charcoal block

Druidic Banish Bad Dreams Incense

Druidic Banish Bad Dreams Incense:
-Lemon (essential oil or dried, ground peel)
Burn on a charcoal block or in white ash in a clay bowl. This sweet-smelling smoke will not only make the air in your abode smell clean and earthy, but it will also help to cleanse your mind of negative dreams, and help block further intrusion by nightmares.

Magickal Uses for Bochu

Planetary Association: Moon

Element: Water

Gender: Feminine

Magickal Uses:  An infusion of Buchu is drunk to increase prophetic ability. It is also a diuretic however, so be prepared for that potty break afterwards.
It was used among many tribes, especially the San and Khoi tribes of Southern Africa, as an ointment to ward-off evil spirits, but if nothing else, it wards off insects which can be evil all on their own.  Add buchu leaves to the bath to enable yourself to foretell the future.  Sometimes also worn as an amulet or used as a protection bath.

Dream Magick

To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, mix a pinch of dried buchu leaves with a pinch of frankincense. On a night of the full moon, light a charcoal block (which can be bought at most occult shops and religious supply stores), place it in a fireproof incense burner, and then sprinkle a small amount of the herbal mixture upon it. For best results, do this in your bedroom prior to bedtime.