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Me every time someone says they don’t like Eddie anymore b/c of something he did: you’re not supposed to so guess what they’re doing it right

Last week I had commissioned the incredibly talented @boaillustration again for my DnD group’s characters! They turned out AMAZING and I am so glad to have had them done!!


~ Some Sketches as answers to an Ask!Session about my Comicbook “ Mrs Marraubin “ characters ♥ ( Questions by Loucoffee, Fukugxmi, Rabenprinzessin and Gotthewingstofly on Instagram )

Characters ( Top pic, from left to right ) : Ernestine ( The investigator / Second maid ) Edouard ( The butler ) Elizabeth-Eugénie ( The little girl / Helene’s daughter ) Grizäelle ( The cat ) Auguste-Claude ( The preceptor ) Helene-Albertine ( The countess ) Emilienne ( The main maid )

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“She’s always so cheery with her endless questions you’d have no idea she’s so sad inside. She wears that mask well.”