Characthers for Beauty and The Beast Au

these are my main characters for this fic thought you guys should know.

The Beast as Bucky Barnes 

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Belle as the beautiful reader that is looking at their screen right this moment.

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Maurice as Tony Stark 

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Lumière as Steve Rogers 

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Gaston as Thor Odison

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Percy Jackson & The Olympians moodboard #42

Will Solace, son of Apollo (2)


A pic for Henry J Doe. A very talented artist and a good friend. Please check his gallery.

This is his characther Nystagmus, the lion, his name is the answer of what happens in his eye, that’s why it’s patched. He loves bunnies!!

I made a time lapse of me drawing and coloring this, this time I didn’t explain a word as the past video, but this time I showed how I started the drawing from zero.

Traditional. Color pencils.

Have you ever just sat there and realized you’re taller then some of your beloved characther’s? Gaara’s like 5'6 and I’m 5'9 I know that’s not much but damn, plus that also means I’m the same height as Goku…

The secret of the dungeon

Ok, I was thinking in diferents ways that Sheldon may propose to Amy and I had a cute idea that I want to share with you:

- Sheldon prepare a D&D game for Amy in their apartment, Amy´s characther need to find a treasure chest that the bad guy stole, they had so much fun playing and she finally win the game and found the chest, she ask about what the treasure is, he said that she can open it and discover it, she looks to sheldon that has the velvet box in his hand!    

Nerdy and romantic way, right?, What do think, guys?

Books and clichés

Ezra Miller x Reader
Words : 1220
Summary : You are in you favorite place, which is a library when you meet a lovely boy reading out loud quotes of one of your favorite childhood book.
Notes : I just saw Fantastic Beasts and where to find them and I’m falling for Ezra and Eddie (they are so cute). And of course, their characters, Newt and Credence are sweethearts as well so I’m probably going to write something about them too, so if you have any request just send it. I also searched to see what it was Ezra’s favorite book so I don’t know if it was true about the Lorax one but I know that he loves Harry Potter. Hope you enjoy it!

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You were running your fingers through the beautiful and charming books on the bookshelves. The library you were was actually big and you could lose yourself there but you had this habit of spending all day long there, reading and admiring the books, that you already knew it very well.

You never knew what exactly you were looking for, so almost all the times you would be there reading more parts of the books to see if they would interest you, and if yes, then you would take them home.

It was great though to see other people falling in love for books you liked. The way their eyes shinned, the glimpse of smiles or, sometimes, tears… It was unbelievable magical what books could do to people and you loved that.

For you, books were like an escape from reality. Most of the times, you would read to forget bad things about your own life and then it made you feel like you were living another life and it was incredible.

You would usually bring a little bit of coffee with you but in that day you were kind of running late and forgot about it. You were missing the heat the hot liquid would bring to you.

You were still trying to find a book when you heard someone’s voice. It was male and it seemed to be reading a book out loud. You came closer to see and hear better and you saw a pretty boy with The Lorax book on his hands. You found the scene kind of cute, this was one of the books you have read when you were a child but you still remembered some quotes.

“It’s not about what it is…” the boy was reading with his peaceful and beautiful voice.

“It’s about what it can become.” You finished the sentence without even realizing. It was when he looked at you.

He had dark brown eyes, his hair seemed to be recently cut but somehow it fit him very well but what got your gaze was his astounding and beautiful jawline. At the time, you even forgot how to breathe because of how beautiful he looked. You gave him a shy smile.

“Sorry for interrupting you, it’s that this was one of my favorite books when I was a kid.” You were feeling a little bit embarrassed until he smiled to you.

“Really? It was mine too! It’s nice to meet someone that still remember some Lorax quotes.” He looked excited. “ I’m Ezra.”

“I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you.” You lifted your hand to him and he shook yours with his.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too.” He looked at you with a smirk. “So… what are you doing here at this time? It’s kind of late.” Your eyebrows lifted in question.

“Is it? Oh my, I lost all the sense of time here. Actually I lose it constantly.” He laughed to your confession. “And I didn’t even find a book to take with me.” You sighed with a sad look.

“Well, we can try to find it one now.” He tried to cheer you up. “C’mon your house won’t be going nowhere nor are the books.” He was with a puppy face now. He was sweet but you still didn’t know why he was doing that.

“Fine but you have to help me.” You didn’t know either why you were getting in his game but something on him made you feel comfortable like you two were best friends for a long time.

And with that he took you through all the bookshelves. He would pick some books and start telling about their stories to see if you would want them. He would make nice faces while narrating the stories, making you laugh.

“What about… Twilight?” He looked with a funny face and you already understood it was a joke.

“Too cliché.” And then you pretended you were throwing up.

“Harry Potter?” Now he was actually interested in your answer, like it was very important.

“I already read thousands of times. I love it.” He started jumping and celebrating, which made you laugh. “I see that you are a big fan of it.”

“Harry Potter feels like home to me. It has a big meaning in my life and in what made to me.” The way he talked about it made you feel very connected to how you fell to your own favorite books and your heart started beating faster.

In the end, you decided to take one that you already knew and loved (you can use your favorite book here, if it was me I would put love letters to the dead) because you didn’t want to make him wait more. After taking the note with the woman who was taking care of the library, you two got out of it.

“Thank you, Ezra. I had a lot of fun with this.” You smiled to him.

“Me too.” You two looked to each other for some time. You didn’t know what to expect so you decided to say something.

“Well, bye then. See you soon.” And started walking away until his hands reached one of your arms.

“Wait, you are really thinking that I’m going to let you go home alone at this time. It’s dangerous. Like a truly gentleman, I’m going to walk you home safe and sound.” And made a position like a soldier. You laughed.

“Thank you but you don’t need to do this.” He stopped laughing and looked deeply at you.

“I know but I want to.” And then he was with a warm smile looking at you that gave you no choice but to accept it.

“Fine, I guess. I don’t live too far away, anyways.”

With that the two of you started walking to your home, you didn’t know what to say while he was looking for you while smiling. You were beautiful and had your own light, and he liked that.

The weather was cold and when the wind started to blow, you felt cold. You pretended to not stay too much time at the library and because of that you didn’t bring your coat. Without you even realizing, Ezra was putting his on you.

“Is this too much cliché for you?” He said while playing with what you said in the library.

“It is but I’m freezing so I’ll accept it. And anyways, that are some clichés that are good.”

“Like what?” He was definitely flirting now.

“I like the clichés about kisses under the mistletoe in Christmas and the ones that envolves books too.”

“Ok, I already noted to know what to do.” He winked to you.

“You are unbelievable…” You laughed and stopped because you were finally in front of your house. “Well, it’s here. Thank you again, Ezra, it was very sweet of you to walk me home.” You smiled.

“Aha, another cliché that you like.” He smirked and you laughed.

“Yeah, you got me.” The two of you stopped and stared to each other for a while. “Oh, I almost forgot your coat.” You started to take off his coat but he stopped you.

“Keep it with you.” He smiled. “So I’ll have one apology to come back here.” You couldn’t contain your smile.

“This is definitely another cliché that I like.”

ok this is hard actually

like..really hard

ive been thinking abt on how to answer this for weeks..and FINALLY

lemme tell you one thing, im combining the similarities between the bsd characters and the paladins traits (so probably a bit of the characters like lance, keith etc. but not whole??) bc when i combine them w the charas, for example; dazai as lance- lance is too open and Dazai. D a z a i. were supposed to think him as mysterious and all (psst thank you for reminding me brynna ;)) hence its really hard to match their personalities altogether?? not jsut w lance but w other characthers to smh though i know thats not the thing here but, i tried to make it as relevant as possible so i hope you anons r satisfied w my answer:0

but here we go, anon

(though i prefer aku as the red paladin more?? and sushi as blue paladin???)

this one is indeedo hard my amigo

(i actually had this thought just a week ago before this ask came, liek tanizaki as pidge cuz hes searching for his lost sister naomimatt or the other way around )

t h i s. i was actually thinking like psst king alfor as natsume???

shuttup rue

 oh ya i just realized i forgot to add the galras so…mori as zarkon probs and i legit think kou as haggar idk

anywho…so this is my answer so far?? if you have any other thoughts just dont be shy to let me know and ill probably draw them, mash them up togetherrrwhatever 

and that reminds me…somebody in discord said ‘altean prince dazai’ so whoop

he’s reffereing to the lions dont worry

oda, somewhere in the bg:  coughyoure dazzling..cough