I was rewatching the 5x13 of Merlin (because I’m a fucking masochist, yes) and I realized one thing that I had never considered before.
I love the soundtrack of Merlin, every situation, every charatcter has their theme. And there’s that sweet melancholic tune that is played whenever Arthur and Gwen kiss. The one that you hear and immediately think ““hey, we’re about to have a romantic Arwen moment”
Now, going back to the 5x13, to the famous “Some men are born to plough fields, I was born to serve you Arthur” scene in which they eyefucked stared at each other for a whole minute. Guess which song was played?

(Do we need it to be more canon?)

It’s honestly incredibly disrespectful and condescending of MG to reduce fans being angry with the complete fridging of Laurel’s character to them being mad that Lauriver won’t happen. And if he can’t see that he put this girl through the wringer and when she finally has gotten to a healthy point in her life where she finally becomes her namesake where she finally develops into one of the most well rounded charatcters on the show (above Oliver included), he kills her and that’s why fans are mad. If he can’t see that then he’s probably just as much of a silly asshole as I thought.