carolina: do you actually avoid sushi because of salmonella or do you just dislike it
britt: i just dislike it, i use the salmonella reasoning on why i don’t eat cookie dough too
reed: i
reed: u dont like cookie dough
reed: get the fcuk
reed: out of my face

MORAN, SEBASTIAN, COLONEL. Unemployed. Formerly 1st Bangalore Pioneers. Born London, 1840. Son of Sir Augustus Moran, C.B., once British Minister to Persia. Educated Eton and Oxford. Served in Jowaki Campaign, Afghan Campaign, Charasiab (despatches), Sherpur, and Cabul. Author of HEAVY GAME OF THE WESTERN HIMALAYAS (1881); THREE MONTHS IN THE JUNGLE (1884). Address: Conduit Street. Clubs: The Anglo-Indian, the Tankerville, the Bagatelle Card Club.

On the margin was written, in Holmes’ precise hand:

The second most dangerous man in London.


   - LUNA, her dog
   - RICHARD MADDEN, her spouse
   - ANDREW GARFIELD, her previous spouse, escaped to the North with JESSE            EISENBERG
  - MINNIE, STITCH and PINKIE, her fuckton of dogs
  - JAMES FRANCO, her spouse
  - PIGWIDGEON, her guard cat
  - JOE DEMPSIE, her boyfran b/c reasons

why am i posting this

if i were spiderman i would tell everyone im spiderman just for attention and then i wouldnt be able to live up to the expectations and i would have a breakdown and like
shave my head like britney spears
—  im actually friends with people like this