Check out @jian_illustration ’s recent drawing. I love how delicate and poetic this is. Give her a follow if u haven’t done so!
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I can’t make lot’s of details with acrylics that’s why I had to mix up a little… sooooooo what you can see here is a mix of acrylic paint with charcoal & pencil which I use for face details. Overall I think it didn’t turn half bad… :)

btw. yesssss…. when I work I create mess…. lots and lots of mess :P

Okay this is the quickest portrait I’ve ever done (30 minutes in between packing haha) but we had a convo about how Baz is always shown as white because of his vampirism, and how cool it would be if he’d kept his natural skin color because of his egyptian heritage :D (aka this is how I would picture him)


Joseph Loughborough is a British artist currently based in Berlin. His haunting figurative works, made with charcoal and gold leaf on paper, draw inspiration from philosophers Albert Camus and Søren Kierkegaard to explore notions of struggle, isolation, and absurdist belief as they relate to the human condition.  View more of his work on


Retta Scott’s story sketches for Walt Disney’s Bambi (1942)

These beautifully illustrated charcoal story sketches of Faline facing off against a pack of hunting dogs were done by the incredibly talented Retta Scott (1916 - 1998).

Disney Legend Frank Thomas once wrote of Scott’s sequences with animals that “she seemed to have a keen understanding of their words and attitudes.”