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Coffee shop au


Sam Winchester x reader

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Even though he was supposed to be focusing on making a hotchocolate for the lady in the red coat Sam couldn’t help himself.  Almost on their own his eyes lifted to land on the girl curled up in the corner booth, her face hidden by the book she was reading.

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I decided, I dont think Theresa should be a drug addict anymore. She already has her husband, an alcoholic.

Instead, I want her to be overprotective. But not regular overprotective, no. she’ll guard her kid like mad, not because she loves him, but because of the fear that if he does befriend someone, he’ll leave and he might tell someone of his living conditions. Theresa and her husband would be arrested and jailed.

I want her to be controlling. Manipulative. But not cunning, no. Shes still childish. But goodness, is she a liar. Maybe she does eventually get into drugs, maybe not. But Theresa is so controlling over her child, it does more harm than good without a doubt.

How I passed 8th Grade Art Class

by Saṃsāran 

Okay, I admit it. I was uncoordinated at 14. Seriously. I literally could not cut a straight line with scissors. I was failing art. Yeah, I know. Who fails art? Me. I was. Okay, our big project was to make masks by molding in clay, then putting papier-mâché over it and finally painting it. 

Well, klutz, that I was I tried to make a regular head. I screwed it up time and again. Finally, the deadline approaching I just went with what I had this weird looking figure eight shaped head. Well, the papier-mâché part wasn’t too hard and went smoothly.

Then it came time to paint it. I tried red. Hated it. I painted over it with blue. Hated it. Then I painted it with purple. Hated it even more. I tried to rub off the purple paint but instead of rubbing off it exposed the layers of paint underneath giving it a kind of iridescence. This was totally unplanned. I just gave up and submitted it certain of a D if I was lucky.

Well, I came into class to check my grade and it was nowhere to be found. All of the rest of the masks were there and graded but mine was missing. Well, as luck would have it the figure eight shaped head resembled that of the famous painting by Edvard Munch “The Scream”. The iridescence was seen as a novel use of the medium instead of a screw-up. My teacher submitted it into a district wide contest where I won second prize. I wound up with a “B” in that class all because of a “happy little accident”.

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CHAPTER 1: The kid who fell of the tree

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