Title Needed- Chapter one

Hey guys, TheMystic11 here, with my first posted fanfic!
When Aurey woke up she knew something was wrong. She quickly grabbed her phone and checked her Skype messages and missed calls. There were 7 missed calls from Vechs and 1 from Pause. Aurey sighed and checked her messages.

Vechs_: Relly, where are you??? Are you okay??? 11: 13 PM

PauseUnpause: Aurey something bad happened at spawn can you get here ASAP? 11: 23 PM

Vechs_: Rel Rel… Help. me. 11:43 PM

VintageBeef: something bad is happening to Pause, Nebs and Vechs… I’m not sure what…. try to get here ASAP. 11:59 PM

Aurey was shaking. If something had happened to Vechs… She had had a stupid crush on the guy since they had first met. The derpiness, that grin of his… Aurey quickly got ready to leave with healing supplies. She climbed onto her white horse and charged into the portal, through Etho’s nether hub and into the spawn portal. After she reined in her horse a terrible sight greeted her. Zisteau lay in town square dead. Aurey held back tears and sent a message in the Miindcrack group chat.

Aureylian: I found Z dead in the town square… where are you guys? 8:32 AM

Jsano: yeah… we know about Z… the explanation can wait. Meet the rest of the group in the hospital 8:33 AM

Aureylian: OMG is anyone else hurt? 8:33 AM

VintageBeef: Yea did you not get my txts last night? Vechs, Nebs and Pause. Doc thinks they are in some kind of coma 8:34 AM

DocM77: I KNOW they are in some kind of coma Beef…. 8:35 AM

Baj: what kind of coma? 8:36 AM

DocM77: it matter anymore? 8:37 AM

Baj: YES 8:37 AM

Guude: god guys shut up. Aurey get here ASAP 8:38 AM

Aureylian: kk see ya in a min 8:38 AM

Aurey rushed to the hospital that Bdubs had built in case of emergency. It was more of a joke because no Mindcracker ever got seriously injured without having golden apples on them (or god apples in Nebris’ case the cheater). No one had really thought they would need it. When she got there Chad was holding the door open for her.
“Aurey hurry!”
“What is it, Chad?”
Chad closed the door behind her, “Vechs pause and Nebs are in a coma”
“Orly what happened?”
They rushed to the room where Aurey found Vechs pause and beef laying on hospital beds
“Well…” Chad said “At midnight in town square they seemed to become… I don’t know, possessed? Anyway, they went insane and started attacking everyone, Etho grabbed Nebris before he could do any serious damage and Beef grabbed Pause. But, Vechs started attacking Z and killed him…”
Aurey was crying openly now. “Vechs… will he be okay?” She gently brushed her hand against Vechs’ cheek.
“Aurey… I’m sorry but Jsano and Doc don’t know” Chad seemed shaken
Doc and Jsano entered the room
“Aurey! So sorry about Beef like, I know you had a crush on him and all.” Jsano stumbled across his words.
“I never did… will Vechs be okay?”
“Well…” Doc cleared his throat “We need some materials from off the island… we will put together a group to get it though.”
“I’ll go, I have to” Aurey said fiercely.
Chad’s eyes became watery. “I’ll go if Aurey goes”
“Well we are meeting at 10 in town square to put a team together and say our last goodbyes to Z” Jsano said hesitantly.
At the funeral/meeting Aurey walked up to the coffin. “Goodbye old friend.” Chad walked up behind her.
“Aurey, I was wondering, we’ve been friends for a long time… but… Never mind it was a stupid hope. It’s Obvious you’re crazy about Vechs” Aurey looked into his eyes and realized just how handsome he was.
“Okay now everyone has paid their respects to Zisteau, lets deal with this little issue, Any volunteers? We are doing three people tops.”
Chad, Aurey, Etho And Beef all raised their hands.
“Hey Chad? I kinda wanted you to help me build this tower with me.” Arkas said
“Aurey, promise me you will stay safe.” Chad said
“I promise Chad, I promise.”
Chad looked relieved and put his hand down.
“Okay, Aurey Beef and Etho will search for this plant to heal them”
Aurey knew she had to save Vechs no matter what happened.
Right before they left Chad came to Aurey.
“Aurey, Stay safe, please” Chad hesitated and suddenly kissed her. “I wanted you to know I love you.”
Aurey was speechless.
They grabbed gear food and a map and set out across the island.

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Subnormalidades de una subnormal :D

Esos momentos en los que UnderPala divaga y piensa en “¿Que pasaría si UnderPala tuviese fandom?” Y entonces pensamos en fanfics, R34 (NO JUST, NO :D), Y llegamos al tema de las peleas por las shipps xdxd

¿Las parejas enfrentadas? Es fácil saberlo.

Bulce vs Dulisk vs Kulce vs Juomi vs Juisa vs Jisk (par favar, empiezo a creer que yo y Joan somos las putas de todos .___.)


Charey vs Ledey (La acabo de inventar sisisi)

Y finalmente la irrompible.

El Michiro :’) Dulce Michiro