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Why do I think that Gintoki has some feelings for Tsukuyo

Many Gintama fans think that Gintoki really doesn’t like Tsukuyo, and he just sees her as a “drunk terminator”. Unfortunately for those who hate this pairing, I will give you some proofs that our main character has some feelings for Shinigami Dayuu.

First, I will show you how Gintoki is interested in Tsukuyo’s look/body. Many guys like a woman who has an hourglass body, just like Gintoki, but have you noticed that he proposes to do kinky stuff mostly to her? Of course, he said many naughty proposals to other women, but did he insist with the subject? Or did he tell them more than one suggestion? I don’t think so. But look how many times he wanted Tsukuyo:

(I think we can observe that he’s the type of a guy who doesn’t like to make a pass at a woman who isn’t conscious)

But he also has a soft side which was revealed when he told Tsukuyo that her scars don’t matter, that she is beautiful, and that she should be proud of the path she walks upon. 

Also, many girls from Gintama, made a bad first impression on Gintoki (for example Otae or Sachan), but Tsukuyo was the first, and I think, the only woman who made Gintoki believe that she is a nice girl, although they were enemies! Which means that at their first meeting, his attitude towards her is way different from the other ladies.

And can we forget the moment when Gintoki took her kiseru (pipe), saying that “If you want a smoke that badly, come back alive" which means that he wanted to see her again, even though they’ve never met before. And this moment is also precious

 Look how tight he clenched her pipe because he was worried about her.

Also Tsukuyo has physically abused Gintoki, the worst abuses she has done are when she was drunk (because Sorachi is a troll, and doesn’t want to leave her being perfect). Besides that, she throws kunai at him when he says/do something stupid, nothing more, nothing less. For example:

But let’s make a comparison between Tae’s behaviour and Tsukuyo’s. Which one do you think is more violent? I put my bet on Tae.

When Kondo started stalking Tae, she asked for help and, obviously, Gintoki accepted, and Tae lied to Kondo by saying that she and Gintoki are a couple, believing that he will stop bothering her. But in Red Arc Spider, when Tsukuyo and Gintoki were in a pinch, he said that they were together (in order to escape from drug dealers) and not Tsukuyo!

In Scandal Arc, where Gintoki had to live with Kyuubei, Tae and Sachan, he said “I’m home” only to Tsukuyo, which implies that Tsukuyo’s company is more pleasing than the others’.

And who made Gintoki blush so hard? I mean, many women make fun of him, and he couldn’t care less, but in Tsukuyo’s case, he feels embarrassed.

And who made Gintoki cry? Here’s the answer

And let’s not forget that Tsukuyo and Gintoki have the same tragic past. Both of them lost their sensei, and when Tsukuyo discovered that Gintoki had the same sad fate as her, she understood why he was so mad about Jiraia’s mistreatment towards her. At this point, we can say that they understand each other, because it’s harder to understand or to feel the pain that comes with the loss if you haven’t experienced it. And if they can talk more about this issue, they will develop a stronger bond, but, again, Sorachi is a troller and doesn’t want to make them be together! TT_TT.

Why do I insist this? Because Tsukuyo is a gorgeous, independent and a strong woman. She prefers to shoulder the burden alone, and to resolve things without involving her friends (just like Gintoki).

She is very considerate when it comes to people’s feelings in Yoshiwara’s Burning arc and Character poll arc, even though it will hurt her physically or spiritually.

Also, she isn’t a clingy woman like Sachan or a ferocious woman like Tae.

Personally, I have nothing with these girls, I like them very much when they are serious, but when they act ridiculously, they are pretty annoying.

This is why I do think she and Gintoki are meant to be together. And I believe that Tsukuyo is gender counterpart of Gintoki. They are stubborn, strong, kind, and they put friends’ lives before their own lives.

Thank you Arianna (aka canyoudigitmotherlicker ) for checking my english!

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