Really riverdale fandom? Really?

So yesterday I came across a post on instagram where someone said they wanted more LGBTQ+ representation on Riverdale, which I agree would be amazing so I decided to look through the comments. Here are my favourite definitely not homophobic ones

And my personal favourite…

so in summary, riverdale fandom, sort your homophobia ass out.

CW, I love Riverdale. And I love the characters. But what I don’t like is the shit you’ve been giving us recently.

I mean.. .
I can take the bughead with a grain of salt
I can handle the blatant queer bait with beronica
I am OK with beronica being best friends.
Oh boy, I’m fine with you making Veroica aloof, relationship wise.
And prioritising her development- because god bless
I can even DEAL with whatever fucking hetero ships you throw at my fave involving betty and veronica separately.

But I can’t fucking STAND the fact that you haven’t even given us ANYTHING beronica at all. Not even the FRIENDSHIP YOU’D PROMISED US.

They were suppose to, at the very least, be best friends, close and reliable to each other. But no. You gotta fucking shove other ships down our throat when we don’t want it. I want plot progression AND CHARACTER development. I want friends that last for ages. I can handle not having ships at all!! BUT WHEN YOU LIE AND KEEP QUEER BAITING US WITH YOUR PETTY SCENES AND FALSE PROMISES I’M NOT SURE I CAN DO IT MUCH LONGER.

I’m so frustrated at this point that I’m getting MAD at the end of episodes now because relationships- friendship wise- are suffering because of your heterononsensical shipping and dumb ass romance love pentagram (triangle) subplots.

The only reason I’m staying now is to see whos the fucking killer at this point! Fuck my ships right? Not like you fucking care about your overwhelming fanbase. All you care about it the money that rolls in from the queer baited fandom still desperately clinging to hope and not stepping on the sensitive ass toes of your average soccer moms who are sitting at the edge of their seats to just fucking rage about the “unholy” relationships that you’re portraying.

The one gay/lgbt character you have is neglected and we see NOTHING of him and his boyfriend/Interest and the hint from 08(?) Suggests it’s a fake ass ship to begun with anyway.

I swear to god if this next episode is also filled with more relationship filler and more negligence to the plot And character development and what REALLY MATTERS, then I think I’m personally done. I’m going to stay in episode 11 history and blog about Beronica until I’m dead or the tag dies out.

Good fucking bye.

So Cheryl spent season one having nightmares and visions about her dead brother, and now Archie is having flashbacks to the shooting and seeing the shooter/killer everywhere. Cheryl is seriously the one character who could best understand what Archie is going through right now. I need a scene of them having an emotional heart to heart.

Also, I loved Archie looking up at Cheryl on the roof performing with the Pussycats.


Ready for my lover (Riverdale) to return from the war

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