charcoal white


Just finished pulling up highlights, and bringing the drawing back in from underneath all the washes. I used white charcoal, titanium white Pan Pastel for the orb/egg, and Prismacolor Verithin pencils for the rest of the details. The bottom shot is a good, clean scan of everything all together so far. My phone camera just couldn’t pick up on some of this well enough, and it was time to untape it anyway.

I’m going to be using Photoshop to bring the rest of this to a finish. I did a few tests with the matte medium idea, but I think the idea needs a lot of work before I can take it to something like this. Rather than unifying, the layers had a deadening effect. And there wasn’t really a way to stop the smudging of the underlayers, either. 

That’s okay though! I’m feeling pretty good about where this is going, it’s been really touch and go from the start. 

Shout out to the Overwatch fandom for not being able to contemplate that not going out into sunlight or losing all one’s blood doesn’t magically make a naturally dark-skinned individual turn white as a piece of paper. You can make skintones look “undead” without actually making them white. It’s not rocket science.

Y'all are trying really hard to come at me for saying they coulda made Symmetra look like a vampire without turning her white. Or you know what woulda also worked? A totally different concept. But Blizzard made the choice to turn a dark-skinned Indian woman white, when real-life Indian women who look like Symmetra face pressure every day from a society that insists that dark skin is ugly and that they’d be prettier if they were lighter.

Media doesn’t exist in a vacuum and this is a shitty message to send.