Day Thirteen- Queen Jynx


The queen of the Spookters, an ancient race of spooky apparitions, to balance out Masta Droog’s method, she spawns her kind herself, fracturing off her limbs to form new ghosts. While not particularly heroic or noble, she’s at least more welcoming and hospitable, always willing to take in non hostile travelers who happen to stumble into her realm. In her earlier years her presence was known to cause misfortune, though it’s unknown if these were accidents or her honing her reality warping abilities.


And finally, my belated charathon stream is done! Work will not rob me of opportunities to draw people’s OCs in one hour each, even if I have to do it the next night and it isn’t shown on the official charathon stream or Tumblr blog!

In order:

All proved challenging to wrap up in the one-hour time limit, and I admit that they’re not as polished as I would’ve liked, but it’s good practice and I’ve felt more productive than ever because of it!

Hope you all enjoy it!

Hello again! Squids here. There will be a Charathon both Saturday and Sunday, hosted by yours truly and JR respectively.

Saturday’s Charathon will have two lottos and two rounds in which you can buy, that’s four rounds in total!! The buying rounds will be first come, first serve, so be quick! It will be at 5pm EST (as will the Sunday Charathon), so be there!!

You can find more info about Sunday’s Charathon here.

Day Six- Bramble

Bramble was grown and engineered to be a caretaker not only her monstrous comrades but for those she’s assigned to, and is capable of growing any kind of fruit in and out of season and flowers with potent healing properties to sustain them. Normally very docile and sworn to the Hippocratic Oath, she would rather avoid conflict and violent confrontation if possible. Though if the situation called for it, her barbed tail is a lethal weapon. 

YEAH!! Today I, squids, will be hosting a charathon!! I hope you’re all as pumped as I am. It will be at 5pm EST.

I’ve never hosted one before, and to be honest I haven’t really used livestream more than maybe 5 times, so please go easy on me. v_v

There will be 2 free lottery rounds, since this is just a practice one. 

I will also be the one accepting the picture links, so please add me on skype if you have it. I will not be accepting any on steam due to the lag it causes. Sorry!
My skype is hiimsids, so feel free to add it if you want to participate today.
Don’t get me wrong, though! You don’t have to add it. I will still be accepting pictures from the livestream chat.

I also made a new Charathon jukebox if anyone’s interested. I am still accepting songs for it, but please note I am only accepting instrumentals! If vocals are used as instrumentation though, that’s ok!

That’s all the news I have for now. See you there hopefully! `v`

Day Eighteen- Clive

Yeah it turns out I didn’t salvage too many old characters aheheheh-

Also known as the Dapperition, this swankily clad phantasm is the spirit of an old, famous pianist, vaporized mid-concert, who just couldn’t let go of his love for the ivory keys. He hangs around in the now abandoned venue of his first performance, plinking the keys of the busted instrument, serenading the undead and survivors of the fallout alike. Of course, he holds others who can appreciate a nice suit and hat in high regard. 

Important: the last Charathon

Hey everyone, Today I’ll be hosting a Charathon at 4 pm EST, we will have 5 Rounds. The lottery today will be free and the shop will be closed except for buying time.

This will be the last Charathon I host, college is coming up for me and I’d like to focus on that more, as well as focus more on personal projects and get my weekend back. I’m not sure if I’ll ever start up Charathons again or not, but if someone else wants to that’s fine.

Thank you all for taking interest in the Charathon, and for the people who helped me make it fun and enjoyable!

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