Make liking black characters an active choice, because you’ve been conditioned not to

This goes not only for white fans but for Asian fans of any media

I’m Filipino, and as an Asian who’s been submerged in enough Hollywood to know, we have been conditioned to be attracted to and like white characters in a way that we have not been with black characters. 

The reason I can identify it is that I grew up watching the amazing works of Dwayne McDuffie, the creator of Static Shock (my childhood crush) who made sure that an entire generation grew up with a black Green Lantern with Justice League and JLU. I grew up with black protagonists and black faves and it baffled me when other people couldn’t seem to appreciate black characters the way I did. 

It’s about the same as fangirls teaching themselves to like female characters and identify and snuff out their heteronormative internalized misogyny. And yes, even shipping gay characters can be heteronormative if you as a straight woman are disgusted by female characters or female relationships but will happily fetishize two men. It’s not even about being attracted to women or female relationships–simply to actively identify what you like about female characters and female relationships and enjoy them as you would male faves. To make the conscious decision to cut away your own misogyny against female characters.

We have not been conditioned to see black men as leading men, as heartthrobs, as celebrity crushes, as faves. Only recently have we seen a rise in black Hollywood heartthrobs like T’challa from Civil War and the upcoming Black Panther, or in main characters like Finn from Star Wars TFA.

And you as a fan who has been raised in racism and colorism need to make the active effort to look at these characters, who are identical to your usual faves in every way except they’re not white, and make the active decision to say “this character is beautiful and I want to see more content for them” and then follow through with it

And when you’ve done that enough, it’ll become second nature. It’s not something you can force, or need to. All you have to do is understand and remove your own hypocrisy and racism, and appreciate black leads and black faves as a fandom. 

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ig this might be due to being gay being a big part of my identity and sense of self but the idea of a fictional utopia where sexual orientation basically doesn’t exist and everyone just likes who they like is just very alienating to me. representation politics are very weird and flawed but if we’re going to get into the types of characters i identify with in media and who’ve had a long lasting positive impact on me, they aren’t ones who just so happen to be involved with other men without it being addressed whatsoever, they’re specifically and culturally gay and that’s a part of their character and narrative. the idea of losing that for this weird, theoretical, enlightened society where same gender sex or romance just happens by chance without ever being something important or specific just makes me feel very weird and sad.

I’m going to vent out a little introspective Shiro love for a second. 

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m in my early twenties and last summer I was in a horrific car accident with my girlfriend in the car. An animal ran out in front of me on the highway, I swerved, and the car rolled enough times for the roof to curl in on me and nearly cut my arm off. This was shortly after I started this blog, about a month after s1 came out. I’ll tell you in a weirdly funny way that while I was pinned into the car with my head split open and a firefighter talking to me to keep me conscious, he asked what kind if tv I liked and I proceeded to tell him all about Voltron and the paladins until I fainted from blood loss.

The following months were rough. I was very lucky that I was taken to an amazing hospital where they were able to patch me up and save my life. I have a rod in my spine, two vertebrae melted together to replace a broken one, a titanium shoulder joint replacement, and some other medical enhancements that I don’t really understand in my leg, knee, and foot. But there wasn’t anything they could do for the nerve damage in my arm. I couldn’t move it. I spent four months in the hospital undergoing several procedures but neuroscience just hasn’t come far enough yet for my arm to be repaired.

In addition to the physical trauma, I was dealing with a lot of mental repercussions. I sat in the wreckage of a car barely conscious, babbling about Pidge and Hunk and the other paladins while feeling jagged bits of broken teeth in my mouth and seeing chunks of gore in front of my face. I felt guilty that I put my girlfriend in danger, had nightmares that the car flipped the other way and she was the one who ended up hurt. And I felt so, so lost. I felt helpless and scared but I was surrounded by people who were so worried about me and loved me so much that I didn’t want to worry them. So as best I could, I smiled and joked and even now when I have Bad Days I try hard not to let it show.

So, Shiro is a character I really identify with.

The show makes no effort to hide his PTSD. He has triggers and flashbacks, he jokes about his own pain and injuries, but in spite of all that he tries to lift up his team and be strong for them. He tells Allura to get some sleep despite staying awake himself. 

I really hope that in the future they’ll address Shiro’s scars. Because I’m covered head to foot with them and for a long time I tried hiding them. I’d wear long sleeves or pull my blanket up to my chin if I was bedridden. And I wonder if Shiro has scars too; ones he hides from the team because no matter how many times people say “scars are just a sign that something tried to kill you and failed,” to him they’re just a permanent memento of the worst time in his life. 

I dunno what point I’m trying to make here, I just like Shiro a lot and appreciate everyone who put work into him, @joshkeaton @thebestlaurenmontgomery and anyone else with tumblrs I don’t know about. 

Sidenote: while I was full of pain killers in the emergency room and trying to make things less tense I demanded eye contact with every nurse and told them if I got a bionic arm I wanted full creative control over the design. I think we all know what it would have looked like.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Snowbarry shippers, and Iris haters in general, aren’t delusional. That would be an insult to actual mentally ill people. They are simply entitled brats, who think that if they scream hard enough and for long enough about how they hate Iris and how Westallen is incest, they’ll get their way. They think that if they tweet the writers and producers with their demands for long enough, they can get rid of Iris and replace her with Caitlin. They want what Iris has for Caitlin, and this is proven by them replacing her in manips of Westallen scenes to make them Snowbarry ones. And no matter what reasons they give for disliking Iris or Westallen, the fact that they replace her with Caitlin points to them being biased against a black character at the very least.

Not enough proof? How they twist themselves into knots to justify how Iris is the worst, nitpicking her every flaw, and even inventing some for good measure, but giving Caitlin a pass when she literally endangered the whole team when she kept a pice of the Philosopher’s Stone or when she willingly helped Savitar in his attempt to kill Iris. But that wasn’t her, they scream, that was Killer Frost. Iris can do no good, while Caitlin can do no wrong, and that is very telling. They always conveniently forget Caitlin’s “even if I wanted to” line…

And no matter how much they scream and rant about not being racist, the truth is that is what they are. Racism is not just the straight forward kind. The fact that this happens in every fandom with characters of colour, especially those that are the main love interest, proves this. So they’re not delusional, they’re just entitled brats throwing a prolonged temper tantrum because they can’t get their prefered couple on their screens in any form.

From what I’ve seen while doing research about fandom racism, these kinds of people were successful in other fandoms. And that, frankly, is sad. Not only that they do it, but that they actually succeeded in several instances. The fact that the Flash writers haven’t pandered to their demands gives me a glimmer of hope that Iris, and by extension Candice Patton, will be on my screen for years to come, and I won’t have to lose the character I most identify with on The Flash.

P.S. I just had to get that off my chest, because I’ve grown sick and tired of antis coming into the spaces I enjoy just to disregard the character I love, and then act like we are the hateful ones. This was written mainly to vent, but also for people with an open mind newly joining the fandom and curious to find out what’s going on. Posts like this have helped me see the whole picture before I myself joined this fandom, and have kept me from being ignorant when engaging with other fans.

P.P.S. If you’re a Snowbarry shipper, or a multishipper who happens to ship both, coming across this post, and you find this doesn’t apply to you, then it simply doesn’t. Just keep on stepping. Don’t come tell me how not all SB shippers are racist. Not all are. But they are biased at the very least.

hey @ dreamworks i want lance to realise his bisexuality and also i want him to kiss a cute boy because he deserves it

kind regards


tv wlw appreciation week • favourite wlw character: alice pieszecki (the l word)

“hello and welcome to alice in lesboland

Emma Watson’s a good actress, but it always bugged me that they would cast somebody who was so obviously blonde and NOT bushy-haired, when her brown, bushy hair is so prominently described in the books. As a nerdy kid with brown, bushy hair growing up, the Hermione of the books was one of the first fictional characters whom I truly identified with - as much because of her physical description as her awkwardness and nerdiness.

(graphic made by @panicoenlondres!)

The character I identify with the most on Hannibal was that patient of Bedelia’s played by Zachary Quinto who died immediately after yelling about how completely fucked up everything that was going on actually was.


Nine characters you identify with (tagged by enbouton):

L Lawliet (Death Note), Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice), Daniel Holden (Rectify), Amélie Poulain (Amélie), Shikamaru Nara (Naruto), Jane Margolis (Breaking Bad), Betty Draper (Mad Men), Donnie Darko (Donnie Darko), Jane Lane (Daria)

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Hello, my name is Alex, and I have sensory processing disorder. Here is a link to a post I made about what that is. Anyways, I have a headcanon, that Tony Stark has sensory processing disorder, which can cause people to become overwhelmed with visual stimuli (See above), as well as sound, touch, smell, and probably taste. He finds the moving ornament (visual stimuli) too distracting to properly hold a conversation. 

External image

Now there’s a seemingly, kind of obvious rebuttal for this headcanon. The loud music Tony listens to in the lab. However, loud music can drown out repetitive noises made by hammering, and other things, and keep you from hyperfocusing on small sounds in the area.  I listen to loud music when trying to do homework because the squeaky noise pencils make on paper sometimes sets off my SPD.

This headcanon is obviously a big deal to me for personal reasons. It’s nice to see a character I can identify with. And Tony is not the only MCU character I view as having SPD.

When Tony asked Peter how he saw out of the goggles, Peter said that his heightened senses made it hard to focus and the limited vision provided by the goggles helped. A sentence that I have always related thoroughly to because of my SPD is “Sometimes I can’t do all of my senses at the same time they are too much much… I had to plug my ears to look at it, I had to close my eyes to listen.” (Andrea Gibson.) I feel like that’s what Peter is experiencing, and that the goggles help because they block out some of the stimuli. 

I wrote a fic a while ago, and posted it here, but I’ll link it Here again. 

I have some pretty strong feeling about these headcanons, they’re important to me. 

@stimtastic I showed Groot my Dulcimer when I met him at California Adventure! He tilted his head this way and that while I explained what it’s for, then told me in his own way that it must be tasty, lol :)

The Tangle in my hand is off Amazon because I’m a magpie and like shiny things. Groot tried to eat it! I think it’s hilarious that I can walk around saying “Hey, Groot bit my Tangle!” XD

Seriously, it’s IN his mouth! <3

Groot is a character I really identify with, so getting to ‘meet’ him was very special. 

I have a video of the whole thing (my photos are screencaps from it). I’m only going to link it to keep this post from getting any longer.

Btw the Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout ride is frigging awesome, but it might be overwhelming if you don’t like sudden rises or falls in the dork or have motion sickness.