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Who Is Charf Nobber

when i was in sixth grade i had an irrepressible and ineffable urge to convince this girl in my class that a celebrity that i made up was real and famous and beloved by all. i stole a pic from some australian model and named him Charf Nobber, which i thought was very charming and handsome a name. i wrote a song called “my eyes are stormy blue” and recorded it and pitched my voice down 9 semitones so that i sounded like an average young adult man and it worked like i convinced this girl that charf nobber was real and out there. the song went like this:

my eyes are stormy blue, for all my fans who don’t think it true

my eyes are like the sky, through and through, by and by

my eyes are like the river after a raging storm

my eyes are like the sea at night or a bluebird taking flight (repeat chorus)