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Batgirl by Joss Whedon
  • An unnecessary close up of Barbara Gordon's chest: I can't win this fight even with my genius and extensive combat efficiency by my dainty redheaded self, I need something stronger...I need Dick.
  • Chris Evans with a bad wig as Dick Grayson: Babs, don't worry your pretty little head. I know you're fully capable of handling stuff on your own and have countless times been the first to figure out the villains plan, but I'm just going to fight this battle for you anyway as it's a mans job and you've about done all the sexually charged close-up shots you can do
  • Barbara Gordon with a gratuitous shot of her backside for no apparent reason: I knew it. Dick is always dependable.
  • Tim Drake- watching from a distance: *Points out the sexual innuendo despite it not being remotely in character or appropriate for the circumstances*
  • Joss Whedon: This is it. Feminism.

New Monster Hunter XX scans reveal a new rage mode for Massacre Demon Diablos, the return of Nerscylla and Gravios, all new Hunter Arts, and new Palico Skills!

Info from the Latest Famitsu Scans via BannedLagiacrus

Hidden Haze Malfestio
*This Malfestio is able to turn invisible, allowing it to sneak up on foes easily.
*Much like Chameleos and Gypceros, Hidden Haze Malfestio is well known for stealing items from hunters.
*It is said that it loves to steal healing items, such as Potions and Energy Drinks.

Massacre Demon Diablos
*Though it has a Rage Mode, Massacre Demon Diablos actually has a second Rage Mode.
*This state can be called the Massacre Charging State (Japanese 狂暴走状態).

Nerscylla and Gravios
*Nerscylla and Gravios are confirmed for MHXX! They aren’t much different from what we remembered in previous games.
*Basarios is likely back too since its icon appears on one of the cases for MHXX.

Hunter Arts
*Great Sword - Moon Breaker (Japanese ムーンブレイク): A powerful attack that sends the hunter spinning in the air with the Great Sword, in a moon crescent like shape, and performing a deadly slash.
*Long Sword - Devil’s Blade (Japanese 妖刀羅刹): The Long Sword gains an attack buff at the cost of a hunter’s health constantly decreasing. If the hunter hits a target, they’ll regain their health with each attack.
*Sword and Shield - Blade Oil Chaos (Japanese 混沌の刃薬): Puts all Blade Oil types on Sword and Shield at once. Even with this art, you can still add more blade oil on the weapon.
*Dual Blades - Rasenzan (Japanese ラセンザン): A special leaping strike combo that can deal more damage than usual if a hunter aims for the weakspot of a monster.
*Hammer - Impact’s Pulse (Japanese インパクトプルス): A special art that surrounds the hammer in a glow. This art increases the range of the hammers impact with each attack.
*Hunting Horn - High Animato (Japanese アニマートハイ): This art allows for the Hunting Horn to play songs by just evading attacks, even evading in the middle of melodies for buffs.
*Lance - Healing Guard (Japanese 治癒の盾): An AoE healing art. While guarding with the weapon, hunters will heal themselves and fellow teammates in an area as they do so.
*Gunlance - AA Flare (Japanese AAフレア): A Hunter Art that specializes in knocking monsters out of the air. Hunters will fire of their shots in the air before performing a powerful wyvernfire in the air.
*Switch Axe - Tempest Axe (Japanese テンペストアクス): This art strengthens the Switch Axe’s Axe Mode and makes the attacks in this mode quicker. This art also grants the Axe Mode some new attacks as well.
*Charge Blade - Chain Saucer (Japanese チェインソーサー): A Charge Blade art that fills up the phials for the weapon.
*Insect Glaive - Bug Senses Intensification (Japanese 覚蟲強化): The art increases the mobility of Kinsects, but also increases the amount of stamina they use.
*Bow - Strength of an Anchor (Japanese 身躱し射法): Allows for hunters to fire arrows at a monster as they evade backwards.
*Light Bowgun - Charge Shot (Japanese チャージショット): This hunter art allows for hunters to fire all LV1 shots in a powerful single shot.
*Heavy Bowgun - Heavy Slicing Shots (Japanese 射突型裂孔弾): These are more powerful versions of the Slicing Shots. These shots can cut off parts much more easily, compared to normal ones, due to their specially customized shells.

*Prowlers have a new skill that allows them to use a Farcaster.
*Prowlers have a new skill that allows them to burrow underground and perform a surprise attack with their weapon.
*These cats can place down cannons and fire themselves from them in order to attack monsters.
*This gives them a chance to deal mounting damage to the monster.
*Prowlers have a new skill that allows them to roll objects at foes, dealing impact damage.
*Support Prowlers have a horn that activates the SP State for a skill now.
*Prowlers can now set a Healing Fountain down.
*These support cats have a special skill that grants fellow teammates many resistances to certain statuses, such as Stun.

Mega Man X: The Novel Chapter 1

Aaaaaallllright, it’s been a while, but the first chapter is finally done!! Many thanks to my translator @melonjaywalk and my editors moidang, Lambency and tjerrian! If you’d like to follow the group’s progress on the novel, check out this Google Doc! Without further ado, here’s Chapter 1: Day of Sigma!


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Charger weapons have gained a new ability since our original analysis of them. Inklings can now store their charge for a short time by entering squid form. Then, when they return to Inkling form, they can instantly unleash a charged shot. Very impressive.


Velika Ivanca Shooting

On the 9th of April 2013 in Serbia, 59 year old Ljubisa Bogdanovich shot dead his mother and son as well as injuring his wife. The rest of the spree killings took place around the neighbourhood houses. In total 13 people were killed by execution style gunshot.

Most of the killed were relations in some way to Bogdanovich

A motive was never fully known. Bogdanovich reportedly did not suffer from a mental illness however, his father committed suicide whilst he was young and a cousin died in a mental institution. Bogdanovich was described as a “quiet guy”, yet he had many domestic abuse charges.

Ljubisa Bogdanovich shot himself at the scene and later died in hospital

The massacre was the deadliest in the country since the end of the Yugoslav wars 

Stand Name: 「IT’S NOT UNUSUAL」

Stand Master: Carlton Banks

Stand Type: Midrange

Destructive Potential: A
Speed: C
Range: B
Durability: D
Precision: B
Developmental Potential: C


Stand Appearance: Humanoid. 「IT’S NOT UNUSUAL」Resembles an angel in some regard, as it is clad in white attire, resembling a trenchcoat, with gold highlights (think Tron lines) While it also has long, shoulder length golden hair, it has no mouth or nose. It does however have four piercing golden eyes. Additionally, it has four fingered hands, wearing pure white gloves.

Stand Abilities:

「WE’VE GOT TO ATTACK HIM」: The Stand can fire off consecutive “Bolts” of energy that explode upon impact. The range for these bolts is about 15 meters. Additionally, it can charge up a shot to double the range and power.

「WHAT’S NEW PUSSYCAT」: A short distance Sound based attack that can disrupt the abilities of another Stand. It takes time to prepare, but does no physical damage to Stand nor user.

「IT’S CARLTON」: 「IT’S NOT UNUSUAL」takes control of Carlton’s limbs to perform a hypnotic dance, which causes anyone viewing to join. The effect continues as long as Carlton continues to dance.

「NO MORE HUGS」Opening a panel within their chest, 「IT’S NOT UNUSUAL」reveals a firearm of inhuman design, essentially a concussive blunderbuss, and prepares to fire it. However, it has a range of about 3 meters, so Carlton must get very close to his intended target. Additionally, while it can deal incredible damage to humans, it also ignores armor of any sort, including protection from a very durable Stand.


Orchids In The Moonlight by Rodin
Moonlight, Twilight, Dawn and Sea.

A Magnum Opus from the master demonsmith Rodin. Four semi-automatic high-velocity hand cannons capable of tearing Angels and Demons alike to shreds just with a few shots. Their hefty yet regal appearance pack an extra heavy punch to melee attacks. Although very powerful, their rate of fire is not out of the ordinary. However, these guns can store titanic amounts of energy to be released under the form of hyper-powered charged shots.

Crafted under a comission for Lothar, these orchid-hued guns are an elegant addition to the Umbra Witch’s arsenal, all the while fitting his newfound style perfectly. 

All in all, it is a brutish, opulent quartet of pistols for any Witch looking to expand their magical power even further, along with hitting harder than ever before.

Lothar’s Bayo 2 guns! Here’s his new design

These actually took me… Not that long, maybe about two days. I figured I could go for Desert Eagles once more, a little nod back to the very first version of Star-Crossed Lovers (back then dubbed Capulet, here they are). 

Firsts (Part 1)

AN: Y/N is a public prosecutor, fresh out of college and determined to make it big with one of the most high profile cases given to her. What Y/N didn’t expect was to be assigned Min Yoongi as her partner. Min Yoongi, the first guy she gave everything to. Min Yoongi, also the guy who thinks she used a rape drug to make him have sex with her. Ah, Min Yoongi who desperately wants to hate the girl but can’t seem to, no matter how much he tries. 

Yoongi x Y/N.

Angst, fluff (later smut in series).


Originally posted by tahyns

“Y/N. I have the perfect assignment for you. It’s going to make your career, little girl.’ Bong Soon, your supervisor had a glint in her eyes as she waited for you to take on the case file that held the promise to your long awaited goal of being the best prosecutor in Seoul.

“Really? Is it a corruption case? Murder charge of a big shot?” You asked, hopeful it was because that would truly truly make you happy. You were passionate about justice, and this could be your chance to really really expose bad people.

“Not quite. It’s a potential corruption case and also adultery. Read through the file, don’t talk about it with anyone unless I say so. These walls have ears, so read it carefully because I’m not going to say much. If you like it, tell me and I’ll assign a partner. “ Bong Soon said smiling. You eagerly took the file from her, trying to play it cool and said you’d think about it (when really you’d take the case on even if it was about some boring adultery conspiracy that ended in too much emotion and not enough blood).

“Get back to me ASAP. I’ll be waiting.” She winked.

You said your goodbye and rushed back to your cubicle, opening up the documents to read.

God, you couldn’t believe you were being given a high profile case. It finally meant your boss Bong Soon thought you had potential. You were still pretty fresh faced, having graduated only a year and a half ago and gotten straight into work. Being a prosecutor was all you wanted to do since being a little girl though, so you had no questions in your mind about your future.

Excited, you started to read through the documents, a highlighter in hand for any conspicuous terms.

CASE NAME: Operation Sting-bee.

Facts: Strongbow Mafia have recently released the names of their next victims according to intelligence data provided for by the government. These victims are going to be the next on Stongbow’s hit list. Their names are attached on page 2. The victims are currently under witness protection, but Strongbow are like their name- strong. They won’t stop until they get their victims. Most of them are victims because of debt, escaping from trafficking and allegiance to another clan.

Other facts: Strongbow are known to use mentally distressing techniques to torture their victims before even capturing them.

Your assignment: Get to the victims before Strongbow and protect them without Strongbow realising that you are behind them. This will involve a highly analytical aptitude, resilience and determination. The goal is to lead Strongbow to us, where we can finally catch them.

End of document 1.

You then briefly went through the other documents, which seemed to confirm your initial understandings. Wow. STRONGBOW MAFIA! They were legendary thugs, the stuff of nightmares. You were surprised that Bong Soon thought you would be the right person for the job. You didn’t want to be sexist on yourself even, but you looked like the most unlikely person to be put on a job like this. You were good at combat, you were a fed after all- but you weren’t the best. You knew how people called you dainty behind your back, and how some of the older feds sneered that you should be at home cooking for a man and not here playing with guns.

Taking on the case wasn’t a question, you wanted to prove yourself. You wanted to prove that you were capable of doing a good, game changing job. Your assignments before had been to catch local thugs and stop traffic crime. Now, this assignment was something. It was the type you’d give to the feds three years above you. But no, Bong Soon chose you.

You knocked on her door, when Bong Soon yelled ‘come in’ you strutted in, a smile on your face and said ‘you have a prosecutor for Operation Sting-bee.’

‘Excellent.’ Bong Soon said. ‘Min Yoongi from National Security will be your partner for this, I’ve booked you guys a table at a place not too far from here to get to know each other before getting started on this case. It’s an important and dangerous one, so learn to trust each other.’

Your mouth nearly dropped.

Min Yoongi.

You quickly thanked Bong Soon, although you were debating if you should just say you don’t want the case. But this case would make your career if it goes well. It wasn’t an opportunity most people as young as you got the offer too. You couldn’t risk it all because Min Yoongi was going to be your partner in it.

As soon as you shut the door to her office and sat down in your cubicle, you bunched your face in your hands.

Min Yoongi.


“You don’t play it like that, moron.” Yoongi said, playfully moving your hands over his master piece piano and took over. His shirt was rolled up his sleeve, long arms stretching effortlessly to both sides of the keyboard and your eyes were fixated on the veins on the back of his hand as he played a key for you.

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Flickers of Gold - Part 2

Uhhhh. Yeah this is… This is just straight up, werewolf smut. Yup. It’s a dirty birdy. And it’s all about my hubby.  So uh. NSFW warning. Like major. NSFW warning. IT’S GONNA GET DIRTY FOLKS.

Meh, the ending isn’t the best but uh. YEah.

Taggin the usual suspects @hardcorewwetrash @fuckyeahbulletclub @omgmissmillie @darlingkatrina and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… YUP. :D Thank you for helping me proofread and such and things, I REALLY APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU ;-;


It had been the going on a month. A month where Baron had yet to even touch you, small kisses being tossed around here and there. They had been running him ragged, interviews, training sessions, teasing him with his eventual title shot. Your heart swelled with pride every time you pictured him with that damn belt around his waist.

At the same time, you missed him. You missed your alpha, yearned for his touch. It was beginning to show, your senses taking over, every noise annoying you. You were staring into the air, pondering on how to get yourself off well enough to get over this damn fever. You could faintly hear your name, snapping out of your thoughts, bringing you back to the small restaurant where you and a few of the girls. Alexa stared at you, a bit of annoyance on her face.

“What the hell has been up with you lately?” She spoke out, Becky grimacing a bit at her words, as Natayla nodded in agreement. “It’s like you’re in some sort of damn trance or something.” She leaned back against her chair, crossing her arms over her chest. She looked like such a brat at that moment.

“Ya could be a bit nicer, she’s obviously goin’ through somethin’,” Becky barked back, sitting up in her seat, the two immediately starting to bicker as Natayla cheered on from the side. You groaned audibly, your annoyance growing thicker with each second that ticked by.

I need to have sex!” Everything around you quieted, you could feel the appalled stares from the table of old bitties surrounding you, as well as the few waiters coughing away the awkward air and returning to their duties. You smacked your head against the table, leaving it there with a groan.

“Well, Baron’s been busy I guess, how long has it been?” You muttered back a quiet ‘a while,’ refusing to lift your head from where it sat. “What’s a while,” Alexa pondered out loud, before throwing a quick, “A week?” You shook your head, regretting this entire conversation.

“Two weeks?” Natayla offered up, obviously shocked that it had been longer than a week. You grumbled lowly, before sitting up, mumbling quietly. “What? You have to speak up.” A sigh passed your lips, your eyes closing gently before they opened again.

“A month,” the noise that came from Alexa shocked even you, a glare being shot her way as she choked back her drink. You looked down at your food, stabbing a fork into whatever you had ordered, before shoving it angrily into your mouth. “A whole month and I can’t even get him to play with my breasts a little.” you groaned out, rolling your eyes as Alexa gagged out, muttering a quick ‘well, you asked,’ her way.

“You’ve lasted longer than I could have,” she muttered back, letting out a bit of a chuckle. “I would’ve tied him to the bed by now, if I were you,” you blushed down at bit, rolling your eyes as she shot back up, laughing a menacing laugh. “Wait, don’t tell me, you’re into being the sub,” one thing you knew about Alexa, she prided herself on being on top.

“Well, I can imagine a guy like Baron, ya got no other choice but ta let ‘im be in charge,” Becky agreed quietly, your eyes softening with hers, thanking her silently for making this slightly less awkward.

“You can tie a man up and he still be the one in charge,” You shot up, looking behind you, staring wide eyed at the small, gray haired old woman speaking in your general direction. She was dressed almost entirely in pink, her small white sun hat being the only exception. One of your eyebrows shot up, questioning what in the world she was even talking about. “Tie ‘im to the bed, make that man see what he’s been doin’ to you, get his engines revin’ and set ‘im loose.” Her southern accent was thick, your eyes widening even further as you watched her set down money on the small table, before hobbling off with a small, “Have a pleasant day ladies,”

You turned back in your seat, the table growing quiet as you all tried to process what had just happened. The scariest part was, you were actually considering what she had said, already daydreaming about how attractive Baron would look all tied up and needy. You moved in your seat a bit, already getting riled up.

“What tha hell just happened?” the silence was broken by Becky, as you shook your head in response, having no idea. “I want ta be ‘er when I get old,” she muttered out, a small laugh following her sentence.

“No kidding,” you mumbled back, making eye contact with Alexa, silently begging her to help you with go through with this. She shot you back a quick wink, before changing the subject, returning back to your meal.


“Baron?” You jingled the keys onto the counter of his place, setting the bags down, before spotting a note, a quick ‘Training, be home later. I love you,’ scribbled onto the small yellow sticky pad. You sighed aloud a bit, your hand falling towards Xander as he trotted his way over to you. You took his sloppy face in your hands, leaning your head against his as he let out a small noise. “Mama’s gonna get laid tonight, don’t you worry X.” He licked your face, an eruption of giggles passing through your lips, as you pushed the huge beast off of you, standing to put groceries away.

A few hours passed, leading you dreadfully into the night, humming along as you poked at the beef hissing in the pan. You smiled at the sound of the door unlocking, almost immediately after feeling arms wrap around you, a grumpy huff passing by your ear as he placed a quick kiss to the side of your neck. You leaned into his touch, holding back a groan at the way his lips felt. “What are you makin’?” it came out as a low mumble as you lifted a bit of the utensil, feeding some to a practically drooling wolf. He hummed in return, grip becoming a bit tighter.

“Thought tacos sounded good,” you replied back, returning back to stirring the meat up a bit, switching the stove off, turning in his arms before placing a small kiss to his lips. Your hands moved up his bicep, following up the tattoos placed there. “How was training?” You watched his nostrils flare a bit, taking in what you assumed to be the smell of the meat. He let out a small groan, pulling away a bit, mumbling a bit.

“S’okay. Let me just put my stuff up,” you let out a bit of a defeated sigh, nodding his way, watching the way his hand lingered on Xander’s head before he trotted to the bedroom, your attention returning to the stove. After a few minutes passed, your confusion rose back up, your feet moving silently to the bedroom, where a lone wolf lay sprawled out on the bed. Perfect. You groaned a bit before smirking, your plan coming together all too nicely. You quietly moved your way towards the small black bag from earlier, retrieving the pieces of cloth said specifically to hold back man or beast.

You moved slowly, pulling on the cloth tightly before grabbing a chair, setting it in front of the bed. You sighed as you stripped yourself out of your clothes, leaving yourself completely bare as you sat in your spot, rubbing gentle circles on your clit as you waited for Baron to wake up. A small moan passed your lips as you found yourself rubbing a bit rougher, that seeming to be the thing that woke the wolf from his slumber, your name tumbling from his lips quietly before his eyes shot open, immediately darkening to the sight in front of him. A deep warning growl filled the air as you heard him tug on the restraints, the wood of the headboard making a groaning sound. You smirked a bit, slipping a finger past your folds, biting down on your lip as you made eye contact.

“You’ve been a very bad alpha,” you whimpered out, ignoring his warnings of what was going to happen if you didn’t untie him. You tutted out a bit, your other hand moving to play with your breasts. “Leaving me all alone to fend for myself,” a small pout forced itself to your lips, a low moan passing your lips as you slipped another finger into yourself, curling them in a heavenly way. “How long’s it been baby?” your voice was menacingly thick.

“A month,” it came out as another growl, his eyes flickering a shade of gold, his canines growing a bit more than usual. “You better untie me now princess,” You let out a small chuckle, before allowing yourself to moan out his name, the tugging on the restraints growing rougher as you did.

“Nuh uh uh, you don’t wanna play with me anymore, fine,” you muttered out, your fingers working rougher as you brought yourself closer to orgasm. “But you get to watch as I work it out myself,” the sudden surge of power was almost orgasmic as it ran through your every nerve.

You closed yours eyes tightly, immersing yourself in the way your knot ripped itself apart, Baron’s name falling from your lips as you imagined his own fingers, his tongue, his hot cock buried in your wetness. You opened your eyes again, watching the way his chest rose and fell, the outline of his dick pressing against the sweats he had been wearing earlier.

Your fingers began moving yet again, small noises being made from the way they moved against your wetness. Your body shivered from the way you played with your already sensitive core, Baron’s eyes bleeding into the way your body moved. “Don’t you wanna touch me Baron?” You whined out, your heart flipping at the low growl rumbling past his throat. “I miss the way your cock feels inside of me,” another whine as your fingers sloshed along. “You always fuck me so well, my big, strong alpha,” Your head fell against the back of the chair, eyes closing tightly as you felt yourself wound up yet again.

Your eyes shot open, fingers slowing as you heard a loud crack, before seeing Baron rip his knots undone, the wood of the headboard dangling from his restraints, falling to the bed. You let out a small gulp, Baron throwing you against the bed, watching as your back arched away from the wood before pushing it to the floor.  “You know better not to tease princess,” it was a deep, sultry growl, his warning shooting lightning through your nerves. You shot a bratty pout his way, pulling him closer as his lips finally pressed against the pulse of your neck.

“Not my fault you haven’t been paying attention to me, oh shit, Baron,” Your small whines turned as his teeth fell down against your flesh. You could feel the sensation of blood slowly dripping from your neck, his canines sharper than the usual. Your fingers tangled in his hair, pulling him closer, his kisses intoxicating.

“I’m going to ravish you,” His voice was lower than the deep, sultry voice you had gotten used to, and fuck was it turning you on. He pulled himself up, lifting the loose tank top over his head, before throwing it in a corner, his hands pulling greedily at his sweats. His lips moved in a bruising heat against yours, catching yours moans as his hips snapped into yours, rough and passionate. Thrusts grew quicker by the second, needy, animalistic. Your head fell back against the pillows, your hands being pressed above your head, fingers intertwining with Baron’s large ones.

Your breath caught in your throat as his teeth pressed into your collar, tears prickling at your eyes as Baron’s thrusts grew rougher than normal, teeth drawing blood from yet another spot. Your nails dug into the back of his hand, trying to find some way to express how you were feeling. Your voice finally allowed you to croak his name out, eyes falling on his, irises now completely covered in golden flakes. You always adored these times, this being the only sure sign that he was something else, something otherworldly.

“My beautiful mate,” it came out as a low rumble, his thrusts growing erratic as your walls tightened around him, holding your orgasm off until you could feel him cumming with you. “Gonna breed my beautiful mate, mine.” You stared at him, shock quickly evaporating away as you let go, feeling his hips stutter against yours, another bite falling against your shoulder blade. His name echoed off the walls as he emptied inside of you, your own orgasm washing over your nerves.

Your teeth dug into your lip as he pulled out, before tugging you towards his chest, a little unused to the action. His lips fell on the bite mark on your neck, causing you to wince as you finally felt the sting. You shot a look Baron’s way, questioning what the hell he had been talking about earlier.

“Sorry,” it came out as a whisper, his eyes staying the beautiful golden color longer than usual, pulling away a bit as you moved a finger to poke at one of the sharpened canines. “S’ mating season. Usually I’m able to control myself, but with the way the company has been upping me, well,” your fingers traced gently over his chest, admiring the goosebumps that erupted underneath the ink as you moved. “Drove me just about crazy all month woman,” you blushed a bit, remembering how just last week, whilst in another shared hotel room, while Baron was sleeping you had played with yourself in the bathtub. “Could smell you, you always smell so gorgeous,” His face pressed near yours, lips finding the side of your head in a loving kiss.

“Were you serious? About the..” you blushed as you thought back to the words he had. A lowley chuckle passed his lips, as he pulled your left hand to his lips, kissing gently on the upside of your wrist. He could practically feel your heart pounding through your veins. His fingers gently traced over your ring finger, your eyes meeting his, heart stopping when the gold began to crumble away.

“I have other things I need to do first,” it was a small mumble, your eyes widening as he confessed. “Gotta make you proud, bring home the belt,” his lips met yours in a chaste kiss, before continuing on. “That’s the first step,” You nodded his way, smiling brightly as your pressed your lips back against his in a slightly more heated kiss, arms wrapping around his neck as he rolled your body underneath his yet again, tongues clashing. You both shot up as you heard a clash from the kitchen.

“XANDER,” You let out a yell, immediately standing out of bed, only to have your legs crumble beneath you. You shot a look in Baron’s direction, listening to him groan before padding out of the room. As you crawled back into bed, you smiled to yourself.

“X, no, drop it,” you could hear Baron’s booming voice, only assuming he was chasing the beast around the kitchen. Your eyes widened as you saw the Beast standing in the doorway, face covered in taco meat and slobber.

“Xander, don’t you dare,” you warned, holding a hand up, before he let out a booming bark, jumping onto the bed, ignoring your squeals of protest and covering your face in slobbery, taco kisses. You tried to be angry, you really did, but laughter forced itself from your body, as you tried with all your might to push him away. The bed dipped, warning you of Baron’s presence before his fingers were on your waist, your eyes shooting open as you now had a 6’8” wrestler tickling you, the air mixing with the sound of your laughter, and X’s playful barking. Your boys, they were about as much as you could handle right now.

It took me a long time to get used to using Palutena’s more defensive options since I always played a very aggressive, offensive game. But, I think I prefer default Palutena to customs. Customs are lots of fun, but I don’t get to use them as often and I feel more natural with the counter/reflect option. As this Samus learned. She was rolling a lot and I figured she’d roll back if I jumped on stage instead of my other options. I threw the counter a little early, but it still caught her attack. And then obviously she was going to cut loose that charge shot.


“Really?” You asked with a warm smile gracing your features. “You’re in?”

“Yeah.” Mick replied, still looking to the ground. It was funny how he always seemed so shy around you when he was normally such a hot shot who charged into the heart of battle with guns blazing. You could tell he’d been thinking about this for a while - ever since that day the two of you stayed out late and ended up kissing goodnight. He’d been wary to get into anything serious for fear of hurting you but now that he was standing before you looking like a lost puppy, you knew he was ready. “I’m all in.”

You stepped forward and wrapped your arms around his neck, relishing in the feel of him as he pulled you closer and dropped his forehead to yours.

“I’m glad.”

“Me too.” He smiled and finally forced his gaze to yours, pecking your lips in the process. “You’re the shit.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

today I had an insufferable woman in drive and I need to tell you about it 
so I was on drive bar, doing ok in a bit of an afternoon rush, we have one person soloing window and DTO and she was talking to the customer in the window so I jump in to take an order on the headset 
and this lady is like 
“grande doubleshot in a venti cup with ice to the top and I want a splenda, none of the classic and nonfat milk instead” 
clearly sounds like a starbucks doubleshot on ice, the drink that is on our menu that is made with espresso and ice and classic and milk 
so I ring her up for a grande doubleshot with all the mods, tell her the total of $3 something and ask her to pull for forward, continue making drinks 
“lady? lady???” 
the girl in window answer like yes can I help you? 
“did you say $3.23? that’s not right it’s supposed to be 2.10” 
and she goes into this fucking rant getting all huffy about she orders this at every starbucks, something about her daughter and volleyball, everywhere she goes it’s the same, and something about she only gets charged for 2 shots of espresso and blah blah blah 
and I tell the other partner ok maybe she just wants an iced espresso? and this poor girl is trying to clarify her drink order and make sure that we are getting the right thing 
is like in the snottiest tone 
“you should really know this, I get this all the time” 
bitch you ain’t special 
if you get it all the time YOU should know what the fuck you’re ordering 
so we end up ringing her up for an iced doppio with the mods 
and I make it and of course the cup is like half ice, that’s what happens when you get an iced doppio in a venti cup, even with the standard amount of milk 
she gets to the window, starts complaining it’s wrong and wants more milk 
and I’m a petty bitch so I only added a tiny bit more and sent her on her merry way 
like if you want it filled to the fucking top with milk order a fucking latte or pay the fucking upcharge for extra dairy 
and the thing is, if this lady didn’t have such a fucking shit attitude we would have tried a lot harder to help her? 
but if you want to be rude and impatient? fine bitch fuck if I care if your dumb ass drink is right


Requested by anonymous

“Honestly, how did you survive without me?” you asked, untying Nick.

“I’m starting to wonder that myself,” Nick joked. “You didn’t happen to see my gun on your way in, did you?”

“Nope, sorry,” you replied, finishing freeing Nick.

“There’s four Hundjager,” Nick stated. “And they probably already have your scent.”

Sure enough, you heard footsteps fast approaching the room. You and Nick both slid into fighting stances as the door opened, one of the wesen holding Nick’s gun.

Two of the group wogued, jumping back in surprise. “The other one’s a Grimm, too!” he snarled, face returning back to normal.

The one holding Nick’s gun fired a shot, and thankfully he wasn’t very good at aiming because you were able to move out of the way. Before he could fire another shot, you charged.

“Nick, catch!” you called out as you ran into his arm, aiming for his pressure point. Sure enough, he dropped the gun and Nick grabbed it before one of the others could.

“Who’s first?” Nick asked, aiming the gun at the closest Hundjager. Nick fired as he and another two lunged for him. The bullet made him wince, but didn’t deter the wesen.

They were so close, Nick had to shove them away before he could do anything. The fourth went for you, you guessed because you weren’t as well-known as Nick, they thought you were less of a threat.

You managed to daze your attacker long enough to notice one of the Hundjagers about to hit Nick with some sort of baton-like weapon. You tackled him to the ground just as Nick noticed.

“Two,” you stated as you got back up.

“Huh?” Nick asked.

“Saved your life twice today. We really need to stop meeting like this,” you commented flatly, punching a wesen in his temple to knock him out cold.