The Kids Aren’t Alright - Fall Out Boy

I Walk the Line - Halsey 

Control - Halsey

The Good, The Bad And The Dirty - Panic! At The Disco

Classic - MKTO

Centuries - Fall Out Boy

Novocaine - Fall Out Boy

Thousand Miles - Tove Lo

Old Scares / Future Hearts - All Time Low

Jet Black Heart - 5 Seconds of Summer

least favorite character?

i don’t think I have one, honestly… 

I actually really like Towelie, Sheila, Pip etc. which are charcacters commonly seen on TOP 10 WORST SOUTH PARK CHARACTERS LISTS… 

pip is my baby i love him

Initial Thoughts--5x22: Only You and 5x23: An Untold Story

–So I liked the finale!  I thought it set up the conflict/theme of 6a quite nicely.  Now let’s look at a few specific characters:


–I really liked the Regina/Emma scene in Neal’s apartment.  I thought that was really well done.  Regina’s clearly struggling to be the kind of person Robin would be proud of; the kind of person who has family and friends who will love and support her rather than fear her.  She’s got these two sides of herself, and it seems to her that no matter which side she chooses, she ends up loosing.  She chose to pursue the good.  That’s a good thing.  

–Regina took responsibility for the terrible things she’s done.  I loved that.

–The problem, of course, is that Regina doesn’t yet realize that she is both.  Regina and the Evil Queen are not two different people (well…right now they sort of are, but you get my drift, lol).  They are both parts of her.  She wants to be rid of the “Evil Queen”, but it’s not as easy as ripping the EQ’s heart out and crushing it.  It was never going to be that easy.

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