Regardless of what happens to Lexa this season, she will forever be one of my favorite characters of all time. I’ve never identified with and respected a character as much as her. She’s a great, complex, strong woman that is such an inspiration. She’s been completely broken and found a way to keep pushing onward and fighting. Is she perfect? Not close, but damn she’s tough, determined, and she tries.
Even if she and Clarke were never a thing, I’m 100% convinced she’s still be my favorite because I admire her leadership, bravery, intelligence, acumen, and general badassery.

That moment...

Today I was having a conversation with a students about the book she was reading in class.  The book happened to be about a transgender character.  She became very animated when telling me about the story and she ended with saying that she really identified with the character.

After this discussion I continued leading the class in an activity, but later during the period I was able to put four books on her desk.  All of them about being, or becoming, transgender.  I said that she should look at these books so she could have an idea of what to read next.  

Her face lit up.

She began devouring the books–looking at the descriptions, thumbing through, and smiling the entire time.

After class she asked me how many she could borrow and, of course, I said all of them.  She could not stop saying thank you and took all four.

Diversity representation is essential in the classroom. I have been collecting those books for years and this was the first time I had used them, but they were there.  Waiting for their moment. 

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So I've gone back pretty far in your blog and you have a ton of lovely introspective text posts about INFJs but I don't see any character likenesses (Elsa the ISTJ, Rapunzel the ESFJ, etc). Would you mind identifying some popular characters that are INFJs please?

I have gotten a couple of asks about this and my only problem in doing this is that I do not know of many INFJ characters….

Here are the ones I know…
Maggie Pierce from Grey’s Anatomy
Remus Lupin from Harry Potter

…and that’s about it…if y'all know of anymore please share!!!!

  • because I didn’t know what asexuality was until I saw it online
  • because for the longest time, I thought I was just broken
  • because finding out there was a label for people like me, that there were others like me, was one of the best days of my life
  • because people still react like it’s impossible, or will go away once I meet the right person
  • because no one knows what it is and it shouldn’t be my responsibility to educate every single one of them
  • because I am told that I will get over it
  • because asexuality is used as a trope for people who are cold and heartless and don’t know how to love
  • because we are compared to robots or plants
  • because people think we have been assaulted or traumatized in some way, and that this is just a reaction, and not just who we are
  • because there is no mainstream media character I can point to that has been identified as asexual
  • because when even thinking about characters who may be asexual, the only ones that come to mind are written that way as jokes or to make a point about their personality
  • because people still think the a is for allies
  • because there are kids growing up right now that feel just like I did and they won’t learn about asexuality until long after they think they’re broken too
  • because everyone deserves to see themselves in their heroes
  • because we exist and we are here and you can’t keep ignoring us

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Thank you for not making your gender swap cosplays sexy. Too many girls rely on boobs to get attention.

I appreciate that you like my cosplay, but I’m not sure I can take this as a compliment. I don’t care for compliments that take swipes at other cosplayers, especially other girls. It actually makes me pretty uncomfortable, because it implies there’s something wrong with sexy cosplay or showing off your body. To be blunt, it’s slut shaming in the form of a compliment so that you don’t actually have to call anyone a slut to their faces. 

I make my genderbend cosplays the way I do because I like the styles of the outfits I chose, I like the characters, I like aiming for accuracy, and I gender identify as female. My body and my boobs have very little to do with my cosplay choices. And no one else’s body has anything to do with my choices either. People can dress up however they like and don’t deserve to have negativity aimed their way because there’s no right or wrong way to cosplay. Are you going to suddenly change your mind about me if I decide I want to be really sexy at a con one day? Because I can tell you right now, that’s going to happen at WonderCon this year. So will your opinion of me as a person suddenly change just because my clothes changed? We’re so much more than our clothes or how we choose to cosplay, and you don’t need to hate one girl to like another.

I started this ask being mildly annoyed but now I’m actually angry, so you should consider calling your mom today and apologizing for having gross opinions about women. 

Five Things That Make You Happy Meme

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1) Waking up early on a weekend and getting some writing done before falling back asleep until the late afternoon. sometimes this is more effective than other times, where i just write “touched HIS CHESt” and fall asleep before i clarify whose chest

2) Cleaning!! literally nothing makes me happier. cleaning my own apartment is like a daily joy, but because I keep up with it it’s never that same rush as a big cleaning project haha. I love cleaning friends’ houses, my ideal hang out is i clean your house while you talk to me. i know its difficult for ppl but i literally have no judgements when someone has a messy house. i understand completely that normal ppl have lives and dont enjoy cleaning, whereas i am a freak and serial cleaner tidy ,but i am happy to share that. Organizing books and asking about little trinkets while watching a previously messy room change into a tidy space– i dont know dude, I love it. I like cleaning bathrooms best, if I had to pick. Scrubbing down a sink, the smell of really intense cleaning products. I have specific tools for these jobs, like cleaning a clogged drain?? thats MY JAM. i havent cleaned my own drains in a few months bc I’m saving it for a day when I’m feeling really low. snaking a drain to me is like a euphoric high wow this sounds euphemistic or just plain crazy but I LOVE CLEANING i am learning to love ironing but it’s slow going. DISHES whats more relaxing than doing dishes okay I’m done

3) Summarizing a series. oh you wanna know what the first half of naruto is like? or you wanna know how that episode of supernatural went down? lemme get good and drunk and SPIN YOU A YARN. it will be an octave TOO LOUD and i will get most details WRONG but you’ll learn something tonight. i am not sure anyone else enjoys my recaps but lord knows i love doing them

4) Grocery shopping by myself. every 2 weeks I go to the grocery store sunday morning and get the staples and ingredients for new recipes. it’s best when the store is mostly empty bc lbr, other ppl grocery shopping are fucking assholes. but i like the process so much. following a very specific route going up and down aisles in a certain order. checking my meticulously organized grocery list. debating if i really need marshmallows. when a new ingredient that needs a specific spice i dont have, so then i have to scan the whole spice aisle for the cheapest version of tarragon. that moment when you pull a cart out of an aisle too fast and nearly hit someone and youre like oh.. um.. sorry. the grocery attendants face when ive got likr 6 things of zzquil in 2 different forms. i will be well fed and well rested these next two weeks my friend. plastic please

5) When I see squirrels or chipmunks and make the kissy/clicking noise at them and they look right at me!! try it. For chipmunks apparently when they make that sound it means there’s danger from above. which means essentially im being like LOOK OUT to get their attention. ah but their cute little faces!!

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Characters I identify with, tagged by (who else?) @phocks

This was  hard…I started posting characters I love but that have nothing to do with me, so I had to be reeally picky. I know it’s a strange mix but it’d be an extremely long post if I had to state why I chose each one of them.

  • -Eowyn (LOTR): “What do you fear, lady?“ Aragorn asked. "A cage. To stay behind bars, until use and old age accept them, and all chance of doing great deeds is gone beyond recall or desire.”
  • -John Constantine (Constantine): “I guess there’s a plan for all of us. I had to die - twice - just to figure that out.”
  • -Eve (Only lovers Left Alive):  “How can you have lived for so long and still not get it? This self-obsession is a waste of living. It could be spent on surviving things, appreciating nature,nurturing kindness and friendship, and dancing!” 
  • -Rust Cohle (True Detective):"If the only thing keeping a person decent is the expectation of divine reward then, brother, that person is a piece of shit.”
  • -Morrigan (Dragon Age Origins) :  "Men are always willing to believe two things about a woman: one, that she is weak, and two, that she finds him attractive”
  • -Wirt (Over The Garden Wall):  “ I don’t know much of anything anymore.“ 
  • -Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Dervice) : “ Without even thinking about it, I used to be able to fly. Now I’m trying to look inside myself and find out how I did it”.
  • -Garnet (Steven Universe): “ It’s not easy being in control… I have weaknesses too. But I choose not to let them consume me.”

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Characters I Identify with 1/7: Bao-Dur

So I’ve been meaning to do something Tumblr-y for awhile now and this is what I came up with. Basically, over the next week I’m going to post 7 characters with whom I feel a lot of empathy and commonality with, explaining briefly why as well as where I know them from. Feel free to pick this up and do it yourself if you like. Think of it as a challenge, I suppose.

The first up is Bao-Dur who, if you notice, is my default avatar online. Bao-Dur is a character from the computer roleplaying game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (often abbreviated as either TSL or KotOR II). Specifically, he’s a mechanic and an old comrade of the player character, the Exile, who was a general for the Republic during the Mandalorian Wars, which took place roughly a decade before the game takes place.

As a character, Bao-Dur can be most immediately described as soft-spoken, intelligent, and loyal. Beneath that, though, Bao-Dur, like all of the characters in TSL, is wounded, scarred by his experiences during the Mandalorian Wars and left with a desire to leave the galaxy a better place than he found it as well as a hidden kernel of rage towards those who cause him and the Republic so much pain (the Mandalorians). It’s also widely interpreted by the fanbase that he holds a candle for the female (and canonical) version of the Exile, though he is unavailable as a romance in the game.

While I didn’t identify with Bao-Dur until a few years after I’d played the game (prompted largely by friends who compared me with him as well as an online personality test that pointed me in his direction), I’ve come to accept him as a pretty close analog to myself. Like Bao-Dur, I am very quiet around all but my closest friends, I tend to think of myself as highly intelligent, and I am very loyal to those who I hold dear. I also, like Bao-Dur, have had issues with anger in the past and have a lot of pain I tend to keep to myself.


Nine characters you identify with (tagged by enbouton):

L Lawliet (Death Note), Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice), Daniel Holden (Rectify), Amélie Poulain (Amélie), Shikamaru Nara (Naruto), Jane Margolis (Breaking Bad), Betty Draper (Mad Men), Donnie Darko (Donnie Darko), Jane Lane (Daria)

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9 Characters I Identify With (in no particular order)

1. Spencer Hastings (Pretty Little Liars), 2. Rose Tyler (Doctor Who), 3. Richard Castle (Castle), 4. Robin Scherbastky (How I met your Mother), 5. Nico di Angelo (Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus), 6. Charlie Bradbury (Supernatural), 7. Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter), 8. Jo Harvell (Supernatural), 9. Darcy Lewis (Marvel/Thor)

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Characters I Identify with 6/7: Shizuku Tsukishima

Six days and six characters I identify. After today, there’s just one more left to go. With that said let’s delve into one of my favorite Ghibli characters: Shizuku Tsukishima.

Shizuku Tsukishima is the main character of Whisper of the Heart, an unusual Ghibli film that deals less in environmentalism, fantasy, or other Ghibli mainstays and instead is a slice-of-life window into the life of the 14-year-old Shizuku and those close to her as she comes to the end of her junior high school career. While Princess Mononoke remains my favorite Ghibli film, the more subtly dramatic and romantic Whisper of the Heart comes pretty close to usurping it. Sadly, its director Yoshifumi Kondo, who was slated to become a major player at Ghibli, died shortly after making the film.

In a lot of ways Shizuku is reminiscent of a lot of Ghibli heroines but where these characters tend to get swept up in events bigger than they are Shizuku’s struggles are far more mundane. Intelligent but aimless, Shizuku has gradually lost interest in school as she approaches graduation, uncertain of what to do or who she wants to be. Driven both by her love of reading and of the aspiring luthier she’s grown to admire but who will soon be beyond her reach, Shizuku decides that she wants to be a writer and spends the last two months before graduation pouring her life into making that commitment. Her drive, however, comes at the cost of her rest and her schoolwork, driving a wedge between herself and her family before ultimately a compromise is reached.

Unlike Shizuku, I’ve known since I was very young (the 1st grade, precisely) that I wanted to be a writer. But everything else - where to go to school, what to study, how to pay for it all - long befuddled me and I can empathize strongly with her aimlessness and uncertainty, which struck me at a similar point in life. Additionally, her struggle to balance her priorities and her schedule, her deep love of fiction, her self-doubt, and the way she finds inspiration in those she cares for are all things I see in myself as well.