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全国のゲームセンターで稼働中の「艦これ アーケード」、明後日【2/23(木)】より駆逐艦「弥生」、そして駆逐艦「初風」「舞風」、さらに駆逐艦「秋雲」が投入されます。また、新海域【カスガダマ沖海戦】も追加実装です。ゲームセンターに着任中の提督の皆さん、どうぞお楽しみに! via @KanColle_STAFF

What Mika Shimotsuki's first day was really like

According to her thoughts.

Mika: Wow I did it. I’m an Inspector!

Mika: The youngest ever AND assigned to Division one!!! I knew my hard work would pay off.

Mika: This is for you, Kawarazaki-san.

Mika: Huh though I’ve heard my senior Inspector is pretty unconventional.

Mika: Should be fine. It’s not as if my childhood was conventional.

Mika: Oh I just got a message from her. An assignment already?

Mika: Alright! Time to show what I got!

Mika: Will Inspector Tsunemori like being called Senpai, I wonder?

Mika: No. Better keep it formal.

Mika: Alright, alright, time to greet her. Keep it nice and smooth.

Mika: Whoa, she looks pretty badass. I hope she likes me.

Mika: She’s talking. Time to respond badass-like.

Mika: Nailed it.

Mika: It’s the Enforcers. Don’t look nervous; you’re THEIR superior.

Mika: Is that… could it be…

Mika: It’s the Enforcer who comforted me!! Will she still recognize me? Keep it cool, keep it cool. Nod meaningfully.

Mika: She smiled. Score!!

Mika: Ew and there is that Inspector turned Enforcer. Glare at him.

Mika: He looks surprised. Nailed it.

Mika: Okay, I should keep close to Inspector Tsunemori. That’s what page 13 of the textbook says.

Mika: Oh wait, she wants me to be part of a team of Enforcers. Ooookay…..

Mika: Should I say something? After all, I’m still learning. She’ll teach me.

Mika: “Because I felt like it”?!? What kind of response is that??

Mika: Okay, at least make an intimidating speech to the Enforcers.

Mika: The Inspector turned Enforcer just chuckled at me. Rude.

Mika: I’ve heard that Sibyl voice ever since childhood so the voice from the Dominator was not as surprising as I thought it would be.

Mika: Finally cornered the criminal!! Now Inspector Tsunemori will use her Dominator to-

Mika: …… She’s not shooting him.

Mika: Um.

Mika: This is fine. She’s just waiting for the backup.

Mika: Wait I’m the backup this is not fine.

Mika: What am I missing here?

Mika: No! Don’t look confused in front of the Enforcers!!

Mika: How did Inspector Tsunemori guess he is the victim!! He was the one we were looking for!!

Mika: What do you mean, you felt like it!???

Mika: Okay, I’ve had enough!! None of this is following what I have learned!! Time to give her a piece of my mind!

Mika: And she has the gall to look surprised.

Mika: Fine. You are the senior Inspector. I’ll do as you say. But when your Psycho-Pass clouds, I won’t help you, Senpai!!

Mika: … She clearly did not hear my spite in her new nickname.

Mika: Rude.