Thank you everyone! Those filled up faster than I anticipated. For those of you who got a slot: I will be working on these ASAP and anticipate to be done with all by the end of February. 


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I’d like to thank all of you 500+ people that followed me

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I’d like to make another art raffle

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1st Prize
2 detailed(?) pics 1-2 characters
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1 Sketch 1-3 characters
1 icon 1 character
2 winners

2nd Prize
1 Line art 2-4 characters
2 sketches 1-2 characters
1 line art icon 1 character
4 winners

3rd Prize
3 sketches 1-3 characters
1 sketch icon 1-2 characters
5 winners

Raffle is due February 4th!!


Hairstyles for offscreen characters

1. Brea, a fishmongers daughter in Braavos. 2. Sarella Sand, Oberyn’s fouth daughter. 3. Princess Elaena Targaryen, the youngest child of King Aegon III Targaryen. 4. Princess Arianne Martell, princess of Dorne. 5. Val, the Wildling ‘princess’. 6. Taena of Myr, lady of house Merryweather. 7. Wylla Manderly, daughter of the lord of White Harbour. 8. Lyanna Stark, the shewolf sister to Eddard. 9. Rohanne of Tyrosh married to Daemon Blackfyre


fifty lgbt+ marvel characters



Russian Names 101

How to accurately name and reference Russian characters

1. Titles

The main difference between Russian nobility and western nobility when titles are concerned is that the titles Prince and Princess refer to higher-ranking nobility rather than royalty

2. First names

This is pretty simple, but note that the pronunciations in Russian may vary from how we use them in English, especially Anastasia/ Anastasiya (a-na-sta-SEE-a) and Mariya/ Maria (MAH-ri-ya)

3. Middle names/Patronymics

This is the most important factor. Middle names are not other first names, but derived from the father’s name with a special suffix:

If the father’s name ends in a consonant or an o: the suffix -ovna or -vna is added for the daughter’s middle name and -ovich or -vich for the son’s.

Example: Sofia Alexandrovna Rostova (Sofia, daughter of Alexander Rostov)

If the father’s name ends in I or Y: the suffix -evna is added for a girl and -evich for a boy

Example: Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova (Anastasia, daughter of Nikolai Romanov)

If the father’s name ends in A: the suffix -ichna or -inichna is added for a girl and -ich for a boy

Example: Natalya Ilyinichna Rostova (Natalya, daughter of Ilya Rostov)

4. Surnames

This works similarly. Most surnames have a masculine and feminine form. The Masculine form is the default, used in plurals when referring to more than one person with the same surname, unless all people being referred to are female. The masculine and feminine forms work like this:

Surnames ending in -ov, in, ev: add an a to the end to make it feminine (ex. Borodin and Borodina)

Surnames ending in -sky: change to “skaya” (ex. Bolkonsky/Bolkonskaya)


lolirock characters
1 bonus/ hands

Folks, I can’t hide I love drawing girls so much, creating fashion, shoes, folds… and Oh Boy, the LoliRock project was so full of that !
But when you draw an interesting character, there always has to be a challenge (you often don’t even realize you’ll be in trouble in the first place), something you’ll have to work on very hard, to improve yourself and be proud. and there was THE biggest challenge EVERRRR : HAIRS ! Damn long curly hairs ! And believe me, we drew so much sheets full of hair turnarounds and construction for the animation…
But, even with all that, you can’t forget HANDS (and feet). it’s the basis ! that’s for me the ultimate detail that gives a unique signature to your character design.
Get a look on Basketeers’ hands. Same designer, same posings, but hands are the body’s details that give the biggest difference of STYLE.

Yooka-Laylee Stretch Goals

Alright, so Yooka-Laylee has already been funded but here are the stretch goals (converted roughly to US dollars).

264,985 - Game will be made Funded
416,000 - Boss Battles (Funded)
500,000 - Quiz Show (Funded)
600,000 - Transformations
660,000 - Mine Cart
810,000 - Local Co-op
1,000,000 - Local Multiplayer
1,085,000 - Translations
1,175,000 - New Designs for characters
1,325,000 - Multiplayer Modes
1,500,000 - Day 1 Release

If you want to help support this Banjo-Kazooie Spiritual Successor, you can go here