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would you mind doing a baekhyun character analysis?

hell no! I love the boy he’s one of my first biases from exo so i just kept this one for later so i could gather my thoughts for a good and accurate enough analysis.

  • baekhyun is definitely and most definitely the beagle charcacter. he loves to engage people and use his energy to help them gain some energy of their own.
  • considering he’s a taurus it really fits because one of the things that taureans love, is being the centre of attention. but this is different from the way aries like to be the centre of attention. while baekhyun loves it when people look at him and are happy because of him, it comes from a place of momentary need for attention. as long as you acknowledge him once, he’s good. then he’ll be off on his way. but aries, take their things very seriously. they put a lot more thought into what theyre doing and why they’re doing it so if you ignore an aries when they’re trying their best wow, god be with you.
  • i feel like baekhyun has always been the sort of talented vocal but not always the talented vocal in exo. in exo k he got overshadowed by kyungsoo and when exo k and m began to promote together, he definitely was overshadowed by chen. he always seems to be 2nd best and you can tell that really bothered him before
  • but now even he knows he has a good steady fanbase that he never has to worry about losing out his popularity.
  • baek doesn’t feel like the hyung material to me. as the mood maker, he’s glad to just be responsible for bringing a smile to the member’s faces and stay far away from leading them. even chanyeol could take up leading them, but baekhyun would never volunteer. if he did, i think it would lowkey be just to prove to himself that he could do it, not because he wanted to.
  • baekhyun is most definitely not ugly or anything i mean look at his face. but i think EVERYONE in exo, with the exception of kai and kris, were a bit unsure about their standing regarding to them being pretty (which is utter nonsense because SM continuously releases pretty boygroups what the hell). But I can see that his confidence has increased.
  • the decrease however, is in his silly mood-maker image. ofcourse he’s at his excited best at concerts but thats his job. in reality tv and just through his interviews, you can see that he is reevaluating himself a lot and seeks more of a mature and adult image of a reserved but loving man. i think one of his best expressions of such thought was his recent MV for Take You Home. (yes i know it could very well be the stylist but look at his acting too. he looked too comfy)
  • after jongdae, baekhyun is a selfless person when it comes to giving happiness. he literally could carve a smile on his face, when he’s hurting, if it means that his fans could be happy. he’s just that much of an idiot that he thinks other people deserve happiness despite his sadness.
  • i just wish we saw more of baek because i know there is so much more to his personality but WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH REALITY TV OF EXO OK.
  • also, prettiest hands in the existence of humanity.

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The Kids Aren’t Alright - Fall Out Boy

I Walk the Line - Halsey 

Control - Halsey

The Good, The Bad And The Dirty - Panic! At The Disco

Classic - MKTO

Centuries - Fall Out Boy

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Thousand Miles - Tove Lo

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Initial Thoughts--5x22: Only You and 5x23: An Untold Story

–So I liked the finale!  I thought it set up the conflict/theme of 6a quite nicely.  Now let’s look at a few specific characters:


–I really liked the Regina/Emma scene in Neal’s apartment.  I thought that was really well done.  Regina’s clearly struggling to be the kind of person Robin would be proud of; the kind of person who has family and friends who will love and support her rather than fear her.  She’s got these two sides of herself, and it seems to her that no matter which side she chooses, she ends up loosing.  She chose to pursue the good.  That’s a good thing.  

–Regina took responsibility for the terrible things she’s done.  I loved that.

–The problem, of course, is that Regina doesn’t yet realize that she is both.  Regina and the Evil Queen are not two different people (well…right now they sort of are, but you get my drift, lol).  They are both parts of her.  She wants to be rid of the “Evil Queen”, but it’s not as easy as ripping the EQ’s heart out and crushing it.  It was never going to be that easy.

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