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the quiet days are few and far in between, but neither of them would trade those few moments for anything in the world

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ya know, it's kinda funny how y/o/i technically has only existed for a few months & the fandom has done so much shit that it's kinda impressive how fast it went bad, someone should make a Top 10: Stupid/Embarrassing Things the y/o/i Fandom has Done! here i'll start it off: Tried to sue Hall/mark for "copying" their precious anime.

9. Saying that there are y o i fans in the BNHA production team because they showed a katsudon in one episode

8. Comparing real life skaters (esp yuzuru hanyu) to y o i characters

7. Listing off stupid things that multiple anime has already included (natural hair color, pets, different clothes, you rmb that post) and claiming that y o i is special because it has all of those ‘’’qualities’’

6. Saying that vicsucc is the first gay anime characters who kissed on screen (which they didnt cuz it’s censored)

5. Voting y o i for best animation and then calling mob100 fans stupid and butthurt when they didnt win, but at the same time latching on every opportunity ever to tell people to VOTE FOR Y O I

4. Every 5k meta they have ever written, ever

3. Worrying about vicdick when someone’s brother was murdered for his sexuality

2. Worrying about vicdick when there are real people in russia being sent to a concentration camp for being gay

1. Still saying that vicsucc is ~canon~ and is not queerbait material for fangirls to drool over

God people can be such little shits about pairings. It’s okay to not like a pairing if it’s really not your thing. I just saw someone repost art about meihem and talking about how disgusting it was and??? what the fuck, dude. Just. Don’t look at it? What is your problem? Needless to say I unfollowed them because I see enough of that kind of negativity in fandoms. But jesus it’s like… this is why we can’t have nice things because we’ll call someone/their art disgusting because they drew certain fictional characters kissing. Grow the fuck up. 

Gurl, I Don't Even Need to Hunt For 13 Reasons to Be Salty
  • Some Chucklehead: Oh, I don't really care all that much about non-canon queer ships-- the shippers are all usually nuts, and it adds nothing to the story.
  • Same Person: *Makes nonstop ship art of her OC kissing canon characters in every known AU ever*
  • Also the Same Person: *Once tried to say a ship between a female animal and a human male was more canon than a MLM ship.*
  • Oh Look, The Same Person: *said that a hug between said ship just wasn't Gay Enough*
  • Me: ... Okay.

Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)


I’m in love with an elf and a shark and now I ship them what do I do yahoo answers

for @thenewbard who loves the hell out of this rarepair

He caught her and never let her go again

Some days I am absolutely convinced that the Legends of Tomorrow writers room just consists of a bunch of people playing a weird tabletop RPG and writing down whatever happens:

DM: the countdown is nearly up, and NASA is about to discover the time travellers on the moon

Stein’s player: I start singing the ‘Banana Boat Song’

DM: *sighs* roll

Do you crave positive attention, but don’t want to wear pants or leave the house? Ask your doctor if Writing Fanfiction (tm) is right for you!

Side effects may include: 

  • Making friends all over the world and coming to terms with the fact that you might only meet half of them, ever, if you’re lucky
  • Occasional-to-frequent sleep-deprivation because the words finally started flowing two hours after you were supposed to be asleep
  • Getting into arguments with strangers about which fictional characters should kiss
  • Realizing you are working through your own feelings about events from your own life by imagining your favorite fictional characters going through the same things
  • Researching the sorts of things that make you worry you’ll end up on an FBI watchlist 
  • Watching pornography only to help yourself visualize specific positions/acts
  • Crying

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