Pros of being a Paranormal investigator: 

  1. Awesome equipment
  2. Awesome stories
  3. A more interesting than as per normal life
  4. Knowing weird shit
  5. Legitimate reasons to be in weird places
  6. You’re a paranormal investigator
  7. You will have nerves of steel

Cons of being a Paranormal investigator:

  1. You’ve got like a 78% more chance of getting possessed by a demon or some shit
  2. The process of getting those awesome stories is terrifying
  3. The equipment is expensive
  4. People are going to say you lied
  5. You’ve got to study to know that weird shit and it is so hard to find credible sources
  6. “Why don’t you use a psychic?”
  7. You may not want to go near those weird places with a ten foot pole but those reasons to be there are actually legitimate concerns so you have to go
  8. You do not have nerves of steel when you start out, you earn your nerves of steel through many unnerving experiences
  9. Shit’s scary, yo


  1. Totally fucking worth it.

there we go

fuck u jax

now all of u have to do it 

dildojohn  asked:

In your MaineWash Domestic!au when was there a time that Maine was ever legitimately scared for the safety of Wash? Simra? Kellan? Nya? 'Cuz Maine is a daddy in that au, and if there's anything kids are good at, it's scaring the shit out of their parents. And Wash is a Derp so he must have done something at some point to scare Maine. (Though I imagine Maine would have been a Pouty McPoutface about it afterwards. "I said I was sorry!" "Hmm." "Please stop color-coding my socks! Talk to me!" "...")

Early on Simra has a tendency to…wander. She’s used to going where she wants, and it takes her awhile to get used to ideas like “at the aquarium I should stay where Daddy Maine and Papa Wash can see me.” There is a reason Maine will take any reason to hoist his daughter onto his shoulders or a piggy back ride when out with her, it’s because then he knows where she is. She learns, Slowly. 

Wash constantly worries that they’re not doing right by Kellan. Partially because Kellan tends towards quietness and slinking off and hiding when something is Up with him. He likes flying under the radar and  Wash is terrified he won’t notice something important because he’s so understated. Kellan’s teen years are rough.

The cave-in at Wash’s work scared Maine. He also has a big scare later, but I’m not going to mention it here because I’m writing it.