charcoal too

Witch Tip: sand safety

Always keep a dish of sand handy for those accidental fire mishaps! You never know when a charcoal disc will spark too much or your lit candle will get knocked over. Sand can be thrown on a small fire to extinguish it or you can stick incense & charcoal discs in it to stop their burning


How to save a rootless orchid Put it in a container with some water, but don’t submerge it. After a few days-weeks, new roots will start growing and you can mount/pot in another medium (if you like). It’s best not to change the medium (air/water/spaghum/charcoal/potting mix) too drastically as once roots adapt to one medium, they won’t be happy with a change. This lovely lucky Romeo has escaped rootless death 🍀 After a week of being in a glass jar, new roots started growing and I mounted it on a piece of wood. There are actually two halves to it (cos the plant broke into two when I took it out of its pot), one is mounted a little higher than the other. Both are showing healthy growing roots and a new baby shoot 🌱 (also it’s the first time I’m mounting orchids upside down. it’s kinda growing on me)

Summer Heat

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After moving on from an unstable relationship you find yourself taking a Veterinarian job far from the city in hopes of having a fresh start. Upon your arrival events change your plans making you have a rocky start, could this means smooth roads ahead or a repeat in your past mistakes. Time will tell.

Word count: 1,703

Warnings: none

A/N: This is my first AU, criticism would be appreciated. Any who enjoy :) @bovaria (I do not know how to work le mobile app)

On a dark moonless summer night, with only occasional bolts of violet lightning to relieve the pitch blackness, You stretched your stiff legs as best as you could while driving the rented moving van. All your worldly possessions were stuffed behind you as you drove the long five hour trip. Turning left onto a gravel road, you heaved a relieved sigh,almost there now, almost to your new home in the country away from all of the problems back in the city.

Off in the distance, an orange, yellow, and red glow flickered on the horizon. A fire! Oh no! You pulled into the long winding driveway as flames leaped, dancing in the wind, while devouring the old weathered wood barn before you. The flames licked at the dry old wood, you jumped from the van and ran toward the blaze. That barn was supposed to be an animal shelter and headquarters for your new job. You felt like you were watching a funeral pyre for your new life. What kind of sign was this for your new beginning?

The fire, hot as the hinges of hell, singed your hair as you ran into the choking cloud of billowing black smoke. Trying your best to keep your burning eyes open for a sign of life you collided into what felt like a brick wall making your knees buckle.

“Whoa, little lady.” Large calloused hands clasped around your shoulders keeping you upright and guided you back out of the heat.

Your heart caught at the sound of the deep, rich baritone voice. The mans cobalt eyes locked onto yours then widened with surprise. Or was it appreciation? Perhaps the scorching heat was roasting your thinking processes? Something soft squirmed against your chest before you realized his brawny arms were filled with whimpering kittens. He was rescuing the baby animals! Although glistening with sweat and smudged with charcoal, too sooty to distinguish his features, he seemed like a knight in not-quite shimmering armor. “Who are you?” You whispered.

“I’m James.” James remembered his manners at the same time as the wiggling weights in arms mewled softly. “Here.” He gently placed the bundle of startled kittens into your arms before brushing a stray lock of hair from your eyes. James wondered why no one warned him that you were such a beauty. “You must be y/n, the new vet,” he tossed back over his shoulder as he again ran toward the barn to save more animal shelter strays.

You settled the newborn kittens on the grass, well away from the blazing barn, as fire engines roared into the driveway. Firemen hollered out directions to each other, working in harmony with hoses to blast water into flames. James hauled out the baby kitten’s mother, handing it and three more strays to you, before dashing back for another rescue.

Professionals that they were, the firemen had the inferno down to a smolder in no time. One of the fire fighters led you to a large neighboring ranch house at the end of the lane and informed you the owner said for you to take care of the rescued animals there.

Although you kept your hands busy by washing the smoky scent from the kittens, your mind zoomed from one worry to another with the speed of a NASCAR race. What would you do now? What about your job at the animal shelter? Now that the barn was burned to a pile of ash, where would you live if not in the loft? Did fate have something personal against you, for your fresh start to begin with disaster? Wasn’t it all but a flashing neon sign advertising that you’d made a wrong decision to move here?

Oh no. Would your new veterinarian partner want to rebuild the animal shelter? You’d never spoken with him directly, but had been interviewed by the relocating vet who was to hire a replacement partner. What did the future hold for you?

You sighed deeply. Only two hours ago you were giddy with glee, full of positive attitude, and excited at the potential for the new direction you were taking with your life.

Despite the animal shelter in ashes down the lane, again and again, you wondered just WHO precisely was James? Where had he come from and would you see him again? He wasn’t what you would call handsome, covered head to toe in grime, but there was something about him – something you liked. Something you hadn’t felt for a very long time. Something that happened instantly when your gaze met. Well, you conceded, your head-on collision could have knocked your senses out of whack. You’d simply misread the physical impact. Nah. It wasn’t chemistry.

No sooner you settled the kittens into a make-shift bed, than you heard the smooth baritone that you recalled from earlier. Turning your head toward its source and your mouth went dry. Surely this wasn’t James? This man was freshly showered, his features no longer smudged and indistinguishable. You inhaled deeply as you detected the pleasant sensation of his pure masculine scent. With his tan coloring, black hair, and cobalt blue eyes that also held a mixture of humor, wisdom, and kindness, the man before you could give any number of professional male models a run for their money in the fluttering-of-the-female heart department. The smoky voice was saying something to you, but your heart was thudding too unevenly to hear. This man couldn’t possibly be James-the-kitten-rescuer, could he?

Yet he smiled slowly at you gaping mouth and that rich deep tone rumbled, “You okay, Ms y/l/n?”

Swallowing hard, you forced your gaze away from his humorous one before your face could betray your thoughts. He looked like a modern-day gladiator with broad shoulders, corded neck, and perfectly sculpted face. When you dared another glance, he stared down at you for a moment. From the twitching at the corner of his mouth, you guessed he was trying to hold back a laugh. You weren’t to sure if you wanted to slap him or kiss him now. Instead, you cleared your throat. Twice. “I’m fine thanks.”

James leaned his back against the wall and stuck his hands in his belt loops, regarding you with that same lazy, sexy smile. Flustered you looked away.

James held out one large hand. “I’m James Barnes by the way, my friends call me Bucky.” He shook your hand “Welcome to Safe haven ranch, y/n.” You detected a slight drawl in his smooth voice.

You snorted ineloquently. “Yeah sure. I arrive just in time for lightning to strike and start an inferno. Some omen, huh?”

James tried to catch his breath, reminding himself of why he couldn’t let himself like her. Or touch her for to long. Yet he couldn’t release the smooth hand in his. Your touch was affecting him like being struck with a white-hot bolt of lightning. “Hmm. Start an inferno is right.” He smirked cheekily at you as you glanced to your feet heat assaulting your face once again.

He reluctantly released your hand when you tugged. You chewed on your bottom lip as your eyes narrowed on him. He was awfully arrogant for a ranch hand, “How was it that you were there at the fire so quickly?” You questioned not really certain of his place here.

“I live here.” You swallowed hard, then practically squeaked your realization. “YOU.” It wasn’t a question. For the first time, James wondered if the attraction went both ways. You didn’t sound necessarily pleased about it. In fact, your next statement sounded more like an accusation. “YOU are my new partner!”

James nodded. “Yes, ma'am. Dr. James Barnes D.V.M. at your service.” When you all but growled your frustration, he added, “Don’t worry. We’ll rebuild.” like it was no big deal for him or that it affected you completely.

You tossed your hands in the air before hitching a thumb back toward the lane. “I can’t exactly live in that moving van while the shelter is under construction.” The long tiring drive here did in fact help stomp on your mood.

James took a step toward you and closed the gap. He watched your breathing speed up. “You can live with me until then. There’s lots of rooms to choose from. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

You shook your head, flipping your hair back over your shoulder, then tipped your stubborn chin in the air. “That’s partnership, mister. Not relationship.”

“Yes,” James agreed. “That too. It takes an equal partnership for any relationship to work. After you interviewed for the job, the vet you’re replacing told me you’re sweet, big-hearted, and a good doctor. He failed, however, to mention how beautiful you are.”

You grumbled, “He failed to mention my future partner could double for an arrogant male model if he needed a change of employment.” You whipped your eyes off his form-fitting t-shirt as you bit your tongue. Regardless if you liked it or not he definitely has an effect on you. Taking a step back you let out a breath you didn’t realize you where holding.

James shook his head. Oh yes, this would be interesting. She was definitely interested in him whether she wished it so or not. Fate had definitely handed James a blessing when He sent you. The animal shelter burning down was like a flashing neon sign for James’s life, sending you into more than his business, sending you into his home as well. Fate was on your side, too. You just didn’t realize it yet.

James motioned toward the hallway. “Pick a room, any room, for your stay. Then I’ll help you carry in your suitcases so you can shower away the smoke and soot from the fire. In the morning, I’ll help you unload the moving van.” He dropped his voice to a whisper. “Welcome home, Dr. Y/n y/l/n.”

With that, you spun around and practically stomped toward the hallway ready to leave the eventful day behind.

You felt his eyes on you as you retreated to a room at the end of the hall. Hoping tomorrow would be a better start.

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hi i have bumps on my forehead, it's not pimple, just texture and i haven't found where they come from, but it's been months now, do you have recommendation? you are an oil master 😊

it sounds like you could have closed comedones! i would highly suggest an acid exfoliator like willow bark derived BHA, which penetrates pores to deeply exfoliate the skin. over the summer, i used a black soap that wasn’t natural & had irritants in it that caused my skin to get closed comedones and acid exfoliants helped so much. agave fiber washcloth for gentle exfoliation and hemp seed & argan oil helped with the texture, and aztec healing clay with activated charcoal is useful too! some suggest spearmint leaf capsules, because they help control sebum production in pores from the inside out. try to see if the products you’re using contain irritants & simplify your routine. natural / gentle methods can and do help, but comedonal acne is stubborn, so be patient! if they persist or get worse, consider seeing a dermatologist who might prescribe a retinoid to you, which should help :-) 

kaelan-b  asked:

Hello, I'm new here, so I don't know if you have answered a question similar to this; but do you have any tips on getting rid or preventing acne? Thank you in advance.

hello strawbaby
my acne is very light, due mainly to genetics and diet, though here are a few tips:

♡ cleanser and moisturizer (wash your face with this routine twice a day, witch hazel and rose based products are best, face masks with charcoal help too)
♡ healthy food (fruits, vegetables, water, low on dairy and red meats, brown rice)
♡ see a dermatologist (they tend to prescribe more intense products, though the majority of them contain benzoyl peroxide, which can be found in over the counter products)


Oja-Style Nuka Pacific Saury Takikomi Gohan from Shokugeki no Souma

(Warning: Long Post)

What Souma made for the finals of the autumn election! IT’S SERIOUSLY THE MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER EVEN IF IT LOOKS REALLY MESSY. The Bottomless Pit rated it as the best tasting thing on the blog (but it slid down his overall ranking because I made him pick out the fish bones). I never thought parmesan, soymilk and miso would ever go together but oh my goodness they did. It’s like a rich creamy soup that doesn’t feel heavy. Also, I made this before the anime came out, so I wasn’t sure what other things he put in there, other than the things stated.


For Fish (start curing 3 days in advance)

  • 2 sauries
  • Nukadoko/nukamiso

For rice

  • 60ml sake
  • 2 tbsp light soy sauce
  • 2 cups rice (japanese cups are 180ml)
  • 2 cups dashi (i used bonito dashi)
  • ½ a nukazuke carrot, diced (my own addition)
  • (Looking at the anime, you can also put in shimeji mushrooms and chopped mitsuba)

For sauce

  • 15 crispy plums, de-seeded
  • 500ml soy milk
  • 2 tbsp miso (try a light one like white miso - I used kouji miso)
  • 2 tbsp grated parmesan cheese (the fake powdered ones that come with pizza will not work)


(3 days before)
i) Gut the saury (I also removed the heads) by making an incision along the belly and washing the insides.
ii) Salt and let sit for an hour.
iii) Pat dry and bury in the nukadoko. Keep the nukadoko in a plastic container, and in the fridge if your room temperature gets too hot.
iv) (Optional) Wash, dry, and bury one carrot inside too.
v) Stir up the nukadoko everyday with clean hands.

(On cooking day - yes, I used a charcoal fire too)

For Rice and Fish
i) Soak for 30 mins and drain rice.
ii) Brush off as much nukadoko as you can, then rinse and quickly pat dry. (Same with the carrot).
iii) Make a charcoal fire and grill the fish until the skin is crispy / grill in an oven.
iv) Chop the carrot and cook with the rice, dashi, soy sauce, sake, and other optional ingredients in a claypot on low heat.
v) When it is halfway done, (about 10 mins), open to check and place in the grilled fish on top of the rice. Add a dash or two of sake if getting dry. Do not mix yet.
vi) At about 15-20 mins, check to see if done.
vii) Pick out fish meat and mix in with the rice. Discard bones.

For Sauce
i) Cut the crispy plum into small pieces
ii) Pour the soymilk into a saucepan on low heat
iii) When it starts to simmer, mix in the miso until dissolved.
iv) When bubbles appear, turn off heat, and quickly mix in the parmesan. Stir until dissolved.

Last Step: Pour Sauce over rice and ENJOY!

No it couldn’t have been, Kurokiba.

See my Recipe Archive here (oh man this is my 15th Shokugeki Recipe), and follow me @onionchoppingninja for more!

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gurl you at art school right now?

damn straight i am, my dick friend just smeared charcoal on my face too whilst we were doing life/nude drawing so now i have to go home looking like a damn art student (i know i am one but still) 

I do illustrations and atm I’m focussing on monsters and or injury and how a series of characters behave in the face of these things which is generally to ignore it and go on with their lives because fuck it, death’s inevitable, might as well have fun. 

I also did a self portrait earlier on in the year because I had six nose bleeds in one day and I take selfies when that happens like a nerd <3 

Now I have to run and catch the bus OTL


Челове́чка нарисова́л я (It Was I Who Drew the Little Man)

83 in x of animated feature film history
Release: 1960
Country: Soviet Union
Director: Valentina Brumberg, Zinaida Brumberg, Valentin Lalayants

“It Was I Who Drew the Little Man is an expanded remake of Fedya Zaytsev, a 1948 21-minute film by the same directors.

On the first of September, Fedya Zaytsev is the very first student to arrive at school. In his joy at realizing this, he draws a little man with an umbrella on the wall of his classroom with a piece of charcoal, realizing too late that this is against the rules. He lets his best friend take the blame. The little man Fedya drew comes to life and follows him home. He urges Fedya to confess. Instead, he is tempted away to the Kingdom of Lies, becoming the queen’s page. The queen releases soap bubbles into the air, telling her citizens that, if they catch one, their dreams will come true––a complete lie. Fedya disproves this lie, returns home, and confesses to his crime.”


It Was I Who Drew the Little Man is available on YouTube. 

What exactly is beneficial about activated charcoal? What good does it do for the skin? Well let me tell you the benefits:

  • It removes the toxins from your skin. Toxins clog the pores and when your pores aren’t clear, neither is your complexion
  • Charcoal helps those with oily skin; it has the ability of absorbing oil and dirt from your skin. This leaves your skin feeling smooth and balanced.


Charcoal can be drying for the skin, so don’t use charcoal products too much if your skin is too dry.

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