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New rule: unless you’re in palliative fucking care dying in a hospital alone you’re not allowed to have someone make you breakfast and serve it to you in bed. Especially not from your girlfriend. You’re not a baby, life’s not a womb, it’s horrible, get the fuck out of bed and sit at the table and face up to the crippling anxiety attack that is modern life. What, does she hold your little cock while you make toilet so you don’t get wee wee all over the floor? Wash you with a fucking rag ?? Have some self respect - god damn couples are disgusting. Fucking away in bed like pieces of shit trying to make some sort of child they have to keep alive. Slaving away in some dogshit job trying to save up for a house - stashing all that money away in a big ol’ treasure chest like some sort of fucking pirate ship man. 

Why do you even want a house anyway? Who cares? It’s not the fucking 90s - just go on the internet and just rent a house; it’s easy - stop trying to be like your parents. Owning a house is embarrassing anyway, what, you’re just going to buy some land hmm? Like some sort of colonial shit cunt from England? Got yourself a nice little block of land did ya?  Haven’t you done well for yourself? The dream is over, jesus christ, let it go. If this dueling home ownership thinkpiece-narrative between idealistic self obsessed cowardly fuckheads from Gen Y media and pink skinned fat faced racists from The Daily Telegraph doesn’t end soon i’m going to tie a belt around my neck and the doorknob and just go the full Hutchence.  You’re not special either you baby boomer cunt - if you had fully charged mobile phones with the internet and delivery cocaine and imported goats cheese and $9 milkshakes when you were younger instead of Chiko Rolls and whatever else it is you had; seesaws at the park, glasses of water, cheap cigarettes, free education, a will to live, all that nonsense, if you had what we have you wouldn’t own your precious fucking house, trust me.
You’d be living with me in a sharehouse watching Curb Your Enthusiasm on your laptop drinking tinnies on the floor in your underwear like the piece of shit you really are.

Urata: As I was walking to a meeting, my friend got interrogated, and I followed the police officer, saying “He certainly looks like he’s holding something”

Shima: I got interrogated.

I had to show everything in my bag and stuff, and the contents of my wallet!!

“What is the use of this?”

“It’s a charger. It charges mobile phones.”

“Do you have any suspicious cards on you?”

“Please see for yourself”

“If that’s the case I might have to call for other police officers”

“I look suspicious don’t I”

“This is my job”

Urata: @shima He definitely looks like he’s holding something though

Shima: @urata The police officer was laughing as well

Happy Holidays! Hope you’re having wonderful time!

So I made art of my Engine Heart bots >///<

Pictured are:

FL-X1 Repair and Repurpose Droid. FL-X1 (Pronounced Flex 1, or just Flex) was designed to be a general purpose factory repair bot that could also reprogram “wayward” or faulty robots. For these directives, it is equipped with a plasma arc welder and an interface prong, both attached to its single manipulative limb. After the disappearance of the humans, the factory AI took command of the factory, and FL-X1 became an “enforcer” of sorts with its sister bot. Its reprogramming ability could bring any dissent back into the fold. It was also equipped with a drone control system, and was able to bring 2 autonomous robots under its direct control. It has a nuclear battery that never needs to be recharged and a charging dock for other robots, allowing it to act as a mobile charging station and is an essential support droid for long term journeys.

Hovr Mk 1 Field Repair Drone. The Hovr was a prototype repair drone designed to be dispatched in magnitudes to repair large tracts of road, bridges, construction machines, and the like. It is equipped with a rudimentary gravity lapse propulsion system. While the unfinished Mk 2 would have been equipped with a propulsor that would allow for true flight, the Mk 1 unit can only hover a few centimeters above the ground. It can boost performance up to a half meter, but it is still very low to the ground and cannot slow its descent to prevent damage from falling. Because it is a prototype drone, it was not equipped with a powerful onboard ai, or even the best parts, so it is not well suited for conflict.

AT-X “Stock” Deterrence Drone. The AT-X line were marketed to shopowners as a theft deterrence system that could catch thieves in the act and apprehend them. In reality, they were little more than glorified security cameras on wheels. Able to drive forward at a blistering 4 kph on its treads, the AT-X could not conceivably catch all but the slowest of shoplifters, and this bot is no different. The store that this model originally worked in had 2 other AT-X drones, both of which had several aftermarket upgrades to make them more useful. As this unit had none, it was nicknamed “Stock” to differentiate, and the word was stenciled on its chassis. When it somehow wandered into FL-X1’s path and was reprogrammed, it took the name “Stock” a little too to heart. It believes itself to be a stocking robot and, in its free time, will casually rearrange small objects in the environment to be pleasing to humans. Unfortunately, it doesn’t understand humans well and generally ends up endlessly rearranging the objects until broken out of the loop.

FL-X2 Salvage and Dismantle Droid. FL-X1 R&R’s sister unit, FL-X2 S&D has none of the repair capabilities, but instead has a grasping claw to hold onto resisting robots, a cutting laser to slice them up, and a winch and cable to haul the salvaged metal around. Originally designed to shred old cars, defunct robots, and destroyed infrastructure, FL-X2 has been employed by the factory ai to dismantle any intruders that evade FL-X1’s interface prong. Its nuclear battery guarantees that even if it can’t overrun a target, it can outlast it.

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What happens to the egg after the hatchling inside has emerged?

Nature eggshells decompose and are a rich source of nutrients which was once used to nourish the hatchling inside. Nature dragons gather these eggshells and use them as fertilizer or compost for their gardens.

Wind eggs evaporate and produce a melody as it does so. Legends say that the melody defines the hatchling’s musical ability. A common event around the Wind territory is a hatching party just so the community can listen to the lovely (or unpleasant) song that their beloved offspring will produce.

Light eggshells are very fragile and when broken, poofs and leaves a glitter circle. They are used as party poppers but only in special events as gathering these shells require very delicate hands and often needs special tools to pick up. These confettis are also quite expensive in the dragon market compared to other brands.

Plague eggshells are mucky and becomes a breeding area for germs, viruses and mushrooms. Old Plague tradition is to surround the hatchlings with their own shells for a week to build their immunity. Though requires constant monitoring and a doctor around, and has an unbearable stench, this has been proven effective.

Water eggshells liquidate immediately after hatchlings come out and the rocky part is left behind. Parents collect these barnacles as a memento. Water dragons treat these barnacles as priceless gems and hang them as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other jewelry as a reminder of their birthclan and/or for fashion.

What happens to Shadow eggshells after the hatchling is out is a surprise. Sometimes it will disappear in a blink of an eye, sometimes it liquifies into drool, sometimes it will burst and its pieces will scatter, sometimes a flower will grow out of it then die, sometimes the pile will remain a pile, sometimes its an entirely new performance; who knows? Dragons are often more excited to see what happens to the egg rather than their hatchling.

Lightning eggs produce a large amount if electricity. Careful handling is a must as the shock can lead to death. Techies camp around eggshells to charge their mobile phones. The most popular brands right now are iBone [developed by a Mirror] and SamSING [developed by a Spiral]. Workers of the Stormcatcher are instructed to collect these shells when they see them for safety purposes as they don’t lose charge easily when untouched.

Arcane eggshells explode minutes after the hatchling is gone. Its best to get away and/or toss the egg after the hatchling is retrieved. Recently, someone developed a spell to enchant the egg to pause explosion and play it when safety of dragons around is ensured. This has led to the shells be used as a firecracker for special events.

Earth eggshells just turn to a pile of pebbles. They are heavy and dragons just leave them where it is. The what used to be an egg lays on the hard ground, bound to return to the soil, and doomed to the same fate as its deity. It is said that the egg’s unfortunate destiny is the only link the Earthshaker has with its creation.

Fire eggs turn to lava then slowly hardens to an igneous rock. Before they can harden, these eggs are cooked in to an exotic soup-like delicacy topped with various spices. Some prefer to wait for its rock state then forge it in to jewelry as fashion or as birthclan reminders.

Ice eggs turn razor sharp and over weeks and months, develop a glass-like texture. It can cut through muscle and tissue. Warriors prefer swords and scythes made from Ice egg material. Annually, Ice and Fire has a sword off to see who crafts better swords. (Its a sword resistance contest though. Hurting a dragon from the oposing flight is prohibited and is seen as bad sportsmanship.)

Nocturne eggs remain intact and become rock hard. They are used to craft armors. Some keep it as a souvenir and the hatchlings steal it and have a boasting session with other hatchies about “Who’s shell is tougher?”. This often results in chipped or shattered shells and crying babies.

This supercapacitor battery can be recharged 30,000 times

A thin, flexible supercapacitor boasts high energy and power densities. Credit: University of Central Florida

Everyone and anyone with a smartphone know it is not long before your phone holds a charge for less and less time as the battery begins to degrade. But new research by scientists at the NanoScience Technology Center at the University of Central Florida (UCF), USA, could change that. The team have developed a new method for producing flexible supercapacitors that can store greater amounts of energy and can be recharged over 30,000 times without degradation. This new method could transform technology such as electric vehicles and mobile phones in the future.

‘If you were to replace the batteries with these supercapacitors, you could charge your mobile phone in a few seconds and you wouldn’t need to charge it again for over a week,’ said University of Central Florida researcher Nitin Choudhary.

The UCF team has attempted to apply newly discovered 2D materials that measure just a few atoms thick to supercapacitors. Other scientists have also tried formulations with other 2D materials including graphene, but had only limited success. The new supercapacitors are composed of millions of nanometre-thick wires coated with shells of 2D materials. The core facilitates the super-fast charging and discharging that makes supercapacitors powerful, and the 2D coating delivers the energy storage ability.

‘We developed a simple chemical synthesis approach so we can very nicely integrate the existing materials with the two-dimensional materials,’ said Yeonwoong Eric Jung, assistant professor of the study. Jung is working with UCF’s Office of Technology Transfer to patent the new process. ‘It’s not ready for commercialisation,’ Jung said. ‘But this is a proof-of-concept demonstration, and our studies show there are very high impacts for many technologies.’

RFA goes on a road trip with MC~Requested by anon

•Probably the one driving since jumin can’t drive for shit, seven would probably get them arrested, can yoosung even drive??? Jaehee can’t be bothered
•Needs a constant reminder to not look at himself in the mirror while driving
•I mean a CONSTANT reminder
•"I look to beautiful in this lighting MC!”

•Is the one who plays games with the others to keep them from being bored
•it works with seven, the others not so much
•"Hey zen lets play ISpy!“
•"I spy something handsome~”
•it ends up with yoosung being told to hush for the rest of the trip after seven starts talking about LOLOL
•long story short Yoosung was talking about it for 10 minutes

•thats it
•shes the one who makes sure that yall take breaks once in a while
•she also provides the snacks
•it’s nice
•also has zen musicals playing and everybody but jumin loves it

•The one who makes sure we get to the destination on time (read: Jaehee)
•Probably tries to control the music as well
•especially when Jaehee plays Zen’s musicals
•Wants classical music playing
•Zen hates it and ends up arguing about it
•"NOBODY LIKES THIS BUT YOU!“ lolzensaidthis •"Actually I like it too zen” lolthatsMC

•he was tracking the safest route to where ever they were going to
•It was going great
•until it started leading them to the middle of no where
•"Seven we were supposed to be going to a campground.“
•"yeah and?”
•"Were in the middle of nowhere.“
•"And???? Private Campground!!”
•Seven was never left in charge of directions again