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What's the diff between Toyhouse and Charahub?

Charahub had a rocking start. But I honestly fell out of love with it once they made their extreme layout change. I just couldn’t seem to indulge in it any more? I much prefer to play white/blank themes for character profiling myself because it directly focuses your attention to the character on hand. Not the fancy buttons or swirly layout.

I really like ToyHouse though with the customize features? I always thought it would be a BAD thing to let people customize their own stuff because they usually do a bad job. Extreme colors, tiny fonts, just unfriendly to the common eye. But Being able to play with it myself? I adore that. I love my custom profile so much…

What Toyhouse has going for it over Charahub is that there is a chance to be social on there. Having characters, especially adoptables, is honestly a lot like showing off. People normally WANT to show off their newest and cutest character! I adore there is a front page for me to browse the public “features” or browse the recent uploads. That is so COOL to me. I just love that I can go around and comment on everything if I want too, I can privately message people, I can go on the forums, I can favorite characters!

I JUST REALLY LIKE TOYHOUSE. I was so upset when I lost interest in charahub. I wanted that place to be my “thing” to really encourage me to develop my characters and species. I wanted it to be home. But I just… Couldn’t love it the way I loved it’s potential? I’m putting a lot of hopes into Toyhouse. I’m really hoping they stay open and social, listen to the users suggestions and know when to cut us off for the good of the site too. I just hope I can love ToyHouse the way I loved Charahub’s Idea.

AJ pretty much sadly ditches Charahub for Toyhouse. ; ;

Regarding Downtime

Hey guys. We really apologise for the continued downtime. We were having problems where we’d fix it, but then the server would crash immediately upon restarting - so we’d get the site working again, think things were ok, and then it would go down again. We tinkered about today and rebooted the servers and we’ve been checking over the past few hours and it seems to have stayed up, so fingers crossed it remains up and working now! 

We really appreciate the messages you’ve been sending us, regarding the site being down and just showing us how much your care about the site. It makes us really want to continue and keep it all working smoother than ever. Thank you, and keep creating!


As you’ve probably noticed from the last two posts, one of the big features we’re working on in 2.0 is “worlds”. These will replace categories with another profile for you to edit and customize, so that you can add lore to the place around your (and your friends!) characters.

What I need to know is what you want to see from worlds. What kind of information would you like to attach to them. Think big picture world building!

Note: worlds is not the final naming on this feature, if you have any better idea (stories?) let me know here as well!

alright listen up writers--

here’s why you need to get onto (and if you do, totally use this URL–yes I’m selfishly referring, kill me–

it’s a site to organize characters. Okay, I don’t know about you guys, but I have so many freaking characters to keep straight that this site’s like a godsend. Not only can you just make profiles for them, but you can put them in groups! Hello, organizing by story for me.

You can add pictures. For us writers who like face-claiming characters, this is hallelujah. If you draw, you can put those up too.

The layout looks like a page out of a journal. Is there nothing cooler than that? I think not.

It’s free! There’s nothing better than free things.

so what are you waiting for? inspiration from your writer’s block? just join the site!

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  • Free Myers-Briggs Test
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Crime Fighting/Legal

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  • History World
  • Middle Ages
  • Prehistory
  • Roman and Byzantine Empire

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I said I would post this next Saturday, but EH, change of plans cause I say so. :P

Simple reference sheet for Sparks. Unlike Phineas and Ezskar’s ref sheets, his is more simple since he really doesn’t have many important physical things about him. 
Anyways, This is Sparks and he’s the leader of the team. He very adventurous and can be a handful sometimes. His style in things can be questionable,but he seems to make it work in the end.  
Yes, he’s a lightning user.

His Character notes got updated from what was posted last year and will pop up next week…or check his charahub page for an early view of it

anonymous asked:

What's your ocs names? I'm new

i have a ton of ocs so ill only do a few

felix (acciai) ruggieri;; nicknames: feli
hes one of my main ocs;; hes the most important to me
hes got a lot of issues but refuses to acknowledge them and acts as if hes perfect;; hes narcissistic and wishes to be a king hes incredibly smart he likes to party and have a lot of sex to take his mind off things
hes got a smoking alcohol and sex addiction
hes very fake and will watch you closely so he can shape himself into someone youll like he just wants endless love and adoration,,
if u wanna know more about him heres his tag and his charahub!

leonardo dioli;; nicknames: leo
hes another one of my main ocs;; hes 2nd most important to me
hes a long lost raremutant his family was thought to be dead but hes 1 of the 3 survivors;; however currently they only know of 2 (leonardo himself;; and his uncle alessio who faked his death and returned 30 years later)
hes a fashion designer he took after his fathers company;; hes also the head assassin/spy and the leader of gli occhi
he fights in a secret war against a group of nasty humans named i serpenti
he also leads a secret faction of pietros resistance
he tends to overwork himself;; he feels incredibly guilty 
if u wanna know more about him heres his tag and his charahub

pietro falco;; nicknames: il falco
main oc;; hes 3rd most important to me
hes italys most wanted criminal;; he used to be a cop but his partner betrayed him and framed him completely ruining his name
he leads a massive resistance called i falchi
hes got paranoid personality disorder but has hope he can restore things and make things better for mutants
he does his best;; he also doesnt have fingerprints…he rubbed them off on impulse out of paranoia
if u wanna know more about him heres his tag and charahub

the rest ill put under the cut!

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smileyoureoncamera  asked:

Ohmygod okay so I really love your writing and I am super excited to hear about the novel!!!!! So tell me, what's it about??? Who are the characters???? Any sense of plot yet???? I want to know ALL

YES !!!! I HAVE A NOVEL IN THE WORKS AND I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT :^D it’s called “Paraffin Suns” and it’s a story about soulmates and cyber crime. 

it’s a lowkey speculative dystopian story, and it’s about a government-mandated soulmate system, which is based on the classic soulmate trope of countdowns (digital, worn on a bracelet around the wrist) until you meet ~the one~. or really, the novel itself is about people who that soulmate system /let’s down/. it’s also about cyber criminals and underground organisation against oligarchic fascism, because when is anything not let’s be real. the story is of two parts:

the first: personal love stories and their fallout. the story explores the relationship between many characters and those that they love, both their soulmates and not their soulmates. it also deals heavily in queer identities in a soulmate system that is entirely heteronormative. 

the second: a bigger picture, a grand objective, a point about the politicisation of love. i think that’s the essence of the novel. it’s about a government who turns human feelings into politics and ideologies, categorising the uncategorisable, and manipulating the gift of love in order to achieve governance over a people.

the plot itself focuses on a girl, grace harkonnen, who has yet to meet her soulmate, but who approaches that day swiftly. she is wary about the thought of falling in love beyond her control, and concerned that her soulmate will want of her things she does not want (she looks for companionship, romance, trust, but sex, for example, is something that terrifies her, but that soulmates are expected to have; i write her to be on the ace spectrum, although i have yet to pin down /exactly/ what she is yet). her story is entwined with her best friend, thomas, who is not to meet his assigned (female) soulmate for forty years, and who is jaded and resentful because of that, and also because of the fact he is gay. both of them end up involved with a man named hero, the curator of an underground railroad organisation who cuts the countdown timers from people, and frees them of soulmate shackle. from there, things get complicated: thomas becomes infatuated with hero, hero cares only for his goals and his dreams of justice and sacrifices the well-being of many to achieve said goals, and grace, after hero cuts her free of her countdown, ultimately meets the man who was meant to be her soulmate, tae-ko, as he is the brother of hero’s right hand, su-ki, both of whom have suffered dearly

in terms of things you can know right now !!!!!! have a look at these:

first of all !!!! i did a massively long thread on twitter the other night about it, so feel free to follow me on there to be able to see it probably? my twitter is locked, but i welcome almost all follow requests from legit people

sECOND OF ALL. i have a pinterest with pins boards for Paraffin Suns and all its main characters (grace, hero, thomas, tae-ko, su-ki, steph, bree, rosie) which i encourage you to look at for a quick and visual feel of my novel !!! :^D i also have a charahub profile, where you can read all about the main characters in detail (but it’s still wip)

thirdly, my tumblr tags are: here and here for everything to do with ParaSuns, but they’re a wee bit sparse at the moment, but i’m working on it !!!

i hope that’s enough of an info dump to get you started !!!! :^D i recommend the twitter thread the most, as it’s probably the easiest summary of my plan i’ve laid out so far :^)

🚨 SITE IN DANGER post mortem 🚨

For the past few days you’ve been met with a huge DANGER sign if you opened charahub in Chrome. Yikes. How did this happen?

About a year ago, google ads removed their ads from Charahub because some character profiles have pornographic images - which are against our rules, but we don’t have a heavy moderation team to filter those things out. So, since then, in order to keep Charahub up and running we’ve had to move to other ad networks.

The one that we’d settled on was purchased by another company, which then started using that ad network to ad malicious code to sites, and try to trick our users into giving up passwords / etc. Once this was brought to our attention we removed the offending code & made sure that Google knew we were working on it.

The Chrome error should be gone now, and there are currently no ads on Charahub.


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