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Ravenclaw Headcanon

Some Ravenclaws study in the library, some spread out their work in empty hallways and sit on the floor surrounded by parchment.

Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Ch.10- Opportunity Knocks

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Star of ceartais, thank you to everyone who liked, followed, faved, reblogged and reviewed the last update. A big shout out to the development team who helped piece this chapter together and thank you Alex for Beta reading it, this is a special chapter seeing as it’s Pride month so please enjoy. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

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Chapter 10- Opportunity Knocks

It took around ninety minutes for Robin Senior, Marian and Luna to explain the quite unbelievable tale of the M.M gang’s creation, how Robin Senior and Little John went on the run for twenty five years, how Nick, Judy, Jack and Skye were tasked with bringing them down when they resurfaced in Zootopia and the uneasy alliance to bring down the Underworld trio. The group was now sat in the observation deck in the bunker, drinking the tea Robin senior had prepared while the story was told, three teenagers were enraptured by the story with all them hanging on every word.

“…and so Mom didn’t react savagely with the night howler serum in her system, she just started licking my face and making weird bunny noises, Dad came into the room and used a tranq arrow to knock her out, she was in hospital for a week but she was fine. A year later Mom found out she was pregnant with you Robbie during a trip to Bunnyburrow. And that’s about it.” Luna finished her tale, finishing her third cup of tea.

“Wait that’s it? What about the MM gang, what happened with them?” Hannah spoke up, itching for details.

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Hey, I'm the nonnie who told you about Kokoriki's marathon history! :D I never found a direct translation of his data card, but I did end up on the Japanese wikipedia and just Google translated the shit out of it. XD That's how I also discovered Kokoriki is in charge of the disciplinary measurements for inmates (as we see him train a large group of inmates in the manga), Rokuriki is in charge of the warehouse/magazine of Building 5 and Youriki is in charge of the fighting gym. :D

*squeals of delight* I love it all!!!

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Heckler & Koch HK416:

Following the revision of the OICWBlock 1 / XM8 program, the Heckler & Koch company decided to enter the US military and law enforcement markets with the alternative design, which, in fact, looks quite promising. Based on the experience, gained during successful upgrade program of the British SA80 / L85A1 program, HK decided to cure the existing M16 rifles and  M4 carbines from most of their problems, inherent to this 40-years old design.The key improvements, made by HK, are their patented short-stroke gas piston system, borrowed from HK G36 rifle. This system replaced the direct gas system of standard M16 rifle, so no powder residue will remain in the receiver even after long shooting sessions. The “new"gas system also is self-regulating and will work reliably with any barrel length. Other improvements include new buffer assembly, improved bolt, and a cold hammer forged barrel, as well as free-floating hand guard with integral Picatinny-type rails. Originally developed as a "drop-in” upper receiver assembly for any standard M16/M4 type lower receiver, HK416 is also available as a complete weapon, with HK-made lower receivers. Current (late 2005) models include carbines with 10.5" and14.5" barrels, and 16.5" barrelled carbine and 20" barrelled rifle will be added later. 7

Another interesting development, which is apparently based on the up scaled HK416 design, is the HK417 - the 7.62x51 NATO rifle that combines AR-15/M16 type ergonomics, layout and handling with improved reliability of HK-made and designed gas piston system. This rifle probably will use HK G3-type magazines. If the rumours about HK417 are true, the 5.56mm HK416 / 7.62mm HK417 combination will be a direct rival to the newest FN SCAR system.

HK416 is a gas operated, selective fired weapon of modular design. It uses short-stroke gas piston that operates the 7-lug rotating bolt. Receiver is made from high grade aluminium alloy. Combination-type safety / fire selector allows for single shots and full automatic mode. Hk416 retains all M16-style controls, including last round bolt hold-open device, rear-based charging handle and magazine release button on the right side of the magazine well. HK416 is fitted with four Picatinny rails as standard, and may accept any type of sighting devices on STANAG-1913 compliant mounts. It also can accept modified HK AG36/AG-C 40mm grenade launcher, which is clamped directly to bottom rail. Butt-stock is of typical M4 design, multi-position telescoped.

Alicia Moreau de Justo (1885-1986) was an important figure in the history of feminism in Argentina. She was the founder of the National Feminist Union in 1920, and dedicated all her efforts towards the advancement of women’s rights in her native country.

She was affiliated with leftwing politics from early on, and was involved in activities aimed at offering a secular education to women, teaching them about science and technology. She was also one of the first Argentinian women to study medicine, and established a gynaecology practice in Buenos Aires. She was in charge of a magazine entitled Humanidad Nueva, where she frequently penned articles on women’s issues.

RWBYfall: A Snowflake and Her Flame

SURPRISE BITCHES! RWBYfall North Pole/Schneekos one-shot! Holy hell, I’ve finally finished it. It was intended to be fluffy, but… I don’t know. I’ve never written fluff, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be one step away from smut. Whatever, you be the judge. This, for me, is a highly experimental fic, so I’m not sure how it will be taken. I hope you enjoy my little North Pole one-shot for RWBYfall!

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Long Distance

Harry: A knock at the door brings you away from your American Apparel online shopping spree. You weren’t expecting anyone so you creep over to the door, looking carefully through the peephole. It was black; whoever was on the other side was covering their side. You slowly open the door, praying whatever was on the other side wasn’t going to kill you. “What are you doing here?!” You exclaim, your face wearing your confusion. “On break,” he answers, walking in, sitting his bag by the door, before pulling the door closed for you. “You brought pizza?” You ask, looking at the flat box in his hand. “Yeah, I brought pizza,” he repeats, trying to take his jacket off with his free hand. You take the box from his grasp to help him out, walking over and sitting it on the kitchen counter. “I was going to call you when I left the airport but it got a little crazy there,” he explains. “Sure you were,” you counter. He almost never announced his arrival in advance. He hurries off to the bathroom, grabbing his bag on the way. He wouldn’t be staying long, at least not today. You put the pizza in the oven, keeping it warm for whenever he returned, knowing that was the reason he had picked it up in the first place. “I’m meeting up with a few people at Providence if you want to come along,” he announces from the bathroom in your bedroom, the door open. “I’ll just stay here and keep the pizza company,” you say back, returning to the couch to continue your shopping. He emerges from your bedroom, looking only slightly more put together than he did upon his arrival. “Are you sure?” You nod, looking away from your computer screen to take in his outfit. You were amazed at the things he could pull off. “Alright, I’ll be back for that pizza,” he assures, pressing a kiss on the top of your head before heading to the door. “Take my keys,” you tell him, pointing to the table beside him. He smiles, grabbing the mixture of hot pink and zebra from the table; you always looked after him. “I’ll be back,” he announces before shutting the door behind him, having only walked through it less than fifteen minutes prior. You were used to this though. This was how he was when he visited. Rarely home, yet somehow still able to make his stay worthwhile. He stayed with you often, every time he was in LA he was always at your doorstep. The only problem being you never knew when he was going to show up. You had thought about just giving him a key and a card to the parking garage, but he was never really good at keeping up with things. You finish your shopping a few hours later, very pleased with the wardrobe that was coming your way. You close your laptop and head to the bedroom, a shower being next on your list. As you walk into the room, you notice how Harry had completely taken over in the short time he had been in here. His bag was sitting by the side of the bed he sleeps on when he visits, a few of his button ups hanging on the doorframe of your closet, and two pairs of his boots sitting beside the entrance to the en-suite. You chuckle and shake your head. Once showering had ended you curl up in bed, turning the television on for company. “Already in bed?” A voice asks, as you scroll through the channels. “You weren’t gone very long,” you acknowledge, sliding over as he comes to sit down beside you. “I couldn’t leave my girl here alone for too long,” he jokes and you can’t help but let out a loud laugh. “Pizza?” He asks, and you nod, agreeing that it was definitely pizza time. He slips his boots off, sitting his large hat on the desk before stripping down. “Move!” You say as he purposely blocks your view of Tyler Posey on the television. “Oh, I’m sorry, am I in the way?” He questions playfully before slipping sweatpants over his black boxer briefs. “Move, this is a new episode!” You whine and he laughs, moving slowly towards the door to aggravate you. “Don’t forget the wine,” you call out to him and he shouts back in confirmation.      

Liam: “Editor?” You had almost choked on your coffee at this word. Your boss was giving you a trial run at editing next month’s issue of Empire. You had only been on staff for a few months, proving yourself every second of the day. Being in charge of editing the magazine was huge news. You take your lunch in your office, so excited to tell Liam your news. You look at the clock. Noon your time means three in the morning for him. He had told you at the beginning of your relationship that whenever you wanted to call him, don’t hesitate. You never called him while he was asleep though, knowing how precious it was to his lifestyle. However, by the time you get off work and he’s in a normal time, he would be on a plane to America. You get your lunch from the break room, bringing it back to eat at your desk, propping your phone up on your laptop as you begin the FaceTime call. You never actually called him when he was at home, seeing his face being your number one priority. It takes a few moments for him to pick up, the first sign of him struggling to wake up. However when his face appears on your phone screen, he seems wide awake, the lights in his room on. “Hey babe,” he greets cheerfully and you watch as he stifles a yawn. “I got the most amazing news today,” you begin, a wide smile on your face as you pour dressing on top of your salad. “Okay well spill it,” he responds, settling into the bed a little lower. “Daniel is putting me in charge of editing next month’s issue,” you reveal. “That’s amazing,” he replies, as enthusiastic as he possibly can and you can tell he’s drifting. You don’t say anything though, knowing you shouldn’t be calling him to tell him this. This is something you could’ve easily have texted him. He would have wanted you to call him though, and you knew that. However, you couldn’t help but feel guilty that the time difference between the two of you was affecting his life. “I know! He told me that he was impressed with how quickly I picked up on everything around here and that if I could show him I could do this then there may be a co-editor job for me.” You look away from the screen long enough to throw your trash away before you begin eating, only to turn back around and find Liam asleep. You smile at him, wishing you could be right there with him. Instead you were here, in an office ten thousand miles away. You end the call after whispering that you loved him, looking at him one more time before turning the screen off. Long distance wasn’t easy, you had learned that first hand. Everyone had called you stupid for trying to make a relationship like this work. You being so far away and him never actually staying in one place for more than a few weeks, if that. There was no way it was going to work. You had made it work though, or at least you thought you had. In the last year you had seen him face to face a total of sixteen days. You counted because those days were so precious to you. Was it possible to have a relationship based off of sixteen days of physical interaction? Was this even a relationship? You weren’t sure why all of these thoughts were flooding your mind. You love Liam, you know that, but sometimes relationships require more than love in order to thrive. This relationship was not thriving, you knew that. It was barely surviving.

Niall: “So how was night two?” He asks, his arm immediately wrapping around your shoulder as the two of you walk to the awaiting car to go back to the hotel. “Even better than night one,” you respond with a smile, looking up to him, your hand intertwined with the one resting on your shoulder. You were new to this life, Niall’s life. The two of you had been talking for a solid two months only making your relationship official a few weeks ago. Through this time he hadn’t stopped traveling so when the time came around for him to make a stop in Toronto for two days you were elated. You had been around him in London before the tour had started. You were visiting family and he had stopped into the pub your uncle owned, thus your first meeting. He had left for South America the very next morning, and from then until he returned to Europe you had heard nothing from him. But the outcome of receiving his text two months ago had been great. You were here now, under his arm, having spent the last day and a half with him. You nuzzle into him once the two of you were seated in the back of the SUV. Niall on his phone to thank the fans for a great two nights and you not wanting this moment to end. He takes your hand once the car stops, leading you into the lobby of the hotel you had stayed the night in. As soon as you get back to the room, he begins to get his things together. Oh. That’s right. He had to leave. He had to be in New York tomorrow. You couldn’t go to New York. He hadn’t even invited you; the perks of a new relationship. He was leaving you in Canada to tour America and you couldn’t even wrap your head around what that meant. You didn’t want to. You wanted him to stay. How selfish of you. This was his life and you had just now entered into it. You had no idea how this worked, but you would soon find out. A knock at the door comes reminding Niall that he only had a few more minutes to get his things together. You had significantly less to pack so you were sitting on the bed, still watching him wander around the room, gathering what belonged to him. “Ready?” He asks, putting a Brooklyn Nets snapback on before pulling his bag onto his shoulder. You nod, getting up from the bed and grabbing your bag from the floor. He takes your hand once again as the two of you make your way down to the lobby. The car he had hired to take you back home was out front while the one taking him to the airport was in the parking garage under the hotel. You turn to him once you reach the car door, the driver taking your bag. “I’ll call you when I land,” he tells you, his arms wrapping around your waist. You nod, your emotions starting to creep up your throat. “I can’t wait to come back here after tour,” he continues, pulling you into him. After tour? October was a long ways away. You hadn’t even noticed the fans gathering around you, they were quiet, allowing you to have this moment. Your face falls into his chest as your eyes begin to tear up. You didn’t want him to go. He had just gotten here and now he was leaving. He picks your face up, making you look at him in the eyes. “I’ll be back to see you soon,” he promises, pressing a small kiss to your lips. You cry into his lips and he pulls you in tighter. “It gets easier,” he states. How could watching him leave get easier? Was this how your life was going to be now? Constant tears as he leaves you behind to travel the world? You pushed back those thoughts. If Niall said it got easier you would stick by his word and wait this out, no matter how painful the beginning would be.

Louis: “You’re coming to the show tonight, right?” Louis asks over speaker phone as you scroll through outfit options in your closet. “You sent me tickets didn’t you?” You counter, turning back to the phone as if he was right behind you. “Good, just checking. Text me when you get to the stadium and I will come and find you.” “Will do,” you say, letting him end the call so you could continue to browse your clothing options. It was only noon, but at Louis’s request you had agreed to come and see him before his show later this evening. You were so excited to be with him again. It had been well over a year since you had seen him last; the Izod Center back in July on the ‘Take Me Home’ tour. You don’t spend very long getting ready, knowing Louis would only make fun of you if you showed up looking too dressy. You take one last look at your black jeggings and lace button up in the mirror before turning away to grab your phone, the tickets and pass, and your sunglasses from the dresser. ‘Pulling up’ you text him, the car he had sent to come and get you, arriving at the back of the arena. When you stepped out of the car you noticed fans gathered back up against the fence in the distance, shouting randomly when they thought someone of importance was walking around. They weren’t screaming for you. You hadn’t made it on their hit list yet, and for that you were thankful. “(Y/N)!!!” You hear from behind you and you turn from the fans to see Louis walking out one of the arena’s back doors. The fans at the fence begin to scream. A bright smile forms on your face as you walk into his open arms. “How’s my girl?” He asks, bringing you in for a tight hug. “Good, I’m good,” you respond. “You look great,” he compliments, stepping back to look at you. “I try,” you reply, placing the back of your hand under your chin to pose. “Come on inside,” he instructs, wrapping his arm around your shoulder to escort you through the arena. “Let’s take a ride,” he says as he opens the door to reveal the golf cart he had just stolen to come and get you. “Who does this belong to?” You inquire, watching as he climbs in ready to go. “That doesn’t matter,” he responds, patting the seat. You shake your head, sitting down just in time for him to speed off. “Zayn, look! (Y/N) is here!” He shouts to his band mate as he wizzes by, Zayn going just as fast on a Segway. “Yay!!!” You hear Zayn call out from behind you. Louis skids to a stop after speeding through the hallways, everyone flat against the wall when he approached them. You get off of the cart, following him into the catering area. “(Y/N)!!” Niall shouts as you walk in behind Louis. You smile bright as he walks over to give you a hug. “Haven’t seen you in ages!” He continues. “Yeah, it’s definitely been a while.” “Tommo you need to bring her around more.” “Hey that’s not on me!” Louis remarks. “She got an invite to the wedding, and Wembly.” Niall looks at you, as if the information he had just learned offended him greatly. You can’t help but laugh. “What else could you possibly have to do other than fly across the world to spend time with us?” He questions, trying to sound offended. “Well my sister had her baby the day before the wedding, I was actually planning to go to that.” “And Wembly? We were there for three nights.” Again, you couldn’t help but laugh at Niall trying to be serious. “She just doesn’t love us,” Harry chimes in, walking through the door, a half-eaten apple in his hand. “Nice to see you,” he says softly, his large hand wrapping around your back as he presses a small kiss on your cheek. “Yeah that’s it. That’s why I showed up seven hours before the show starts. I hate you all.” Niall scoffs playfully before returning back to the plate of food he had left behind. “Don’t lie. You only showed up because you got free tickets,” Louis says as he picks up a plate to fill it with Sarah’s cooking. “That’s hurtful,” Niall comments, his mouth full of food. You had just walked through the door and they were already acting like idiots. This afternoon was sure not to disappoint.

Zayn: Airplanes: confined spaces with strangers, sickness, and crying babies. Exactly where you wanted to be, especially when you were heading to a country you didn’t necessarily want to go to. You had never been to America, and there was a reason for that. The people scared you. Zayn’s lifestyle had started your worry of the U.S. but now it was taking you there. You had seven hours to get over your anxiety of the States. You find your seat and by the looks of it no one else in your row had made it on yet. After stuffing your carryon in the overhead you take a seat not settling in seeing as you were sure at least one other person would be joining you. You look around at the plane filled with a mixture of Portuguese and US citizens wondering which of the ones filing in were heading to you. You take your phone out to text Zayn to let him know you were getting ready to leave Portugal when there’s a light tap on your shoulder. “Excuse me,” an American accent says and you look up. The girl’s eyes grow wide, but she quickly corrects her actions. She knows who you are. It’s always so easy to tell, no matter how hard they think they’re trying to cover it up. You play along though, not wanting to have to deal with one of your boyfriend’s crazy American fans, the ones you had been so nervous to be around. You slide out into the aisle to allow her to take her seat beside the window. You can feel her staring as you try your best to concentrate on the book you had brought to read. You decide to put her out of her misery, turning to her as she quickly looks out the window. “So who’s your favorite?” You ask, knowing she would understand your question. She only smiles. “It’s Zayn, isn’t it?” She nods and looks over at you. Of course it was. You were stuck beside an American girl who of course was crushing on your boyfriend. Seven hours before relief would come. “My name is Sarah,” she greets, bringing you from your hateful thoughts, her smile still present. “Nice to meet you Sarah.” She didn’t seem so bad. But still, she was only one. “I guess you’re going to go visit him, right?” She asks. “Yeah, this is will be my first time in America,” you reveal, surprised you were comfortable enough to share that information with her. “Really? I would think you would have been all over.” “Nope. Just Portugal and Britain.” “Wow, well you’re going to love New York. I grew up there and still find something new every time I leave my house.” “That’s what everyone says,” you reply timidly. “You’re not looking forward to New York?” “It just seems like the people, the fans especially, are just out of control all of the time and I can’t handle that.” “Oh, well yeah, they definitely are passionate about the boys. So wait, if you’ve only been out of the country to Britain then that means you don’t travel with him at all?” You shake your head and her mouth drops. “How do you keep up your relationship then?” You sigh. He had been asked this question and just bullshitted the answer throwing in a ‘trust’, a ‘skype’, and a ‘love’ in the mix to make it seem legitimate. The truth is you weren’t sure how you did it. You rarely saw him. Yes, you went to London to see him, but how long has he ever actually stayed there? Two weeks max if you were lucky. “I don’t know,” you answer honestly. “It’s hard, yeah, and I don’t even know how we’re still together.” Why were you telling her these things? Maybe because you had needed to tell someone, Zayn was not that someone. “Well you are, that’s what matters right? You two obviously want to be together in a relationship. That’s all it takes right?” She was right. You and Zayn wanted to be with each other, maybe that’s all it took. The two of you spend the rest of the flight talking about the tour and the boys as well as her visit to Portugal and your impending meeting with the American fans. She had changed your mind about them and you were now able to relax as you step into Le Guardia. The two of you stick together and once customs lets you into the country you claim your bags and head out of the international terminal looking around for the black SUV Zayn had said would be waiting for you. It only takes a few moments for an SUV matching his description to pull up in front of you, the window rolling down to reveal your smiling boyfriend. You look over at Sarah who was staring down the pick-up lane, searching for her ride. “Hey Sarah,” you say, and she jolts back around to you. “Come here,” you continue, walking over to the SUV in front of you, “there’s someone here I want you to meet.” You motion for Zayn to get out of the car and Sarah stops her stride once sees her favorite walk around the car to meet her.