charcoal summers

ok so ari grew his hair out after the accident right, and never bothered to cut it properly again because he knew how much dante liked it so lets talk about ari mendoza and his long hair

  • buns
  • ok but seriously buns
  • dante and ari go swimming at the pool, just chilling, being nerds cool boyfriends by holding a ‘who can hold their breath the longest’ competition
  • ((side note: ari won, out of sheer determination and willpower))
  • when they both resurface, dante informs ari that underwater, he looked like some sort of merman with his hair loose and floating around his face
  • ari rolls his eyes and tells dante that he’s strange ((he’s secretly very pleased though that for a second dante saw him as something unearthly/magical/unknowable))
  • b u n s
  • ari working a shift at the charcoaler and dante turns up and orders a burger (not bc he particularly wants one but it gives him an excuse to chat with ari whilst he’s working without getting him into trouble with his fascist boss)
  • whilst he’s working ari keeps his hair in a ponytail to keep the hair out of his face, because it’s so hard to work with your hair e v e r y w h e r e and damn, it must get so hot in the charcoaler, especially in the summer??
  • of course bits of hair come loose though as he works and fall annoyingly in front of his face as he works, framing his face and curled slightly from sweat
  • ari doesn’t notice dante’s eyes following his hand every time that he tucks an unruly strand behind his ear again 
  • did i mention b u n s ??
  • ari and dante drive out to the desert again one night. they lie in the back of the truck, silently looking up at the stars
  • ari’s head is resting in dante’s lap and dante absent-mindly plays with his hair, winding dark curls around his fingers. 
  • ari thinks he’s found the perfect moment, one he wishes would last forever. 
  • who cares about uncovering the secrets of the universe when dante is holding him like he’s the most precious secret of them all 
  • BUNS!!!!

Quick sketch at the Aquarium! It’s been too long since I last drawn, forgot how good it feels <3 I used a combo of ink, charcoal and conté, and they work surprising well together!

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Could you recommend some really cute funny James and lily fics? short or long is ok I'm thirsty for both of them real bad


Straightening his glasses to make sure he was seeing things correctly, James was surprised to see that the shirtless picture of himself with very low trousers and eighteen abs was still staring back at him.

With some hilarious hints to all the wonderful fandom artists, this is a very good start if you’re getting into a bit more crack-y fics.

This summer was supposed to be peaceful. A few weeks away at my Aunt Rose’s, in her quiet cottage in the country. Just minutes away from the beach. I could catch up on my reading, and my school work… and thats when a bludger came through my window.

As far as I’ve read it’s really cute and funny but also has a good plot so this is just one ride with ups and downs and you’ll enjoy it.

James Potter loses his glasses and seeks help from Head Girl, Lily Evans, to be his guide dog. No doubt, unintentional boob grabbing always occurs with temporary blindness.

Adorable and hilarious.

Snape’s worst memory isn’t exactly treasured by James either, mostly because he was forced to shovel dragon dung fertiliser as punisment. Running into Lily Evans, covered in it from head to foot, didn’t exactly help either.

Okay this isn’t as much “funny Jily”, but their encounter is hilarious enough so I’m adding it anyway.

In which Lily grudgingly agrees to judge a contest between James and Sirius, and is the only one surprised at the outcome. Pure fluff.

This is the absolute cutest and it’s funny and eep bless this writer

Summer art class was never easy. But this summer – the summer after Lily’s sixth year – was destined to be borderline painful. With Petunia’s incessant wedding drama, the looming end-of-the-year art gala, and a forced artistic partnership with James Potter, Lily would be lucky to escape with her sanity intact. // A lighthearted comedy, with a paint splatter or two.

Haven’t read this one but it’s on my to-read list and it SOUNDS awesome so here you go~


This is all for now, I will add more if I find them (UvU) hope this occupies you for a bit, lovely Nonny!

My art teacher let me choose my own subject for my final project, so naturally i picked something 5sos related.

Here’s my attempt at Ashton’s drums.

Done with nothing but charcoal and an eraser.