-i AM these characters
-i dont identify w/ their race, just w/ their personalities.

good sign that this person sucks

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isn't there a big difference between someone joking about relating to a character/being the icon and someone actually identifying as a character/insisting on being called them? i'm still having a lot of trouble understanding fictionkin and how serious it is or isn't...

i suppose there is but the post was specifically about people who were blatantly against anyone being fictkin and still reblogging a post that could be taken as fictkin in nature, if that makes any sense! yeah its cool when you can point at a char and be like ‘thats me’ but not in the kin way and you can definitely reblog stuff relating to that without a problem totally!! but yeah idk my beef is just. people against fictkin in general 

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The reason someone would tag a character as themselves is that they identify with that character. I believe the term is fictionkin, under the otherkin umbrella but I don't know for sure I've just seen some posts here and there because someone I follow identifies with a bunch of characters or something.

But that’s still really strange though? Do people identify themselves with an artist’s oc even though they don’t know the character in depth?

Although I can kinda understand why artists would get upset now because it’s almost implying this their ocs was modeled after this so and so person (when it’s clearly not)


Characters I Identify with 1/7: Bao-Dur

So I’ve been meaning to do something Tumblr-y for awhile now and this is what I came up with. Basically, over the next week I’m going to post 7 characters with whom I feel a lot of empathy and commonality with, explaining briefly why as well as where I know them from. Feel free to pick this up and do it yourself if you like. Think of it as a challenge, I suppose.

The first up is Bao-Dur who, if you notice, is my default avatar online. Bao-Dur is a character from the computer roleplaying game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (often abbreviated as either TSL or KotOR II). Specifically, he’s a mechanic and an old comrade of the player character, the Exile, who was a general for the Republic during the Mandalorian Wars, which took place roughly a decade before the game takes place.

As a character, Bao-Dur can be most immediately described as soft-spoken, intelligent, and loyal. Beneath that, though, Bao-Dur, like all of the characters in TSL, is wounded, scarred by his experiences during the Mandalorian Wars and left with a desire to leave the galaxy a better place than he found it as well as a hidden kernel of rage towards those who cause him and the Republic so much pain (the Mandalorians). It’s also widely interpreted by the fanbase that he holds a candle for the female (and canonical) version of the Exile, though he is unavailable as a romance in the game.

While I didn’t identify with Bao-Dur until a few years after I’d played the game (prompted largely by friends who compared me with him as well as an online personality test that pointed me in his direction), I’ve come to accept him as a pretty close analog to myself. Like Bao-Dur, I am very quiet around all but my closest friends, I tend to think of myself as highly intelligent, and I am very loyal to those who I hold dear. I also, like Bao-Dur, have had issues with anger in the past and have a lot of pain I tend to keep to myself.

I’m so glad Star Butterfly exists.

Up to now I always thought female characters, at least the protagonists, generally weren’t flawed enough to be relatable. At least not flawed in the same ways as me. What I’m saying is I really didn’t have any character I could identify with.

And then there’s Star. She’s so violent, reckless and impulsive, but still has a sense of humour and isn’t even particularly unintelligent or unfeeling.

Look at that face. What was the last time you saw a female character, a protagonist nonetheless, take that much pleasure in the idea of getting to inflict pain on people? She’s perfect.

Still not completely finished with this, but I have a lot of work to do today and I didn’t want to post something late for Lucina’s birthday/the 25th anniversary of Fire Emblem, so here’s the WIP!

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Lucina has become a very important character to me. I’ve never been able to identify with many female characters, and I guess I’ve always had some sort of ingrained misogyny - I couldn’t even write strong female characters in my own stories. Admittedly, I wasn’t too fond of Lucina even before I started playing Awakening - both because I never like the “poster child” and she seemed boring - but in her Supports I found her to be an admirable, high-minded woman with whom I could finally identify. Of course, Awakening has a variety of strong women in its cast, but Lucina reminds me the most of myself. Seeing someone like that as the main character in a game, and one who everyone loves, actually gave me some confidence, and since playing, I’ve been able to finally feel excited about creating powerful female characters in my writing, as well as strive to better myself. This is why, even though I love all of the characters in Awakening, Lucina is my favorite.

Im old enough and gay enough now my friends are using me as a resource for confused queer youths and while im flattered and i wanna help, a part of me wants to be like

“no i cannot give your cousin advice on their sexuality bc i febreezed my clothes again instead of washing them my life is in shambles”

ladylongface asked me to do this so here I go

Fictional characters with whom I identify:

Harry Potter
Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe)
Morrigan (Dragon Age)
Crowley (Good Omens)
Sirius Black (Harry Potter)
Nicky (OiTNB)
Nathan (Metacocktopus)
Lana Winters (AHS: Asylum)
Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Moon)
Homura (Puella Magi Madoka Magika)
Elsa (Frozen) 
Cassie (Skins UK)


Characters I Identify with 6/7: Shizuku Tsukishima

Six days and six characters I identify. After today, there’s just one more left to go. With that said let’s delve into one of my favorite Ghibli characters: Shizuku Tsukishima.

Shizuku Tsukishima is the main character of Whisper of the Heart, an unusual Ghibli film that deals less in environmentalism, fantasy, or other Ghibli mainstays and instead is a slice-of-life window into the life of the 14-year-old Shizuku and those close to her as she comes to the end of her junior high school career. While Princess Mononoke remains my favorite Ghibli film, the more subtly dramatic and romantic Whisper of the Heart comes pretty close to usurping it. Sadly, its director Yoshifumi Kondo, who was slated to become a major player at Ghibli, died shortly after making the film.

In a lot of ways Shizuku is reminiscent of a lot of Ghibli heroines but where these characters tend to get swept up in events bigger than they are Shizuku’s struggles are far more mundane. Intelligent but aimless, Shizuku has gradually lost interest in school as she approaches graduation, uncertain of what to do or who she wants to be. Driven both by her love of reading and of the aspiring luthier she’s grown to admire but who will soon be beyond her reach, Shizuku decides that she wants to be a writer and spends the last two months before graduation pouring her life into making that commitment. Her drive, however, comes at the cost of her rest and her schoolwork, driving a wedge between herself and her family before ultimately a compromise is reached.

Unlike Shizuku, I’ve known since I was very young (the 1st grade, precisely) that I wanted to be a writer. But everything else - where to go to school, what to study, how to pay for it all - long befuddled me and I can empathize strongly with her aimlessness and uncertainty, which struck me at a similar point in life. Additionally, her struggle to balance her priorities and her schedule, her deep love of fiction, her self-doubt, and the way she finds inspiration in those she cares for are all things I see in myself as well.

Has Garnet ever screwed up? I dont think Garnet has ever screwed up. At least not bad enough for me to not think shes completely perfect. I want an episode where Garnet screws up. She screws up BAD. And Amethyst and Pearl won’t let it go so Garnet loses confidence in herself and starts screwing up little things. And it’s up to Steven to help his square mom realize that one mistake, even if it was really bad, doesn’t make her a total failure. I’d watch that at least a thousand times.


I consider art as another language, another way to express yourself. I’m fascinated by the idea of reaching everybody around the world, whichever the language they may speak, and connect with them through my character’s emotions or stories. I want the observer to identify with my own artistic idiom and to vent of all those feelings we all have felt overtaking ourselves at some point. To do that I create internal conversations with the subjects of my paintings, they tell me what they want to transmit as I’m giving them shape. Once the character’s figurative part begins to become more clear, they will take over my work and express what they want. Then, this is the most terrifing but at the same time funniest part of the whole process: translating their wishes with stokes. Sometimes they are stubborn so a fight between me and those newly created persons begin as my primary idea vanishes and their’s becomes more fierce.
My oil work is amid figurative and abstract art, with an special touch of expressionism that characterize my personage’s soul.

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