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You’re a mess, Ren.

I’m on a spiral slide right into hell with this art school AU tbh

anonymous asked:

for the sugar daddy au, what is Rhys embarrassed to do for Jack?

i’m not totally happy with this but i wracked my brain and i couldn’t think of a better idea

“Jack….I don’t know about this…” Rhys murmured softly as he smacked the sticky, strawberry gloss against the lips and looked over at Jack with a frown. The lacy, baby pink lingerie shifted softly against his skin as he pushed himself up off the bathroom counter, leaning shyly on the doorframe as he watched Jack fastening the last couple of buttons on his charcoal dress shirt tight against his throat. 

The elegant, turquoise dress that Rhys had ordered with Jack’s blessing was laid out on the bed, alongside a pair of silver shoes that glimmered in the light from the bathroom. The sight of it excited Rhys, but his nerves made him dread actually putting it on. 

Jack’s looked up to his lover’s body at the sound of his voice, letting out a low whistle of appreciation at what he saw. 

Daaaaamn, kitten, you clean up real well. I don’t see any problems from here.” Jack purred as he straightened the cuffs of his shirt, sauntering up to Rhys and placing a broad hand on his hip. 

Mmmm,” Rhys simpered anxiously, cradling his prosthetic hand against his chest, “I’ve just…I haven’t dressed this way in public before…” Despite the tension in his body, he tried to relax into Jack’s hand. It wasn’t Jack he was worried about, after all. Jack’s fingers pet affectionately at Rhys’ skin, sliding sensually underneath the sheer fabric of his underwear. 

“You nervous? Don’t be, Rhys, anyone tries to give you shit then I’ll kick their head in and whizz on their corpse.” 

“Ewww, Jack,” Rhys laughed through a grimace. “Okay, like, I don’t doubt that but…just think I might feel….bad about it?” 

He felt pretty stupid just saying it, especially since it’d been something Jack had wanted to try, and something Rhys had been on board with until some sliver of doubt had penetrated his usual unshakeable confidence. He really didn’t want to ruin their whole night just because he was having cold feet. 

“Bad? Kitten, you don’t have to feel bad about it…I’ve seen you wear stuff like that before, and it’s awesome.” Jack’s hands gradually moved up Rhys’ front, palms tickling over his stomach and up to his chest. 

“Man, I know, I look really good in just about anything I wear,” Rhys managed a smirk, “I’m just kind of….I dunno…” 

Jack’s eyes leveled with Rhys’, flitting over his face, studying him in that way that always made Rhys either nervous or horny, and for a moment he worries that Jack’s going to get pissed about him backing out and fucking up their dinner plans. 

“Tell you what,” Jack instead cupped Rhys’ face, thumbs stroking at the corners of his mouth, “if you like, we can just stay in for tonight. I can get my chefs to—no, wait, I’ll throw something nice and tasty together myself, and you can prance around and look pretty just for me, ‘kay pumpkin? Don’t need to try to impress people who wouldn’t even appreciate you.”

Rhys brightened considerably at the suggestion, throwing his arms around Jack’s neck and bringing him in for an affectionate kiss. 

“Okay, handsome,” Rhys chuckled as he pulled apart from Jack’s lips, “but you better throw dessert in too while you’re at it.”


help me pick an outfit to wear to ezra’s band’s gig this week. options:

  1. black crop top + grey cardigan
  2. black crop top + red vest
  3. girls shirt + charcoal color cardigan (not pictured)
  4. girls shirt + red vest
  5. girls shirt + black leggings instead of skirt + some outer layer

I need lots of opinions bc i am indecisive and insecure and I need to look good.

okay so we all know atsushi is always dapper as hell in public right

but what if in the safety and privacy of his Rich Ass™ apartment it’s a completely different story

like todomatsu calls him on his cell and atsushi’s asleep so he leaves a voice message saying “daddy i’m on my way you better be ready n shit”

atsushi wakes up but doesn’t get the message

totty walks in cuz atsushi gave him a key like on the second date

and there’s atsushi on the black leather couch in a white t-shirt and charcoal black sweatpants, hair uncombed, bowl of popcorn at hand, watching some netflix

he turns and sees totty

“oh shit” he says



and totty’s just like

“you know i was hoping we could go out for cheesecake today but this gave me another idea”

totty changes into some pajamas atsushi has and the two spend the whole day and the following night lazing around under the same quilt, watching tv, snacking, listening to music, and cuddling the whole time

and that was the night they had their first fuck

the end

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Ficlet: Second Generation Nerd

(for grumpycakes, who is having a bad day)

“The doctor is my favorite character.”

DJ rolled onto his back, scattering pages of his sketchbook as he did. He pushed one out of the way before he could end up with charcoal all over his shirt. He considered his fingers. Or maybe just before he could end up with MORE charcoal all over his shirt. “Which doctor?” he asked, reaching for a pencil as it tried to roll out of reach.

“All the doctors. The doctors are the most interesting characters,” Lucy said.

DJ glanced at the video feed on his tablet. “Engineers,” he said, scandalized, and she grinned at him.

“Doctors,” she said, poking at her computer screen. And then, in case DJ didn’t get the point, she poked it again. DJ poked her back, the eraser of his pencil tapping against the screen. For a moment, they engaged in a silent, pitched battle, a duel no less serious for the fact that they were several states away from one another. Lucy stuck her tongue out, and DJ poked it.

“I win,” he said, gleeful.

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Boots n’ Denim.  (Left) #RogueTerritory ISC work shirt + Stealth Stanton + #RedWingHeritage 8111 Iron Rangers + #3sixteen Heavyweight Tee

(Right) #3sixteen Blue Chambray Work Shirt + #Apolis Charcoal Chore Jacket + #RogueTerritory 14.5oz Stanton + #RedWingHeritage 9105 Copper Worksmith Round Toe Boot

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As soon as Colt arrived at the mentor ball, it didn’t take him long to find the beer. Granted, it was shitty beer and he hated the taste of it, but it would help him get through the night. His stylist had put him in a black jacket and slacks, a charcoal button up shirt and a same colored die with cowboy boots to add to his District Ten flare. He was three beers in by the time someone finally came up to talk to him, but even then, he didn’t really hear them right away.

“What?” he asked after he swallowed the last gulp he had. 


Delicious coffee or delicious tea?

Toni K is modeling their Mysterious and Indistinct shirt in charcoal, and enjoying a Delicious Coffee in the outdoors! They can be found as knottedcorde in Fallen London.

Jess Lane and their rat companion are enjoying a drop of Delicious Tea at home! Jess is also modeling the Mysterious and Indistinct shirt in charcoal. Find them on Fallen London as Dischordian.

With the name taken from a crazy lil’ movie Bearnado!!! is mostly influenced by my recent trip to Chile where I saw some amazing street art. The design is one big twister whipping up the bears into a fun fueled frenzy done with cartoon style. This one is gonna blow you away! Printed on a charcoal grey shirt in water based inks, Bearnado!!! is available in sizes small through 4XL at

I am very happy to announce that Cosplay Tutorial shirts will be coming soon!

The first shirt will be released in the next couple weeks! Featuring a white screen printed emblem on charcoal grey jersey cotton shirts. These shirts are SUPER soft, and come in both standard and fitted/babydoll sizes. 

Keep an eye out for updates, teaser pics and a chance to win one of these shirts! Are you excited?