characters that I can relate to

Dragon Age is so cool?

It gives you all these options to pick a character and make you attached to them?

For me it’s Garrett Hawke. I love him and he’s very special for me. I can relate with him a lot!! While playing DA2 I focus on his face, expression and the tone of his voice. I like to watch the scenes playing around him, but I also picture mine?

It’s so cool!!! :^)

Thanks Bioware for giving me such an amazing character! I will take him with me forever <3333

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i can totally relate to your intense love for jimin, and i think ur tags in his pics are so beautiful. He's so perfect, there's so much to talk about him... i could go for hours

; u ; thank you

i can talk about him for the rest of my life. how lovely he is, how tender his heart is, his amazing character, his affection and humbleness for everyone… jimin is just full of greatness and many wonderful things

i can not believe i have to say this
  • liking a snape because he is an interesting character is fine
  • loving snape because u can relate to his pain is fine
  • disliking snape because u dont like his storyline is fine
  • hating snap for the way he treated his students is fine


sending someone death threats and filling their inbox with rude and uncalled for messages is NOT fine and is downright psychotic 

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Hi, I have a character in my story that goes through abuse, some physical abuse but mainly emotional abuse. I want to make sure that I don't overdue the abuse and make it unbelievable and/or makes readers that have gone through it offensive. Do you have any advice? (Also the relationship is not romantic- it is a father-son relationship) Thank you for answering my ask!

Hello Anon, 

The best way to know if you’re ‘over doing it’ is if it makes you uncomfortable reading/writing it, it probably is. The same can apply to realism, if it doesn’t seem right, try and rework it be more believable/relatable— incorporate how you would feel/react in the situation your characters are going through.

A good way to get a grasp on abuse in literature is to read some works. Link HERE will give you some examples. 

Best regards.

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I've read a lot of your metas, and two things you talk about often are the mirror verse and the clone theory. Have you ever thought if they're possibly related? (sorry in advance if this has already occurred to you or been asked before). Maybe a "clone" in the sense of the word "cyclone" that you have pointed out multiple times, is like a reflection of someone, or maybe their mirror self. If like you said, it represents an alternate dimension, maybe there are alternate versions of the (1/2)

(2/2) characters that are the same, but a bit different idk this doesn’t make any sense even to me but hopefully you can understand what I’m getting at here.


It’s a good question and it’s probably good you posted this, because I guess it’s easy to think that I mean they’re separate theories, while I do in fact think that they most likely are related, or one is a consequence of the other or vice versa.

We got a very blatant example of what I think we should label as mirrorverse in episode 5x01 with the freaky stuff that happened in Scott’s kitchen with the magnets. I did talk about that at length in my recap post part 1.

I have this feeling we will get an explanation to mirror verse and it’s either directly connected to time, or parallel universes (a combination could also be possible, a parallel universe could be out of sync tiime-wise with ours for instance ) will come in connection to the dread doctors. Now that they’re here and proclaiming that “time is limited” things seem to be escalating. 

In episode 5x02 we did get more references to biology, cloning was directly mentioned by Lydia and one of the dread doctors is called The Genealogist (the other two The Surgeon and The Pathologist). I talked a bit about in part 2

Lately I keep coming back to the tv series Fringe as another possible inspiration/source, because it also deals with the blurry lines of science and supernatural, parallel universes, doctors experimenting, worlds in unbalance, shapeshifters, water tanks and creations bleeding mercury. 

The thing is, I feel like we’re on the brink of a breakthrough, that we have a lot of the puzzle pieces and they’re right and a part of the picture, but we just haven’t managed to slot them together in the right sequence yet. Which makes a lot of the theories feel jumbled and sometimes like they don’t fit together at all. It’s all very fun and frustrating and terribly annoying in very enjoyable yet torturous manner. 


Oops my tree favorite muse characters are Nozomi (obviously), Nico, and Rin. If I picked my favorite voice actors it would have been Kussun (obviously), Nanjolno, and Emitsun. Either way I liked drawing them they’re super cute. I don’t know why they’re all related to food but I think that’s how you really hang out with a pal.

If you don’t understand why Kussun and Nozomi are eating canned corn go here thank me later. NicoSora’s playing with carrots because Niko Puri (that’s the only logical answer) and RinRippi are waiting for the Ramen :D

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The "All New, All Different" Avengers roster low key looks like an add for these up coming MCU movies. Which is fine, I don't care about a media company using comics to promote movies, I'm just skeptical because "all new/different" only applies to character and not the people making the comics? How different is it going to be if it's the same white creatives and their hand full of minority guests?

Hello, here’s the funny thing: I stopped looking at anything related to that stuff a good while ago. Sometimes, due to my internet circles, it becomes unavoidable. But mostly that stuff is invisible to me. It can’t keep up with the nonsense that they’re doing at Marvel. They’re starting series twice inside of a year sometimes. It’s like stop. That’s not what numbers mean. It’s confusing. It’s ridiculous. It means nothing at all. When was the last time that a marvel comic made it to issue #30? Who knows? They need to stop these childish games, first of all and then we can talk about their diversity problems.

Marvel’s diversity problems are essentially that they’re too proud to seek out people to do the right work.

Marvel’s other problem is that they publish too many things. I think I saw the number 45 tossed around. And these guys really sit around talking about sales? They lecture the readers about the importance of buying stuff and supporting their titles but they publish more titles than they know what to do with. It’s beneath me, I have no opinion. 

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Okay, I hope this doesn't offend you or anything but I never liked NH and it was basically because I felt like Hinata was only written to be a love interest, nothing else. Kishi had a chance to build her character but in pt2 and everything she did/thought seemed to only be in relation to Naruto. I never cared for NH because of how Hinata was depicited. I was then recently told that this is very sexist, I'm worried that they may be right. I never saw Sakura, Ino or Temari like this, just Hinata.

Well I can’t say I disagree because Hinata was created to be a love interest and if she wasn’t, she became one, most of her scenes are to do with her loving Naruto which there is nothing wrong with that, I mean I see nothing wrong with her being solely a love interest but i can certainly understand people wanting to see more, she only had her story with Neji and her clan but even her love for Naruto was brought into that, and I think the problem is many can’t seem to accept she is a love interest and a normal rookie member, she is kind of irrelevant to anything outside of Naruto and I’m not saying that negatively or mean anything bad by it, it’s just the truth, nothing wrong with it per say, many characters revolve around Naruto, that’s the way it is, but with me it’s the opposite though, I liked Hinata’s side of NH, it’s how Naruto is depicted that makes me not care for it as in him ignoring her feelings and liking Sakura till the end. 

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Have you considered the fact you should hate Ned, the person who actually did you wrong and not Jon who's only crime was being born?

I can’t answer this in character, because Catelyn wouldn’t answer it. She would think the question out of order, and the subject too painful to discuss with strangers (she barely discusses it with family. However, I can tell you her thought processes.

Firstly: Catelyn does not hate Jon. She dislikes him, she resents him, she fears him, she hates seeing him, but she does not hate him. He is no true relation to her, her children love him, and so she doesn’t hate him, she hates what he reminds her of, what he represents. But it’s mostly resentment she feels, which, while it can look much like hatred, is quite different.

Secondly, Catelyn was married to Ned and was to spend the rest of her life with him as Lady of Winterfell, giving him heirs, running a castle etc. Catelyn never hates Ned for sleeping with another woman, she doesn’t even feel hurt by it. She says herself that they had only known each other two weeks before he left for his war, that she knew men had needs, she had not expected him to be faithful and she was more concerned with little Robb. She didn’t really have concerns about the fidelity of a husband she barely knew. Therefore, there isn’t hatred at all there for that (although as she falls in love with Ned, there is paranoia/fear there, that he loved the woman more than her, but that’s a separate issue to this one). She was raised knowing men tend to Father bastards, and she says she could have forgiven Ned a dozen if they were out of sight. Her hatred for the situation comes from the fact Jon is allowed to live in the castle, is raised like a trueborn and made equal (in many ways, and especially in Ned’s eyes it seems to Catelyn) to her trueborn children.

Thirdly, Catelyn is smart enough to recognise that in those early days of marriage, if she hated Ned or resented him for Jon Snow, their marriage would never flourish, and while she never expects the deep romantic love they get, she does know that friendship and closeness will make the marriage, and thus Winterfell and their position, stronger. She puts aside her resentment towards Ned in this regard for the good of Winterfell, and for her duties (Family, Duty, Honour after all), and as they fall in love and have many more children, this obviously becomes easier and easier. She is, at first, forced to forgive Ned for the sake of duty, but with love it becomes a choice.

Fourthly, So she has to put her resentment somewhere. She doesn’t know who Jon’s Mother is, for if she was alive and Catelyn knew her (I mean I believe he is Rhaegar/Lyanna’s son, but I’m answering this from Cat’s perspective that it’s Ned and another woman) she would have placed a good portion of her resentment on her. But we only have Jon. So all these feelings Catelyn is forced to repress for the sake of duty fall on Jon. Now, let’s remember that in the world of Westeros, their politics, morals and societal rules are different to ours. Catelyn would have been perfectly in her right to have Jon taken away, many bastard children are left to die in the snow, and Cersei orders all of Robert’s bastards killed (Which people seem to forget when they attack Catelyn for her attitude towards Jon Snow), yet Catelyn does not. Catelyn (reluctantly) accepts Jon in their home (because she could have made enough of a raucous, she could have demanded he be gone, she could have done any number of things to force Ned to take him away, but she doesn’t), she doesn’t go out of her way to injure him, instead choosing to ignore him, leaving parental attentions to Ned, she never forbids her children from playing with him, she never turns them against him, she freely lets them love him like a brother.

Fifthly, Yet imagine how this makes her feel. In regards to Jon Snow, Catelyn is totally alone. Everybody loves him but her, she is alone in her resentment, alone in her pain there. Catelyn knows in the past bastards have killed trueborn sons in order to take the inheritance themselves; she fears Jon will one day do this. Jon was Ned’s first son, thus taking away her rightful duty. He looks more a Stark than her trueborn sons. He seems to find favour with Arya while Catelyn grows more distant from her despite her efforts. All her sons look up to him, Ned will hear no word against him. People whisper constantly about him, they whisper about his Mother, and they whisper that Catelyn is weak to allow Jon to stay (even Cersei presumes Catelyn must have been weak to permit a bastard in her home, as Robert tried to bring a daughter home once and Cersei threatened to kill her if he did), but she can’t complaint to anyone about this, or confess any of her fears…she is entirely alone. And Jon Snow is the cause, and so she resents him. The resentment grows, he is the thorn in her side that never leaves, the dagger that continues to twist. 

In conclusion, Catelyn cannot hate Ned instead, because she doesn’t hate Jon. She resents all the feelings it causes, all her fears and worries, and Jon is the cause of them by being born. 

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What are some aspects of wg/expansion you simply DON'T like? Just stuff that turns you off ie burps, slob, mess, etc

ennnh, outside of dirty things,

cellulite? a lot of hardcore realism isn’t something i really like

a smaller thing that I’m not always on board with is weight gain where you can’t tell weight is gained. then it just feels like its plain fat.

its always easier when it is fan art of a thin character or you know the character. i mean, if the character is a thin character, drawing them fat just mentally can click as “weight gain.” it isn’t that big of a deal usually since weight gain and fat are so closely related. its so slight.

also not ragging on fat either, i just like them more as separate ideas than as the same thing.

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I follow a lot of cool sasusaku fans and I enjoy everything (fanon and canon) on tumblr with them and I've seen their replies to your essay and the sad part is, I don't understand why they are exploding? You've got a good hindsight to Sasuke's character and though there are a few things I can disagree on, they are not nearly enough for me to send hate. I think I may be the only one different because I can actually relate to Sasukes character in terms of intimacy and building broken bonds...

They tend to be very defensive. I’m NH and they don’t like that either. Misrepresenting what I wrote.

does anyone else think that theres a possibility that Jared Dunn might have Aspergers?? I was just thinking about it since I have it and it’d be amazing to have my favorite character I can relate to even with having aspergers since Jared seems like he could be but I don’t want to make assumptions. Like he seems he’d have it because of his interests with always getting obsessed with something like his job and swatting and how he tends to always think about Richard all the time and it seems like he puts all of his energy into his interests like a aspergers person (like me) would.

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Any tips on struggling with identity of a character? I relate so well to Pearl that it hurts and I have so many memories of hers but the fandom (SU) is so toxic toward her that it makes me want to break down and leave and I've been trying to separate myself from her but I can't do it, it's not really working and I'm not sure what to do or. I hope this makes sense tell me to clarify if I need to

You can’t help your character identity, which is why this is happening. It… Would unfortunately be best to maybe rest from the fandom for a while. Apparently all the gems are in trouble, so don’t take it to heart too terribly, kid. Take it easy.



I think the reason I get so defensive of Eadlyn is becuase I feel as if we are related somehow. I can relate to her on so many levels. But it makes me so upset when I see everyone talking about how much of a bitch she is, or how obnoxious she is becuase I see myself as Eadlyn sometimes. And you know what? Maybe I am a bitch. Maybe it’s the reason I have like 3 friends, but in reality I see every point Eadlyn has made in any argument she has encountered. 

I don’t think I have ever related more to a character than I have Eadlyn(okay maybe thats exagerated but). Eadlyn and I share the similar sized families, similar morals, and both want to be the best we can be and don’t care how we get there.

Do you know how it is to be part of a family of 7? Well i do and i can tell you, its not easy. Yes it has its perks, but it also has its annoyanes. Eadlyn is the first born of 4 children, i am the second born of 5 children. So she and I both have three younger sibilings. In such a large family, you fight for attention. You crave every ounce of it becuase it doesn’t come often. Many of you probably assume all eyes are on Eadlyn 100% of the time, but what we dont read in the book is what happens with the rest of the family. Eadlyn is NOT always with her parents, America and Maxon have three other kids to watch and guide. 

“I am Eadlyn and no one is more powerful than I.”

Okay, yes, this quote seems a bit overdosed but i cant tell you that if I had this much confidence and willpower, i would be saying this to myself every morning. Personally, I think we see mostly of Eadlyns hard shell. We see how gracefully she carries herself and how she handles situations, and i can tell you, in school, most of the kids know not to mess with me. They know once they push my buttons or say something they shouldnt, I will shut them right up. (now my half has its ups and downs but thats not important right now) Moving on, what I am saying is that Eadlyn has a hard shell but underneath all the makeup, gowns and press, she is as fragile as a wilting rose. 

I understand if you can’t see where I’m comming from, but if you search hard enough you’ll see it. This has been in my drafts for weeks now and I just feel the need to finally post it. Thank you for reading if you did! -Jordan

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What story are you writing at the moment?

hMM…how should I describe it without giving too much away? ;p.  Well, there will be different arcs (quite possibly 12 or maybe 13).  First arc is titled “Exulansis”.  I have completed it already and it’s actually pretty neat, probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I like that it’s different and challenges my creativity.  The plotline differs from my normal theme of unrequited love and babies (yes, I cracked).  Second arc is titled “Escapists”.  I have this roughly outlined but not written.  Third is “NightHawk”.  Fourth is “Saudade”.  And I haven’t decided the rest of the titles for the arcs. 

^^ Please look forward to it.  Can you tell who the characters are by the titles?   

Exulansis - the tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it…

Changing Seasons

read it on the AO3 at

by kdwalbring

The Dwarves of Ered Luin are struggling greatly, so they send out most of the craftsmen to find work. In a latch ditch effort, Thorin Oakenshield, son of Thrain, leads his company to the Shire. He does not expect what he finds there. Can the hobbits learn to care about the outside world enough to help? Can dwarves learn trust another race again? Can Thorin give his people the home they deserve?

This features the whole company and does have a great deal of peril related to starvation, sickness, and racism. I will try to tag anything potentially triggering. Also, Belladonna Took totally becomes shipper trash.

Words: 2569, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at