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Please for the love of all that is holy /don't/ ruin any of your fantastic au's with missiemooses charactors. chibsblogs shu is fine. Go wild with her please! But MM has nothing but marysues that would ruin your creative energys.

jokes on you anon my own character drest is a mary sue you played yourself

There are two sides to Tumblr

Side one: Pictures of Starbuck, and girls with dip-dyed hair, and edited sunsets, and inspirational quotes.
Side two: People crying over fictional gay couples


Remus Lupin x Reader

Request: Prompt: “I thought you were the good boy out of the maurders!” Said y/n Charactor: Remus

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“Your turn, Moony,” James says with a smirk. The werewolf rolls his eyes, but responds nevertheless.


“Easy. You and Y/N – how do you feel about her?”

Remus turns a bright shade of red. “Guys, you know how I feel about her. She – she doesn’t feel the same though.”

Sirius grins and leans over to James to whisper in his year with a mischievous glint in his eye. “Our mate is pretty clueless. Reckon we should educate him.” James smiles too, and then clears his throat.

“Alright, Moony. Since you’re so convinced that she doesn’t like you, then this should be pretty easy. Go up to her room and take one of her clothes.” Peter squeaks with laughter as Sirius and James continue to stare at Remus expectantly.

“What? Guys, I chose truth! I really don’t –”

Sirius groans hugely, eliciting a laugh from James. “Come on, Moony, live a little,” he says, shoving Remus out of the circle. Sighing, Remus slowly trudges towards the stairs of the girls dormitories. Once he reaches the foot of the stairs, he casts the charm to get to the rooms, and glancing over his shoulder one last time, tentatively makes his way up the stairs.

Remus slowly pushes the door to Y/N’s door open, desperately trying to prevent any creaking. Letting out a breath he was holding, he steps in the room and warily looks around.

“Lumos,” he mutters under his breath, making sure to dim the bright light emanating from his wand with his hand. Stepping over a few discarded piles of clothing, he makes his way over to Y/N’s side of the huge room and quickly snatches up an old shirt of Y/N’s, he turns around, but pauses when he realizes that he is the only boy in the girls dormitories, free to learn their secrets. “Can’t hurt,” he thinks with a shrug, and begins to poke around a little.

He smiles when his gaze lands upon his favorite book that he lent to Y/N, dog eared and turned upside down on her nightstand, clearly what she was reading before she fell asleep. As he looks down at Y/N, snoring lightly and clutching her pillow slightly and temporarily forgets to watch where he is going – and be quiet. Stubbing his toe into her nightstand, he yelps out in pain, causing Y/N to startle awake. Rubbing her eyes briefly, she looks around wildly, then sees Remus standing next to her bed like a statue.

“Remus? What on earth –”

Her gaze travels over the shirt clutched in Remus’ hand, the still open door, and his hand-covered wand. Gaping, she fixes him with a glare and crosses her arms over her chest.

“Why are you sneaking around? And why –” she quickly reaches out and snatches her shirt away “– did you have one of my shirts? I thought you were the good boy out of the marauders!”

Remus gulps. “It was a dare, I’m sorry, I know that I shouldn’t have –”

Y/N sighs. “Of course it was. Come on.” She gets out of her bed and leads him towards the door.

“Sorry again,” Remus says with a continually reddening face.

Remus begins to step out of Y/N’s dorm, but is stopped by the sound of her voice. “Oh, and Remus?”

He turns around. “Next time you want one of my shirts – I’d be happy to, uh, leave one with you,” she says, with a smirk and a wink. Remus swallows harshly as Y/N softly shuts her door, never once losing eye contact with him.

I SWEAR TO GOD RIGHT NOW if Emma and Jules dont end up dating before The Dark Artifices series comes to an end im going to go fight everyone and everything. oh oh yer a body builder aye? WELL I DONT FECKIN CARE MY TWO FAVE CHARACTORS MAY OR MAY NOT END UP TOGETHER SQUARE UP.


I’m crying, look at these beauties!!! Oh I can’t wait to read Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy!! I love the Shadow World and Mark Blackthorn is deffo one of my fave charactors. Malec is my no.1 OTP.


Little break.
Photograph of recent Torasan.
He comes back to my home for eating and sleeping.


Collaboration with Illustrator @wintermanworld caractor goods.

the people I always draw in my comics that are represented by Hetalia charactors. However, sometime I use the charactors to represent different people. so please be aware.


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The producers might be trying to get MM even more hated so when they kill off her charactor on Suits people might come back knowing she finally gone. Ruin whats left of her career plus gain new watchers 2 big wins.

Tell you what, if they do that, I’ll watch

thanks anon, lol

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Memento Mori

Fandom: Voltron: Lengendary Defender

Warning: Descriptions of Character deathes. Charactor death.

Pairings: Plance

Rating: M

A/N: TFW u realize it’s memento mori and not momento mori

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Lance Charles McClain wasn’t particularly fond of the idea of death. Or dying. Or anything that involved the idea of thanatos, despite past tendencies. Dying in an explosion though, he had to say, may have, in the past, been one of his top 10 ways to kick the bucket. Currently though, he was praying for anything but. Sometimes meeting a giant robotic space cat really changed your opinion on that. He didn’t just not want to die. He aggressively wanted to live. He hadn’t even returned Pidge his headphones for chrissake!

On the bright side, at least he’d protected Coran.

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Memento Mori

Fandom: Voltron: Lengendary Defender

Warning: Descriptions of Character deathes. Charactor death.

Pairings: Plance

Rating: M

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It was a Friday night. Matt and her Dad were supposed to come back for a short visit, it was going to be a long weekend. There was a knock on the door. Her dog barked and she told her mom she’d get it. She put on her slippers and quickly scuttled her way down the stairs. Gunther barked at the door to whoever it was. It wasn’t a welcome home type bark, but a growl. She withdrew. Slowly she approached the door and unlocked it. Opening it ajar, she peaked her head through.

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