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honestly though @ all major US TV networks and film makers, please look at the way audiences attach themselves instantly to smaller shows or films that give them representation and turn them into hits that people weren’t expecting. look at how quickly people have supported Eyewitness, look at how much support Shadowhunters has, look at the hype surrounding Moonlight, look how much people got behind The Fosters. people want to see themselves in the media they watch, stop ignoring such large portions of your audience.


From the manga :D

That Valentine pic of Uno and Jyugo though…. I mean I know, that doesn’t mean they’re together or anything… But the fact that it’s the two of them and not the others…. Ngghhhhh

So cute to see Kiji styling the warden’s hair.

22/2 is Neko day! I’m prepared to see fanarts of it next year, hopefully. People, please do draw them.


Jack + recognition


I’ve had an AU in my mind for a while where the monsters aren’t Underground, but live up in a kingdom beyond the clouds. In said AU, Frisk is a rare human born with wings and lives among them, acting as a messenger of the skies with Sans and Papyrus. I’m calling the AU “Skytale”.

I plan to draw more of this AU, so expect more stories and character designs in the future!