on this day a year ago i was wandering around bonnaroo with row, a little drunk and a lot lost (I didn’t even know what pod we were in tbh). I had just admitted to her that I had no idea where we were but then we saw a friend sitting on the trunk of a car so we hung out with them for a lil bit and anyways that’s how I met taybat.
over the next year, through spending countless hours together laughing and stargazing and talking and exploring, I figured out what it means to feel love that expects nothing in return, to feel safe and respected in a relationship and to feel unconditionally loved and supported. the year I’ve spent getting to know Taylor has been one of the most difficult times of my life, but he has been there through it all and has handled everything with exceptional compassion and grace.
I feel so lucky to have learned so much from him in the past year and I hope we have many more years of growth as friends, explorers, partners, and amateur astronomists ahead of us 💌 (at 💫🍃💓)