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Hi, sorry, I have another question! How does Dick feel about guns. He can't be quite as against them as Bruce bc he's seen pulling one on Roy (in a safe situation obvs) and he was a cop which means he had to carry a gun so how exactly does he feel about them? Also I just want to say that yours is one of my favorite blogs and I really appreciate the well thought out responses you give.

No problem! 

Soooo I’m going to think out loud a bit, starting with Batman. I don’t think Dick shares an identical stance to Bruce when it comes to guns, but I do think they carry very similar stances. Bruce’s aversion to guns stems from trauma while Dick is simply adverse to killing. Dick might see a gun as simply a dangerous tool while Bruce will always associate guns with the evil that stole his parents from him.

They both respect guns and know how to use them. Neither of them fears guns, but they both have a strong aversion to using them as long as it can be avoided, which it usually can. Bruce and Dick carry around a lot of dangerous weapons, including explosives. I feel like their aversion to guns simply stems from the fact that guns are messy and it’s hard to use one without risking the death of whoever’s shot. There’s no real purpose to using a gun in their line of work, but that’s about it. Bruce has reason to associate guns with trauma, but Dick has no reason to see it as anything other than another dangerous tool. (Although I’m sure he further respects guns due to Bruce’s trauma.)

Maybe the primary difference is that Dick will be quicker to put himself in a situation where he has to carry a gun so long as there’s a practical benefit from it, and even then, he won’t actually use it. Exhibit A: his job as a cop. I can’t remember Dick ever pointing his gun, even in firefight situations. He always found a way around it. 

I don’t think this is far off from Bruce either, come to think of it. Bruce tried to join the FBI before he became Batman, which would obviously entail the use of a gun. The reason he left is because he felt the FBI had too many regulations to get anything done, hence him working outside the law a couple years later. Sometimes Bruce impersonates detectives in Gotham, and I would imagine that means carrying a gun around. In fact… Devin Grayson is the only writer I can think of who made Bruce acutely adverse to guns to the point where he was impractical and immature about it. (In Gotham Knights, Bruce was annoyed about Dick being a cop because of the gun he carried around, and he would complain about it being in the Batcave. It was just kind of weird.)

This will vary from writer to writer, but most seem to approach Bruce with a practical stance on guns, where he doesn’t mind handling them, doesn’t mind being near them, but still doesn’t like them and finds no use for them.

So with all that said, I don’t see any reason for Dick to be more uptight about guns, especially considering Bruce isn’t that uptight about guns compared to the common perception of him outside of comics. Obviously Bruce hates guns, but he doesn’t seem to actively avoid them either.

The Outsiders example you brought up is a great one too.

Overall, I think the Batfamily is strictly against guns in any sort of lethal capacity, but they’ll still handle guns like any other tool or carry them around if it serves another purpose.

Day 16 of the 100 day makeup challenge that I am doing with my lovely stars mamamidnight and creepybabypasta. Today’s theme is Greek/Roman Gods so I went with Apollo the god of music, truth, prophecy, healing, the sun and light, plague, and poetry. I also added a video to this makeup challenge so go give that a click.

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