,” Lance said gently taking Coran‘s hand off his shoulder, “I️ bet you are.”

He turned away from the group pulling his mask and hood over his face as he heard his former team yelling after him to wait.


Debating on making this into a series, let me know what y’all think. Hope you enjoyed it!

There was one emotionally charged scene that they shot over and over. “Every time the guy holding the clapper marked each take, Adam just starts trying to steal his shoe,” [Rian] Johnson recalls. “It was hilarious. And Adam goes straight into it with all the intensity of Kylo Ren. He just added a sense of play that made the process really click.”

New Monster Hunter XX scans reveal a new rage mode for Massacre Demon Diablos, the return of Nerscylla and Gravios, all new Hunter Arts, and new Palico Skills!

Info from the Latest Famitsu Scans via BannedLagiacrus

Hidden Haze Malfestio
*This Malfestio is able to turn invisible, allowing it to sneak up on foes easily.
*Much like Chameleos and Gypceros, Hidden Haze Malfestio is well known for stealing items from hunters.
*It is said that it loves to steal healing items, such as Potions and Energy Drinks.

Massacre Demon Diablos
*Though it has a Rage Mode, Massacre Demon Diablos actually has a second Rage Mode.
*This state can be called the Massacre Charging State (Japanese 狂暴走状態).

Nerscylla and Gravios
*Nerscylla and Gravios are confirmed for MHXX! They aren’t much different from what we remembered in previous games.
*Basarios is likely back too since its icon appears on one of the cases for MHXX.

Hunter Arts
*Great Sword - Moon Breaker (Japanese ムーンブレイク): A powerful attack that sends the hunter spinning in the air with the Great Sword, in a moon crescent like shape, and performing a deadly slash.
*Long Sword - Devil’s Blade (Japanese 妖刀羅刹): The Long Sword gains an attack buff at the cost of a hunter’s health constantly decreasing. If the hunter hits a target, they’ll regain their health with each attack.
*Sword and Shield - Blade Oil Chaos (Japanese 混沌の刃薬): Puts all Blade Oil types on Sword and Shield at once. Even with this art, you can still add more blade oil on the weapon.
*Dual Blades - Rasenzan (Japanese ラセンザン): A special leaping strike combo that can deal more damage than usual if a hunter aims for the weakspot of a monster.
*Hammer - Impact’s Pulse (Japanese インパクトプルス): A special art that surrounds the hammer in a glow. This art increases the range of the hammers impact with each attack.
*Hunting Horn - High Animato (Japanese アニマートハイ): This art allows for the Hunting Horn to play songs by just evading attacks, even evading in the middle of melodies for buffs.
*Lance - Healing Guard (Japanese 治癒の盾): An AoE healing art. While guarding with the weapon, hunters will heal themselves and fellow teammates in an area as they do so.
*Gunlance - AA Flare (Japanese AAフレア): A Hunter Art that specializes in knocking monsters out of the air. Hunters will fire of their shots in the air before performing a powerful wyvernfire in the air.
*Switch Axe - Tempest Axe (Japanese テンペストアクス): This art strengthens the Switch Axe’s Axe Mode and makes the attacks in this mode quicker. This art also grants the Axe Mode some new attacks as well.
*Charge Blade - Chain Saucer (Japanese チェインソーサー): A Charge Blade art that fills up the phials for the weapon.
*Insect Glaive - Bug Senses Intensification (Japanese 覚蟲強化): The art increases the mobility of Kinsects, but also increases the amount of stamina they use.
*Bow - Strength of an Anchor (Japanese 身躱し射法): Allows for hunters to fire arrows at a monster as they evade backwards.
*Light Bowgun - Charge Shot (Japanese チャージショット): This hunter art allows for hunters to fire all LV1 shots in a powerful single shot.
*Heavy Bowgun - Heavy Slicing Shots (Japanese 射突型裂孔弾): These are more powerful versions of the Slicing Shots. These shots can cut off parts much more easily, compared to normal ones, due to their specially customized shells.

*Prowlers have a new skill that allows them to use a Farcaster.
*Prowlers have a new skill that allows them to burrow underground and perform a surprise attack with their weapon.
*These cats can place down cannons and fire themselves from them in order to attack monsters.
*This gives them a chance to deal mounting damage to the monster.
*Prowlers have a new skill that allows them to roll objects at foes, dealing impact damage.
*Support Prowlers have a horn that activates the SP State for a skill now.
*Prowlers can now set a Healing Fountain down.
*These support cats have a special skill that grants fellow teammates many resistances to certain statuses, such as Stun.

Edge of Darkness

From the Marines to the Emmys to the most powerful cultural force in the galaxy, for ADAM DRIVER, finding his path has been a long, hard battle. Now, for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, in a role he never imagined could be so complex, the brooding face of millennial angst faces his toughest fight yet. Spoiler alert! 

British GQ, December 2017

His face shrouded beneath a hood, Adam Driver strides toward me. Shoulders hunched, fists jammed into jean pockets, he lets out a low whisper, “Hi. I’m Adam.”

The mixed messages – simultaneously worrying he’ll be recognised and that he won’t – hang in the air awkwardly as Driver surveys our spot, a near-empty New York City café. Neither fear is well-founded; there is no flock of fans to notice him and yet there is no mistaking the actor, his grey hoodie notwithstanding.

“I try to disguise things, but it just doesn’t really work for me,” Driver says, shedding the sweatshirt. “I honestly just look the way I look and it’s difficult to blend in because I’m tall and I look strange. I shouldn’t put a judgment on it.”

Others have judged his appearance more favourably. Driver has been dubbed a “cure for the cookie-cutter leading man” and “a millennial sex symbol”. Which may or may not be a compliment. Although few phrases are as loaded as “unconventionally attractive”, it’s as if those two words were combined expressly to describe Driver. Exaggerated ears; hooded, slanted eyes; long nose with a boxer’s bridge; broad mouth and lips – his disparate features coalesce into a surprisingly appealing whole.

“I guess I never think about it like ‘I am a leading man’ or ‘I am a sex symbol.’ It’s strange to hear that stuff. I don’t think I could have imagined it,” says Driver. Yet, there was his visage on Gap billboard ads; in American Vogue with a black-horned ram slung across his shoulders; in a close-up at the Emmy Awards, where he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor three years in a row for his part in HBO’s Girls; and cast eternally in plastic as a Kylo Ren action figure for Star Wars: The Force Awakens – masked and unmasked versions available. (“Not bad,” he says of the likeness, “but my head and face are a lot bigger.”) Passers-by who once stopped him to ask, “How could you do that to Hannah?” in reference to the bad-boy behaviour of Driver’s character in Lena Dunham’s runaway-success television series, now ask, “How could you do that to Han Solo?”

“It’s a lot,” Driver says, “every part of my life. If we rewound to ten years ago, I would not have said that this is what my life would be.

“And now this music,” he waves his hands at the piano composition streaming through the café like pretentious Musack, “is making that sound so emotional. It isn’t helping, you know?”

Far from angry, the brooding face of millennial angst is smirking. At 33, Adam Driver’s signature intensity hasn’t wavered, but interest in being a tortured artist has. He’s aware of his tendencies – toward anxiety, analysis and absolutism – and is taking steps to temper them. Still, it’s a struggle, seeing good fortune as anything but a cause for self-flagellation.

If we did rewind ten years, we’d see why. Driver was a Gordian knot of clenched intensity. Enrolled at New York’s Juilliard performing arts school, he was so aggressive that his comments made fellow students cry. Every morning he would have six eggs for breakfast, then run five miles to the school from his home in Queens. He would eat a whole chicken for lunch and, during his day at the prestigious drama school, perform random feats, such as 1,000 push-ups.

“That must’ve been an obnoxious thing to be around,” he says, shaking his head. “I was trying to make it as extreme for myself as possible. Now it just makes me so tired and annoyed.”

I’ve met Driver in a peaceful, leafy corner of the Brooklyn Heights neighbourhood that he and his wife, Joanne Tucker, call home. It’s a square precinct full of baby strollers that belies the borough’s hipster cred. “I like sleepy, quiet places,” Driver explains, “because my job is very loud.” Right now he’s savouring a respite from work, the first in a five-year sprint to stardom and even letting himself idle a little. Driver, who has made a career of ill-at-ease eccentricity, is starting to feel comfortable in his own skin.

He genuinely enjoyed himself on the set of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which will be released in cinemas this December. “The first one was all ‘You can’t fuck it up,’ you know? There was a lot more hanging out this time,” Driver says. “Then there are just practical things, like I have a lightsaber. That’s fun.”

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The one with Charlie's herbal tea

Summary: Reader gets injured after a hunt and isn’t handling it very well. Neither is Dean. Charlie tries to help but should really have brushed up on her Latin skills before doing so.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam and Charlie are there too. Cas is only mentioned (sad!Boxy)

Word Count: 3 692 (and here I thought it would be a drabble)

Warnings: Angry!Dean swears a lot, Reader almost dies (somewhat graphic description), Reader gets drugged by Charlie (not sure if that should be a warning?), Reader vomits (somewhat graphic description)

Beta’d by Mardi (aka @soopranatural). Go follow her, bitches! She’s awesome ;) Don’t miss reading her amazingly funny beta comments at the bottom.

A/N: I think I did a flangsty thing? I swear, it started out as the fluffiest of crack drabbles and then BAM! I accidentally took the exit to Angstville… Let me know what you think, and if you want to be tagged in any future fics!

Originally posted by delusionaldean

Entirely in Dean’s POV

I decided to leave the bar earlier than usual. Sam had already gone home with some brunette that had been eyeing him all evening, and I didn’t feel like staying just to find someone for myself.

Besides, I would be lying if I said that you hadn’t constantly been on my mind since our last hunt together. What that witch had done to you still haunted my nightmares. And I fucking hate witches.

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The livestream kept dropping out and now I know what a pararibulitis attack feels like because my heart stopped several times (though sincere gratitude to sharkcats​ for literally saving my life on this front). But here are some things I’m thinking about this episode, sweet jesus dicks in my mouth, what a wild fucking ride and a half that was.

  • I screeched at the screen when Silas was trying to lie to his mother. Even with the very existence of Wendimoor at stake, he couldn’t bring himself to say that he’d killed his beloved. He said that Pantos tripped on a rock and his head exploded which wow, there’s being a bad liar and there’s being Silas. And “there’s no such thing as Dirk Gently” is excellent because it suggests that the prophecy knows who Dirk truly is. It didn’t tell them to find Svlad Cjelli. It didn’t tell them to find Project Icarus. It told them to find Dirk. But I love Silas and would happily fight someone to protect him.
  • Within ten seconds Dirk and Todd are fighting over Mona, and within ten minutes Todd’s being demoted over Mona. It’s hilarious, but also super-ominous. I don’t think Max is going to go for the whole love triangle cliche but still, why wouldn’t Todd be stressed and intimidated by the sudden introduction of a childhood friend who has the same experiences as Dirk? Who maybe understands Dirk in a way that Todd never could?
  • Why was Todd asking for a phone call at the police station? Who the fuck was he going to call?
  • … what if he was going to panic and call Estevez though.
  • “This is easily the best interaction with a police officer I’ve ever had” yes Dirk, because the other two died.
  • Dirk in handcuffs after being free for a fraction of a second. Presented without comment.
  • Dirk saying “I love you” for the first time on screen. Also presented without comment.
  • It’s highly likely that Todd’s “I need you to help me find Amanda” and “we’re all being punished” is going to be the start of Dirk’s existential hellspiral into holistic anxiety and depression and rewatching this episode in a few weeks time is going to be very painful.
  • I appreciate how relatable Susie was for the majority of the episode because it really hammers home how utterly human she is, and I feel like that’s going to be one of the most tragic parts of her character. She does some housework, fixes her hair and produces a metric fucktonne of money and literally all of us would do the same. It’s a fundamentally comprehensible thing that she does. She finally responds to her son in the way we all wanted her to respond. She’s one of us until the precise moment when she’s not.
  • I did not at all enjoy seeing Amanda covered in blood. I did enjoy seeing her and Vogel continue their road trip. And Vogel baby, I know you’re missing your older brothers but you’re plenty scary enough by yourself if you need to be. Please never change.
  • Dirk has a colourful jacket again and it’s not what he would’ve chosen for himself, sure. But he’s wearing a mutant hybrid of his Blackwing uniform and a gift given to him out of the kindness of Hobbs’ heart and that’s probably a very good representation of where he’s currently sitting emotionally. He’s just gained two new friends on top of getting two old ones back and therefore he doesn’t care as much that he’s still marked on his jumpsuit as government property.
  • “A government prison for psychics” is Blackwing in a nutshell though, I don’t give a single solitary shit how good Riggins thought it would be.
  • Ken had one scene and literally stole the entire episode. Much in the same way that he hopefully steals Blackwing. But I’m hoping that in the same way Amanda can virtually throw Vogel at people who piss her off, it’ll turn out that Ken can throw the rest of the Rowdies in the direction of the CIA and watch as they wreak havoc.
  • So I’m assuming that if Priest hadn’t turned up, Martin could’ve just… killed Friedkin? Flat-out murdered him? Is this a thing that was going to happen on-screen?
  • The entire fucking scene with Friedkin and Priest. I just. I don’t have words to describe how much I adored their dynamic in a hideously villainous, entirely magnetic kind of way. Friedkin was so shaken up after Martin fed on him, much in the same way that he was shaken up after being attacked by the Rowdy 3 in Very Erectus, and he instigated the conflict both times and fully deserves all of the trouble he’s in but it explains so damn much about why he’s doing what he’s doing.
  • Priest was responsible for bringing in thirty of the original forty-two subjects and I’m willing to bet cold hard dirty cash that he captured Martin, Gripps and Cross (and can you imagine how traumatizing it would’ve been if he captured a much younger Vogel too). He knew how to deal with Martin. He’s so confident in his ability to inflict violence that he can say to Friedkin “ethics is not a priority” and “I’m no good” because he knows damn well that Friedkin’s shaken up enough that he’s susceptible to someone more forceful (and I’m down for a power struggle between Priest and Ken over ultimately control of Blackwing).
  • It’s unlikely as all hell but christ, what if Priest was the one to collect Dirk during Blackwing Mark I? How terrifying would that be for a small child? Where is this angst fest?
  • Boy oh boy, “I’m just a gun, Friedkin… I don’t do anything unless you pull the trigger” is a hilarious counterpoint to “don’t take the shot” because Friedkin saw his shot to be in charge… took the shot… and now he’s so far out of his depth that it’s not even funny. I don’t know what the moral of the story is here beyond “some shots just shouldn’t be taken”.
  • The Lux Dujour poster on the wall like surprise bitch, bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.
  • And I’m officially calling it now; Susie used to be a first-class grade-A bitch before the accident. Her now-deceased manager said that the accident was the best thing that happened to her and I know he was an asshole, but that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t be right about this. Her son said that he’s not scared of her any more. Her new behaviour is different enough that her husband is commenting on it with “none of it is going to fix what happened… you can’t change who you really are”. I’m thinking that if the accident wasn’t her fault, it was at least some sort of cosmic retribution. And I don’t know how i feel about the whole disability-as-karma trope but I’m also willing to give Max the benefit of the doubt and see where they’re going with it.
  • But speaking of Susie curing her limp. It was utterly heartwarming to see her on the trampoline and it begs the question; could she theoretically cure Todd and Amanda’s pararibulitis? Or could she make it worse? Because lordy may, that could be a clusterfuck and a half if she turns out to be the Bellatrix to the Mage’s Voldemort.
  • That ending rivals the ending of Watkin where Gordon Rimmer beats Sammy’s head in with the guitar. This is a villain coming into their own. This is our introduction to someone with depth and complexity beyond what we’ve been shown so far and it’s chilling because they were so close to being sympathetic in so many ways. “The silence is nice” is going to haunt me for the next week at least, holy shit. The final scene was a literal “kick the dog” moment. Max, no. Max, why.

And I’m going to spend the next week paranoid that the Mage is lurking behind me because of terrifying holistic reasons.

Post King Dice Battle

The Devil: You made Dicey mad. And he gets real nasty when he’s mad. HAHAHA-!

The Devil gets hit by a charge shot right after he says that.

Cuphead: …This can’t be real, right?

(Source: Jontron: Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf) 


I started out as a mercy main because I wanted to help my team. I enjoyed being able to heal my teammates back to health and keep them alive during hard pushes. I have 230 hours on her in all modes now, and I’ve come cross a lot of toxic people in game, and online. So many people accused Mercy players of having no or bad aim, being e-girls, and some going as far to say that we only picked mercy to heal our boyfriends? Anyway, to prove them wrong, I started to pick up Widow. I have to improve still, I know that. I miss a lot of shots and sometimes I get flustered and don’t let my shots charge. But, I’m making progress. I hit 60 hours in all modes and I’m proud of myself for doing it. I’m able to get picks and do damage, and I’d like to think I proved others wrong. By playing widow, it really helped with my aim for McCree and Pharah and overall it’s stepped up my awareness and helped build at least some confidence. 

so seriously, I encourage other support mains to play other heroes. Afraid they’re too hard or that you will get shit? prove them wrong. Practice, and most importantly, have fun doing it.