"I’ve been to so many places around the world,
                                          but never been to a place as beautiful as this.”
                                         “I have. Everyday. Every morning I wake up
                                                                 and I look at you.”

when people don’t ship what i ship i’m not upset about it, i just feel like so bad for them because they don’t see what i see and that makes me sad.

anonymous asked:

Just throwing it out there that my pick-me-up go to is Chuck vs the Dive. If you're ever inclined to continue that gem please do!

You’re the best and the kindest, anon!

I do plan to continue that, for sure!!! I’ve been looking at it a lot lately because I need some God Damn Fluff in my life.

Not regular type fluff. But God Damn Fluff. With the capital letters and everything. 

Thanks for the kind words!! Hopefully there will be more Dive soon! <3