charge of the god

anyways, jj abrams, for all his flaws still:

• loves Finn, heavily supported John Boyega’s casting despite Kathleen Kennedy’s protests.

• rewrote Poe Dameron’s entire arch when Oscar Isaac asked him to, with full knowledge that Isaac was tired of being killed off in every single movie he was cast in.

• gave Finn a full storyline of character development, created a protagonist that was flawed but gave the viewer every reason to cheer him on

• doesn’t support r/ylo. doesn’t fucking understand it

• knows when to call up ewan mcgregor, would probably do it again

Items to include in your Book of Shadows

Everyone’s book will be different because all Witches are different. This list is a bunch of examples I have come across over the years of things you could include in your BOS if you so desired. Nothing on this list is mandatory, nothing here is required. If you don’t know what something is, please feel free to ask! If you don’t think that something on the list is for you, awesome, don’t include it in yours. 

  • -Personal wishes (I have sort of a magical last will and testament in mine)
  • -Index
  • -Book Blessings
  • -Magical Rules
  • -Quotes
  • -Magical Alphabets
  • -Deities/Pantheons
  • -Candle Magic
  • -Chakras
  • -Crystals
  • -Color Magic
  • -Ethics
  • -Earth Magic
  • -Herbology
  • -Ghosts/Talking with the Dead
  • -Myths/Legends/Stories
  • -Herbal Magic
  • -Correspondence Tables
  • -Magical Definitions
  • -Moon Magic
  • -Psychic Protection
  • -Spell Writing
  • -Spells (Those you have done and those yet to do)
  • -Symbols/Sigils and their meanings
  • -Tarot
  • -Wiccan Law and Rede
  • -Runes
  • -Statement of Beliefs
  • -Charge of the God and Goddess
  • -The Witches Rune
  • -Sabbats (History, meanings, suggested activities, chants, songs, rituals etc)
  • -Laws of Coven/Tradition (if you are in/follow one)
  • -Magical Recipes (Kitchen Witches)
  • -Altar Setups
  • -List of your favorite Wicca/pagan etc websites
  • -How to Cast a Circle
  • -How to Consecrate items
  • -How to Ground and Center
  • -Auras
  • -Monthly Moon Names
  • -Cord/knot Magic
  • -Terminology
  • -Tools of the Craft
  • -Invocations/Evocations
  • -Animal Magic
  • -Meditations
  • -Celebrations/Coming of Age Rites
  • -Witches Pyramid
  • -Other Sacred Texts
  • -Prayers/Blessings/Chants
  • Magnus, from inside the room: I love you so much...
  • TJ, walking past the room in the hallway: Psst! Guys! You have to listen to this
  • Halfborn, ear to the door: Oh my gods, is he talking to Alex?
  • Sam: I don't know if we should be intruding on their special moment...
  • Mallory, opening the door: I need a video of this-
  • Alex, walking in from another hallway: Oh, are we spying on Magnus again?
  • *cut to the team opening the door to find Magnus talking to falafel*
a bit about the rankings of angels

seraphim (singular: seraph): these are the angels closest to God, in charge of guarding His throne. they help to rule over heaven and maintain order. usually, they are depicted as beings of pure and radiant light or fire - though many do have a human form as well. seraphim are often known for their voices, be it for the gorgeous songs they sang or the terrifying holy screeches they unleashed. though these may be some of the most orderly and composed angels, they can also be some of the most emotional. 

cherubim (singular: cherub): these angels are most often remembered for being the guardians of Eden. Now, however, they are said to be guardians of holy places on earth. they typically have many wings, eyes, faces, limbs etc., though, like seraphim, they may also have a more human form. cherubim are responsible for keeping harmony in heaven, and providing power to those in His kingdom. these angels are more likely to be peaceful and docile than confrontational, but of course there are exceptions.

thrones: usually depicted as beings of fire and many eyes, these angels are the ones who carry out God’s orders. they are most known for their inhuman forms, often described as being wheels. thrones are the bringers of justice in heaven, and, on earth, likely retain their strong moral compass. these angels are secretive and tend to keep to themselves and other thrones, so they have a lot of mystery surrounding them.

dominions: dominions were the leaders of the lower angels, offering advice and direction. they are very tied to heaven, and not likely to interact with humans. they are described as divinely beautiful, often with glowing skin, eyes, hair, or wings. their true forms tend to be more human-like than the angels above them in rank, and are usually remembered for their appealing appearance (to other angels, humans would of course be startled by them). these angels are thoughtful and determined, though friendly.

virtues: these angels are those who bring God’s grace to earth. though they do not interact directly with humans usually, they bring miracles and enlightenment to the world and its inhabitants. they are brilliant and powerful, though almost always benevolent and peaceful. virtues are angels of choice, and accredited with keeping earth moving forward and developing further. though they are naturally good and kind, virtues can be fierce fighters if necessary.  

powers: these are the angels in charge of defending heaven from hell and providing balance in the universe. they are often depicted as warriors and soldiers of God, though they are usually on the defensive rather than offensive. powers are wise, and it is said that they are the keepers of history. they are immensely loyal to heaven, and some believe no power has ever fallen. 

principalities: principalities are protectors of certain places, nations, cities, or groups of people on earth. they usually derive their physical characteristics and personality from the place/people they are watching over (for example, a principality of a lake may have blue or green tinted wings, wear pearls or water plants, and have a calm and peaceful personality). they also teach valuable lessons to those on earth, and are said to be the ones who inspire humans to create or invent. 

archangels: these are the warriors and protectors of human life. they are the commanders in God’s armies, and the ones to relay his most important messages to humans. they are incredibly loyal to their cause in heaven, but also show empathy towards humans and fallen angels. they show a great deal of understanding towards others, and because of that can be persuaded to join a cause even if it goes against heaven - although this is rare. archangels tend to be very complex, but their dedication and ferocity is constant.

angels: common angels are the ones most concerned with humans. there are different types of these angels, such as messengers to humans and personal guardian angels. it is difficult to categorize these angels as a whole, as there are so many of them. they are highly diverse, and the most like humans in both personality, morality, and appearance. 

fallen angels: these are angels who no longer serve heaven, and now reside on earth. typically it refers to angels who have sinned or rebelled and are then cast out of heaven by God, but there are other ways in which angels can become “fallen” as well. angels who desire free will, or fall in love with a human/humans can also be cast out. fallen angels can originate from any of the ranks above.

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Slides you two buttons and a piece of lint. How about some Voltron Headcanons? Finger Guns out.

lint and finger guns?? sold

  • lance: “don’t worry guys, I’ll stay behind and protect the princess” allura, visibly eyeing lance’s biceps: “…………….. uh okay”
  • fun party game: guessing how keith got kicked out of the garrison
    • he stole a space craft!! (”okay i only stole parts and i was never caught for that” “wait what”)
    • he called iverson a dirty lying quiznak!! (”i didn’t even know that word back then lance”)
    • he tried to alert the public that the garrison was covering up the kerberos mission!!! (”i didn’t but they were”)
    • to be honest he probably just decked iverson
  • coran designed the space pirate outfits himself
  • *hunk crashes his lion* “well, looks like I’ve hit… rock bottom” 
  • weirdly enough, slav is the ultimate It Could Be Worse guy
    • [something goes right] slav, sweating: “there’s a fifty-two percent chance that this’ll still go horribly wrong in some way”
    • [something goes horribly wrong] slav: “i mean i know we just lost an engine, but on the bright side, at least we’re not in one of the three hundred realities where the cockpit blew up instead”
  • sometimes allura’ll shapeshift herself a mustache so she can stroke it pensively
  • keith: “i hate authority figures” pidge: “you’re an authority figure now" keith: “…shit”
  • [lance’s mission log while stranded alone] “i mean, technically i’m the lowest ranked member of the crew. i would only really be ‘in charge’ if i were the only remaining person… so what do you know?? i’m in charge” 
Fan canon vs bbc canon

Fanon Mycroft:
- controls the entire British government
- is omni present
- can single-handedly make jerks who are mean to Sherlock disappear without a trace
- can get Sherlock out of literally ANY sticky situation
- can make any crimes/killings/drug charges that Sherlock made go away
- always has everything under control
- is god

Canon Mycroft:
- can barely control anything
- struggles to keep Moriarty locked up
- can’t take down Magnussen
- is barely able to control sociopathic sister to stay in prison
- has to whore around to ensure Sherlock doesn’t get incarcerated
- almost got himself and/or Sherlock killed in sherrinford
- has a sad fridge


One of my instagram friends mentioned they had thunderstorms forecast for the next few days, and we have the hot weather here too, and I got to thinking, I really hope there are some thunderstorms, as I love watching them and tend to make use of the energy to charge my crystals.

Those who have crystals or other spiritual tools such as oracle cards, dreamcatchers, wands, athames, goblets/chalices, shells, bells, rattles, singing bowls, etc, here are some quick instructions for charging them in a thunderstorm.

1. Quick-cleanse your crystal or tool first for maximum effect. With crystals, unless the name of the crystal ends in -ite (those crystals are predominantly water soluble), flowing water is the easiest way. You can also cleanse with incense or smudge smoke, angel spray, or sound - such as a bell, gong, chime, singing bowl, rattle, drum, or spiritual music.

2. When you get the forecast, lay out those items you wish to charge up with thunderstorm energy either under a sheltered porch outside or on a windowsill. Make sure any that are prone to sunlight damage (brightly coloured or artificially coloured crystals for example) are shaded and away from direct sunlight.

3. Wait for the thunderstorm to come and go before collecting in your crystals and tools. They will now be charged with the energy of the storm - vibrant, transmutative, transformative, dynamic energy. This can particularly help with change, important dilemmas, and deep emotional healing and will merge with the properties of the crystal itself.


One of my favourite things about Killjoys is how they constantly subvert expectations, but specifically fictional expectations. Like for example, hot muscly guy gets left in charge of a group of cloistered-away girls, and you think, oh god, here we go with the cooing and the “oh look a Man” and the flirting and the swaggering. But what happens? We come back a short while later to find that he has learned all of their names and taken on the role of mother hen, telling them to stop crying and put on their shoes.

Or character A has a secret and lies to character B about it and you think, oh god, here we go, this is gonna be angst and drama for at least five episodes and then another three once she finds out about it. But wait, no, he tells her of his own volition by the end of the episode and she’s already forgiven him for it because she gets it and she’s not going to waste time on being dramatic about it.

Or oh hey look we found out something new and weird about this character but, y’know, we already know he’s kind of weird, this is like the third weird thing about him, so let’s skip the freaking out and move straight on to how we can use it.

Like it’s sci-fi, and it’s ridiculous in some ways, but when it comes to the characters and their motivations and interactions it’s like someone looked at the common fictional tropes and went “hang on, REAL people don’t all behave like this”. I LOVE that. I think it’s honestly the #1 thing that takes it from “enjoyable sci-fi action with banter” to “favourite sci-fi show of all time” for me.

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What's the lettuce thing about?

Alright, so. Get ready for weirdness, because Egyptian mythology has a lot of that.

One of the most prominent and foundational myths of ancient Egypt is how the god Osiris was killed and dismembered by his brother Set (in some accounts, after an affair with Set’s sister-wife, Nepthys, who then gave birth to Anubis), put back together by his sister-wife Isis, then made the god of the afterlife. When she was piecing her husband back together, she found all but one of the fourteen chunks of him that had been scattered across Egypt by an enraged Set. That chunk would be his penis. But never fear, for Isis is the goddess of fertility, so she made her husband a new one out of wood (thus explaining why embalmers would make false ones for the actual dead). So completed, she rode him and became impregnated with a son, Horus (the Falcon, not to be confused with Horus the Elder, the Hawk, who was these four’s presumably-long-suffering brother). Osiris then went off to be ruler of the dead somewhere in the vicinity of the stars we call Orion, leaving the question of who was to rule the land of the living - his elder brother and semi-justified murderer Set, or his legitimate yet posthumous  son Horus?

This brings us to The Contendings of Horus and Set, which is ostensibly an epic battle of order vs chaos, but mostly involves a lot of letter-writing and whinging back and forth between the gods because some liked Horus (who was the last king’s son and generally a guy who liked order and not usually killer [except that one time when Isis got too involved and actually wounded Set herself which Horus was not about for some reason and so decapitated her] ) and some liked Set (who was powerful and experienced and had good relations with foreign powers [being that he was the god in charge of them] and had proven himself to be a great protector to Ra against Actual Evil God Apophis and his night demons and whatnot). There were a lot of pointless squabbles between the two involving weird god things like who could hippopotamus better or build ships out of stone (spoiler alert: Set actually built his ship from the top of a goddamn mountain and managed to make it float long enough to get halfway down the river, Horus just made his from pine when no one was looking and just plastered the thing to look like stone. Who was the better dude in that one? You decide.). One time Horus got his eye ripped out and Set lost his testicles - an incident which involved what is probably the oldest recorded pick-up line in history: “How lovely your backside is. How broad your thighs.“ Smooth, uncle Set. Smooth.

Anyway, after eighty years of this the supreme god version of Ra got tired of their shenanigans and told them to lay off for at least one night, for all of their sakes. Set looks at Horus and goes, “Yeah let’s do this thing. Party, my house, tonight.” Horus looks at Set and thinks, “Seems legit.”

So they go party at Set’s house. Just them and the servants and lots of honey and beer and the single bed made up all nice just for them. Halfway through the night, Set rolls over and puts his dick between Horus’ thighs. (Er, depending on the time period you’re reading the myth from, this act is either consensual or not. It mostly depends on how vilified Set is by whichever cult’s in power at the time. In any case, Horus is awake and unrestrained for this.) Horus catches the semen in his hands, and when he gets home in the morning shows his mother. Who promptly freaks out, cuts his hands off to toss into the Nile, fashions him new hands of clay, and then jacks her son off into a pot.

I could not make this up.

This is where The Lettuce Thing comes in. The lettuce species that the ancient Egyptians had was a long, hard stalk that secreted a white, milky substance when cracked and squeezed. So you can see where they would get the idea that it was a phallic aphrodisiac. Well, it so happens that when Isis went to Set’s house, she found out from his gardener that Set loved eating lettuce every day. You know where this is going. Now, I’d like to point out that she didn’t just randomly overhear this and got a wicked idea. No. No, she went and asked outright what Set’s favourite food was, because she was gonna give Set a taste of his own (or well, her son’s) medicine no matter what.

Fast forward to the next court session, and Set - being the asshole that we know and love - decides to announce to the room at large that he should get the throne, because he totally tops. Well, being that ancient Egypt was a highly patriarchal society it - like most ancient cultures - looked down on the receivers in male-male relationships. But while everyone’s boo-hissing at Horus, he just calmly requests a Magical Pregnancy Test for both his and Set’s semen. They do it, and Set’s shows up somewhere in the river (wherever Horus’ old hands are), which perplexes Set and somehow doesn’t phase anyone else. Then they test Set, and lo and behold Horus’ seed reacts from within him!

In very old versions of the myth, this is where the god Thoth is born from Set’s forehead. In others, it’s Thoth performing the test and so the semen emerges in the form of golden disc, which Thoth promptly takes and puts on his own head as a crown. *shrug* Egyptian mythology is a weird case where a jillion different cults formed, then came together, then fought/reformed/vilified/reconciled/destroyed/assimilated one another over millennia, so the origins and motives are a bit wonky. Thoth is one of those deities that had been worshiped before writing was even a thing [although writing became his Thing], and so has many conflicting origin stories - mostly he just seems to appear at some point due to the power of his own voice. I like to think that, since he is also a master of Time, that Thoth may have actually created Himself in that instance, but his presence got spread out through time - back far enough into the beginning that he could trick the moon into giving up five extra non-month days each year, so that Nut could birth his parent-grandparents without repercussion.

But I’m getting ahead (behind?) myself. The point is, now all the gods think their Powerful Guy Set is a big fat bottom, which ~a king shouldn’t be~ and Set is all butthurt about his trick backfiring on him. He sulks off to the river, where he issues the stone boat challenge mentioned earlier but then his boat sinks and he rips up part of Horus’ and realizes that it’s just disguised wood, and it looks like the shenanigans will continue until someone gets the bright idea to just fucking write to the dead king about what his wishes were (apparently it’s Thoth who suggests this, which is why I buy the myth that this is when he was born, since why did no one else - even Isis who resurrected the guy - think of that? Finally, a god of Sense!). Osiris sends them a letter back to the effect of “What the fuck do you think my wishes are. If my son isn’t instated, my next gift basket will be an army of zombies, I swear to myself.”

The council is convinced.

Set’s put in chains and brought before them by a gloating Isis, but he cedes with as much grace as he has left. In most versions of the myth, he’s set free and reinstated as Ra’s bodyguard to thunder away happily in the desert, and in a few later ones (basically after Lower Egypt takes over Upper Egypt) he’s punished somehow, like being taken to the north and bound there by his other wife (in something rather similar to Loki’s fate with Sigyn). In some, he and Horus reconcile and even bless pharaohs together, tying their lotus and reed together around the living king as a symbol of unity and strength between Upper and Lower Egypt.

And that, dear Anon-chan, is The Ancient Egyptian Lettuce Thing.

When my parents divorced, my dad told me that he never loved my mom, he just married her because “she’s the type of woman you settle down with”. And he said it like it excused the fact that he cheated on her, like it was ok for him to fool around because all she ever was to him was a domestic and reproductive resource.

She waited until marriage. My dad was the only man she ever loved. She made more money than him, she was more responsible, she was the nag while he was the “fun parent”.

And in his eyes, it was ok for him to treat her like he did because that’s how he views women, as either existing for his enjoyment or for him to use to create his lineage so he can feel in charge of a family and feel important.

She dedicated her life to that marriage under the belief that he loved her when he never did, he just wanted to play man of the house to fulfill his desire to be in charge, to shape children to his views and be a god in the eyes of young minds.


what if kravtiz wasn’t the first death bounty hunter thb have come across?

like, they’ve been on a number of planets with civilizations and deities, and maybe it isn’t always the raven queen, but once every seven cycles or so after they start racking up a death count there’ll just be this random heavenly mercenary after the IPRE crew like the whole year. when they realize what’s going on they try and keep a low profile when they can as not to upset any gods of the natural order, but they can’t always do that when hunting the light. 

it gets even fucking worse after barry and lup become liches, because now it’s not just a bunch of strange, unaccounted for deaths, now they’re clearly working with that dark necromancy and whatever god is in charge of this realm can’t allow that. 

after a while these poor fucking reapers are showing up, guns ablazing and trying to intimidate and they’re just met with a simultaneous annoyed groan from the ipre crew who can’t even bother to appear threatened because seriously, again?! 

needless to say, lup’s reaction to taako’s date with kravitz was a very bewildered panic because damnit these fuckers again taako what are you doing with one of those goddamn soul tax collectors do you realize how long they’ve been after our asses?! 

Suga Daddy: Part 3

Suga Daddy: Part 3

Word count: 7.8k

Genre: smut, angst

My computer is in the shop so I had to edit on my phone. Sorry if there are a lot of mistakes. ^^

Parts: one | two

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It was now Friday, the first day of rehearsal. You’d gotten there a little early, deciding to stretch and mentally prepare yourself, this would be your focus for the next few months. You’d gotten a text from Yoongi this morning, wishing you luck, so you felt pretty good about today.

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q&A Malcolm

daldelix said:

Hi Cassie. I wanted to thank you for everything you have created in this wonderful saga. However my question is on TDA: in LM Malcolm tells Emma that when she finds the secret of falling in love between Parabatai, she will feel the cruelty of shadowhunters as he did. but why Malcolm speaks of the cruelty of SHADOWHUNTERS? they did not create the terrible curse but only wrote the law that prevents romantic relations, in order to prevent the Parabatai from going mad. so what does Malcolm mean?

Here’s what Malcolm says to Emma:

“There’s a reason you can’t fall in love with your parabatai , Emma. And when you find out what it is, you will feel the cruelty of the Shadowhunters, just as I have.”

“Let me tell you a truth before you die, Emma,” he said. “It is a secret about the Nephilim. They hate love, human love, because they were born of angels. And while God charged his angels to take care of humans, the angels were made first, and they have always hated God’s second creation. That is why Lucifer fell. He was an angel who would not bow to mankind, God’s favored child. Love is the weakness of human beings, and the angels despise them for it, and the Clave despises it too, and therefore they punish it. Do you know what happens to parabatai  who fall in love? Do you know why it’s forbidden?”

What Malcolm is doing here is conflating the Nephilim with angels. Obviously Shadowhunters aren’t actual angels, and for all their connection to angelic beings, they know next to nothing about them! But Malcolm believes that the cruelty of angels has been passed down through generations of Nephilim, lying latent in their blood, sometimes rearing its ugly head to destroy lives—lives like his and Annabel’s, and, as he implies here, Emma and Julian’s.

Keep in mind that this is the ranting of a disconnected-from-reality necromancer who hates Shadowhunters. Is Malcolm right? Is the cruelty of Shadowhunters related to their angelic legacy, or is it born of a xenophobia that is entirely human? Believing one’s peer group to be inherently superior to other groups because of bloodlines is not something unique to the story of the Nephilim. It is a belief that has caused strife again and again throughout history, and will continue to. We’ll never know for sure what the source of this ‘cruelty’ was—we only know what Malcolm thought was going on. And he doesn’t care to distinguish Shadowhunters and their cruelty from the cruelty of the angel who created them.

Unpopular Opinion.

I freaking ADORED that the Kalagang sex scene was not as explicit as the others on the show. I LOVED that Kala wore her lingerie/nightgown the entire time because it is so TRUE to her character. It’s what made the scene 100% more hot in my opinion. It was soo beautifully shot because they were in Wolfgang’s room but at the same time in the pool (if that wasn’t their thing before, we can all agree it is now) and they were just MAGNIFICENT together. Tina and Max have so much chemistry I am in awe everytime I see them on my screen. Also- it was charged with so many EMOTIONS… God, I was entranced.

Sense8 really needs to win some kind of price because the editing/acting etc is so on point OH MY GOD.

Alternate TLT Song Titles
  • Prologue: Can I get a fuckin ughhhhh... parent?
  • The Day I Got Expelled: I get expelled for... defending my life?
  • Strong: How-To-Mom 101
  • The Minotaur: bang bang whoosh explode SCRREEEECH
  • The Weirdest Dream: a real dream gal
  • Another Terrible Day: Hello, I'm a god, I'm in charge, and it's time for my Daily Mental Breakdown™
  • Their Sign: Can I get a fuckin ughhhhh... parent? (reprise)
  • Put You in Your Place: 🎶Percy in the bathroom🎶
  • The Campfire Song: someone please give these kids a hug
  • The Oracle: Knock knock! Destiny calling :)
  • Good Kid: was just ONE good thing too much to ask?
  • Killer Quest!: Nothing could possibly go wrong!
  • Lost!: It went wrong!
  • My Grand Plan: I! Hate! The! Goddamn! Patriarchy!
  • Drive: Don't look a gift Ares in the mouth
  • The Weirdest Dream (Reprise): Foreshadowing™
  • The Tree on the Hill: Hello emotions my old friend
  • D.O.A.: Death has never been funkier!
  • Son of Poseidon: Daddy issues whomst?
  • The Last Day of Summer: Betrayal. mp4
  • Bring on the Monsters: B R I N G I T
The Outsiders as things my brother has said

Based on @stunningfandoms post**

Ponyboy: “I know I’m almost 14,  but I don’t like the taste of beer and I don’t want to get drunk on beer battered chicken, okay? I’m not like most teenagers”

Sodapop: “I understand that you’re in charge, but this is my room and I’M GOD HERE”

Dally: “I could pull these weeds or I could tell you to fuck yourself.”

Johnny: “I will fight you to the death. I will cry the whole time, but I’ll do it”

TwoBit: “Whatever you’re smelling right now, it isn’t me. You just ate a hamburger, it must be that”

Darry: “Life is hard and all, but…. Nope, that’s it life is hard.”

Steve: “I don’t know him but I don’t like him. He’s never done anything, but he looks like the type that would.”