A Bookshelf Romance

Pairing: Sam x reader

Summary: Sam’s always been a book nerd, and you’d think since he lives in a literal library at the bunker he’d be content with his reading needs until the day he died, but this is only until a certain cutie–you–at the local library catches his eye. And now there’s no other library in the world that’s better than this one.

A/N: Noticed I had an alarmingly low amount of Sam works on my masterlist and had to do something to improve this injustice! Hope you enjoy.

Warnings: None!

The Lebanon Library had thousands of books. Ranging from fictitious to biographical, from children’s reads to adult romance, and since two months ago even a whole lore section, it was a phenomena among the minute town of Lebanon. It had good lore too, not just some second-rate horror stories you could find on any old Reddit page. It was the kind Sam could’ve scrounged up at Bobby’s place, or discovered deep on the internet.

But another great—and might I add, more reasonable—place he could find mythology books a plenty is in his very own home, the bunker. Because the bunker not only had a few classic literature pages, but more than ninety percent of its shelves were stocked with just what he needed—lore.

But there was one thing the Lebanon Library had that the bunker didn’t—you.

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How would the bachelors react if the farmer took them with them to the mines since they don’t know about the monsters or the farmer’s extracurricular activities? Would they fight or would they need to be protected?

((I don’t do these often, and there’s a reason for it, but they’re quick, so here y’all are. –Dragon Mod))

Alex– He consistently ignores and tries to not think about how this is how George went from spry young man, like Alex, to disabled. He’s not really killed things before. Hunting was never his sport, it was always gridball and any other sport where he could fight with people, and win against them. The idea that he can kill, and is in fact encouraged to kill, in the mines is both appealing and a bit confusing for him at first. It only takes a few slimes before he’s absolutely interested in what’s going on, and he ends up racking up more “points” than the farmer does, and enjoys bragging about this to the farmer incessantly.

Elliott– Elliot is a lover, not a fighter. He doesn’t mind the mining, but he absolutely staunchly refuses to do anything but fish on the levels where fish are, or hand you food items when you need them for mining. Even watching you do the fighting makes him anxious, and he requests that you simply spend the rest of the trip trying to catch stonefish on level 20 of the mines. You acquiesce, and catch several gold star ones. He tries to eat one, and nearly chips a tooth.

Harvey–  He’s both fascinated, and utterly terrified. He’s not a coward, certainly. But the idea that this, this, is what gets you into his hospital all the time is something he can’t wrap his mind around. You don’t even take him to the truly dangerous levels and he jumps the moment he hears the maggots start to pupate and buzz, flies ready to slam into your flesh and lay their eggs.

Sam– He’s not sure why you even grabbed him here, but he doesn’t mind the mining work. You take care of the bugs, he works out in front of you, flexing and posing and totally getting you lots of ore, babe, trust him.

Sebastian – He’s only here for the obsidian, yeti tears, and you. When he gets enough geodes, a few yeti tears, and you, he’s good to go. He doesn’t fight, despite enjoying Solarion Chronicles where his character would fight in his situation. He just collects, and runs, and this works for you, so you are his Warrior, and he’s the healer who hands off healing potions (made of mushrooms, of course) as you delve deeper.

Shane– Are you kidding me? He’s not going into the mines, you shouldn’t be going into the mines. He has a goddaughter and 14 chickens who need him to come home to them. He scoffs at you for even asking the question. The mines. Huff.

Never Alone

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Request:I have a Sam X reader request where the reader overthinks everything because she has severe anxiety and the boys don’t know. They’ve been tracking down a demon for a few weeks now and when she finally catches it, it mentions something from her past from when she got anxiety and she lets it go by accident. She has a crippling anxiety attack, then the boys find her and Sam takes care of her and it can end in fluffy smut (if you’d like)?

Pairing: Sam x reader

Word Count: 1,388

Warning: anxiety attack, implied smut

A/N: Hope I did this one justice!…

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Today I turn 25, a whole quarter century! 🎈 And I think Kylie Jenner summed it up best when she said that this year was the year for realising things. I’ve done so much realising and I can’t wait to realise so much more and go so many places with my life. Here’s to 25 years and hopefully a lot more 🍾