My thoughts on todays shooting down the way.

It really upsets me to know that all these schools complain and beg for pity, but at the same time have not taken any actions. Todays tragedy at Chardon High School could have been prevented. The tweets from the night before making it clear he was bringing a gun, students saying he was an outcast and bullied a lot. You can’t tell me that no teacher or principal was aware of this & if they didn’t know, then where the hell were they during school hours?  I think Obama needs to step in at this point to ensure we tackle this in our school zones and make better prevention plans with tactics. It hurts to know that no one stepped in until it had come to this. No, you guys don’t have the right to point fingers in this case at all! I’m not condoning what TJ Lane did, but Daniel and TJ were both victims here and someone needs to make that apparent, so we can learn and grow; WE NEED TO focus on a way to prevent this. Lets stop dictating what hair, piercing, tattoos, certain colors, cell phones, what your allowed to wear etc etc and focus on whats actually happening in front of the eyes..bullying; I witness this first hand at my High School..its sad that these teacher & staff get paid for this job at this point. Best example is a prisons response to out rage and etc in them.. they focus on that to resolve them from spiraling into something like this. It makes sense and clear that schools are not focusing on the right principles anymore and thats not okay.   - Sorry needed to voice my opinion.