Do you want Overwatch but can’t afford the 60 dollar price tag?? 

Well, you are luck buddy it’s not 60, it’s only 40 bucks.

It seems like a lot of people are getting diddy bopped by Blizzard .  

When you click to buy the game it takes to straight to the 60 dollar game.

A lot of people are assuming that this is the only option and are over paying for it.  That is the Origins Edition  (it’s just some extra skins, some of the extra skins are not even for Overwatch)

But if you click the little link

It takes you to the much more affordable 40 dollar game. 

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The 100 Babes Challenge AKA the Ultimate Scumbag Challenge

The object of this challenge is to sleep with as many Sims in your town as you can. All while being the biggest scumbag. 


  • Invite the victim over
  • If the victim is currently in a relationship you must break them up
  • Sleep with the victim
  • Knock them up if you can
  • Take a Selfie with the victim
  • Say something mean to them
  • Kick them out of your home
  • Never call or speak to the victim again


  • No asking out on dates
  • No gift giving
  • No asking to stay the night
  • No going over to the victims home (they can only come over to your place, unless you meet randomly in public)
  • No asking to go steady
  • No complementing the victim
  • No asking how they are, where they work, what school they went to, and no getting to know

You can use cheats, lifetime wishes, or particular traits to help you succeed. That depends on how difficult you want to make it.

If you do this challenge tag me in your posts so I can see how it goes for you!