“You know there’s a chance we might be mistaken for a couple. Like last week at dinner,” Sam said. His eyes were intent on you and so you tried to make your shrug as nonchalant as possible.

“Yeah. But, I mean…we are, right? Your offer…what you said about being my boyfriend…that still stands?” you asked, refusing to meet his gaze. Still, you could see that smile of his even in your periphery.

“It still stands,” he said. 

“Well, ok then.” 


“Stop staring at me.”

“Can do,” Sam said, standing to the hotel room door and opening it for you. You walked past him, only sparing a glance lest the blush he’d made rise in your cheeks get worse.

“And stop smiling like that.”

“That’s going to be harder,” he replied, and you couldn’t help but laugh as he followed you into the new night.

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Imagine Allowing Yourself and Sam the Label of Couple After Initially Being Emotionally Reserved About Your New Relationship

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Revival (Sam x Reader)

Request: Can you do a one shot or something where the reader is the Winchester’s hunter partner and they get into a huge fight and she leaves to go out to a bar, and gets kidnapped by a demon and the demon tortures her for information on the Winchesters, and she doesn’t give up the info so she keeps on getting tortured, but gets saved by the Winchesters right before she would have died, and it ends with a love confession from Sam

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Warnings: Language, torture

Word Count: 1,370

A/N: I’m so sorry I can’t remember if this was an anon or not. On another note I am loving all this Sam writing. I promise I’m working on the other one

   “You do know you could have been killed right?”

   “I know, Sam.”

   “What were you thinking?”

   “I wasn’t.” You walked into the motel room first and you heard Sam toss his jacket aside, his broad shoulders tensing. The door slammed.

   “Y/N, we had a plan. If you just stuck to the plan-”

   “If we had stuck to the plan more people would have died. You and Dean would have died, Sam. I don’t think I heard a thank you.” You cut Sam off and glared at him, feeling the burn of the gash on your arm and the warm blood seeping through your shirt.

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When you feel sad or frightened use this experience to learn about yourself. Observe the feeling. Why is it unpleasant? Does sadness feel unpleasant in a different way than anxiety? Are these emotions linked in any way?

Now here is the experiment. When you feel the heaviness in your solar plexus I want you to focus on it. Visualize it as a real thing in your chest. A swirling light perhaps. Now take a deep breath through your nose. It will fill the area where the sadness is located. Do this ten times and each time focusing on the precise physical location of the emotion. See if the emotion is changed in any manner.

Fun Fact: Okay creepy fact. The guillotine is associated with France but similar devices were used in other parts of Europe.  Antoine Louis, a French doctor together with German engineer Tobias Schmidt, built a prototype for the guillotine. Schmidt’s innovation was using an angled blade as opposed to a round one which would be a faster and less painful slice rather than a chop. 

The device was introduced by a kindly former Jesuit and physician Joseph-Ignace Guillotin. Although we view the guillotine as a barbaric mode of execution it was designed for humanitarian purposes to take the place of the axe, the sword, the rope or the breaking wheel.  It was first used in 1781 and last used in 1977. Doctor Guillotin’s name stuck to the device. His family later changed their name to avoid association with the device.

The good doctor was curious to see if life remained in the severed head so he arranged for a convict to blink if he were conscious. He didn’t blink. I guess he had other things on his mind at the moment.