charcoal gesture

how well the dialovers draw: mukami edition ft. yui

ruki: a master at gestures. charcoal is his best medium although he doesn’t like the mess it makes. can draw very fast but likes to make his model (yui) sit for way too long just to be mean

yuma: has no talent or interest for drawing people but is strangely skilled at still lives and landscapes. he has a natural grasp of color theory that would make reiji very jealous. he doesn’t know how to color inside the lines

kou: doesn’t actually know how to draw aside from super cute stylized stuff, so he sticks to that. it’s popular with his fans so it’s fine. adds stickers to everything

azusa: draws what makes him happy, usually he and yui or he and his brothers. yes, that’s real blood. azusa’s drawings always get put on the fridge


Just Gundam things!

I’ve been having a slightly unlikely nostalgic attack of Gundam feels this week, and since it has reached the point where I have to willfully pull away to work on Actual Worky Things, I figured I’d compile all the recent Gundam related doodles into a single post along with today’s new Trowa sketch and last night’s powdered charcoal gesture drawings!

It’s fun to make fan-art, since the pressure to design is low and I can just splash around and experiment with technique! I’m learning lots that I’m excited to apply towards future work- which I must do. now. because rent. 


Did a sketch for my next animal :)

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