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Life Achievement: Unlocked.

When I have my own house with walls not already covered with bookcases, I’m absolutely having these framed side by side. I’m so happy AAAAAAAHHH *not-so-internally-screaming*


How to save a rootless orchid

Put it in a container with some water, but don’t submerge it. After a few days-weeks, new roots will start growing and you can mount/pot in another medium (if you like). It’s best not to change the medium (air/water/spaghum/charcoal/potting mix) too drastically as once roots adapt to one medium, they won’t be happy with a change.

This lovely lucky Romeo has escaped rootless death 🍀

After a week of being in a glass jar, new roots started growing and I mounted it on a piece of wood. There are actually two halves to it (cos the plant broke into two when I took it out of its pot), one is mounted a little higher than the other. Both are showing healthy growing roots and a new baby shoot 🌱

(also it’s the first time I’m mounting orchids upside down. it’s kinda growing on me)


Челове́чка нарисова́л я (It Was I Who Drew the Little Man)

83 in x of animated feature film history
Release: 1960
Country: Soviet Union
Director: Valentina Brumberg, Zinaida Brumberg, Valentin Lalayants

“It Was I Who Drew the Little Man is an expanded remake of Fedya Zaytsev, a 1948 21-minute film by the same directors.

On the first of September, Fedya Zaytsev is the very first student to arrive at school. In his joy at realizing this, he draws a little man with an umbrella on the wall of his classroom with a piece of charcoal, realizing too late that this is against the rules. He lets his best friend take the blame. The little man Fedya drew comes to life and follows him home. He urges Fedya to confess. Instead, he is tempted away to the Kingdom of Lies, becoming the queen’s page. The queen releases soap bubbles into the air, telling her citizens that, if they catch one, their dreams will come true––a complete lie. Fedya disproves this lie, returns home, and confesses to his crime.”


It Was I Who Drew the Little Man is available on YouTube. 

Okay, so I am making a mini abstract comic that is based of what happened recently and this is how it starts. My depictions of Life and Death actually inspired by Reapertale so there you go bud. Also, doing that charcoal was a pain in the butt so yeah, this took a while. Welp, gotta continue on this thing! See ya!

Ohhhh gosh this looks really good! ;A; Good luck with your comic budy! 


Everlark beach scene for dontfuckwithmymockingjay:) she’s a great human being and a great blog person thing

Not sure how I feel about charcoal, it’s too messy and imprecise - I love the scratchy look of it when people are good at it, but I’m not sure I care to practice.