your fave is problematic: bilbo baggins
  • implied gandalf should’ve been dead after seeing him for the first time in 40 yrs
  • gets pissed when a few dwarves start eating his food despite the fact that he has like 4 pantries of food
  • tried to fight 9 ft tall orc
  • was selected because he didn’t smell like dwarf, proceeded to smell like dwarf
  • woke up a DRAGON who had been sleeping for 60 YEARS
  • proceeded to mock that dragon
  • thorin is up there……” “…” “oh, and fili and kili, they’re also up there”

we talk about the pain we feel about thorin oakenshield, but we don’t talk as much about as much how we’re sad about bilbo baggins.

nobody discusses how utterly lonely that must’ve been. bilbo didn’t adopt frodo until he was 90— can you imagine, the days going on and on and the only company being curious children and your gardener? how desolate that would be?

and the only company being ten dwarves (originally thirteen, but that number dwindles, oh it dwindles) who only visit every few years.

and thorin’s death. it’s one of the strongest displays of emotion throughout the whole book. he wept until his eyes were red and his voice was hoarse. indeed it was long before he had the heart to make a joke again. he wept. he wept. he wept until his eyes were red and his voice was hoarse—

this hobbit, who mocked a dragon and told dwarves to be quiet when they complained about being put in barrels, who called thorin “very important“ (air quotes) “very haughty“. he weeps. he weeps. he weeps. and maybe it’s because of the whole quest, maybe it’s because for the first time he realises he’s going home, back to loneliness, but it doesn’t matter why. because we all know what he returns to. a home sacked, his family who have taken all of his possessions. what does he come back to? desolation. of a dragon of a whole different kind.

because even thorin oakenshield had people to turn to. but bilbo? who did he have in the shire, at home, if it can be called that? hamfast gamgee? frodo? samwise? and only they came along years later.

and imagine. how utterly lonely bilbo baggins life was, how utterly isolating.