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endless list of favorite characters:

↳ Madara Uchiha (うちはマダラ) | Naruto

In this world, whenever there is light, there are also shadows. As long as the concept of winners exist, there must also be losers. The selfish desire of wanting to maintain peace causes wars and hatred is born to protect love.

This… this started out as a bad joke to a friend and quickly escalated into me making a Limbo OC.

The joke started out with me asking “What would Limbo Prime look like?“ He asked what and I answered, “Mostly the same minus he has Doug Dimmadome’s 10 Gallon Infinity Hat” and we both laughed at my terrible joke and watched that stupid video.

So it escalated into me making a western-ish Limbo… with the infinity hat. I have terrible ideas regarding the hat and augments.

So a rough idea of this mess of an new OC.

I’m revising a whoooooole lotta shit from my webcomic, Façade, because a lot of the stuff in it has been around since my middle school years and it just started to become an amalgamated mess of concepts taken from anime, games, and the like. So here, have a look at the monster-fighting duo from the revised version: trans boi Avery Anderson (purple) and his best friend, the ridiculously jumpy half-alien Hitashi Tsubasa(green). I love them both, and I’m experimenting with styles again oh boiiiiii

Fighting alien monsters isn’t really what Hitashi wanted to do with his life but here he is.


Dante’s Nine Circles Of Hell (As depicted in “Inferno”)

“Hope not ever to see Heaven. I have come to lead you to the
other shore; into eternal darkness; into fire and into ice.”

Top Shuri-Related Stories, #4: Deadliest of the Species

In this series of posts, I give a more in-depth review of my top four Shuri-Related stories. My top four Shuri-Related stories list can be found here.

I’ve ranked the stories not according to my overall feelings on the stories themselves, but rather how well Shuri was portrayed.

**Warning: spoilers abound!**


T’Challa’s life hangs in the balance after he was ambushed by Dr. Doom soon after he secretly meets with Namor. With Wakanda needing a new Black Panther while T’Challa is in a coma, Storm—then T’Challa’s wife and queen of Wakanda—shocks everyone by not nominating herself for the position, but nominating Shuri instead. Shuri immediately begins the Black Panther rites, determined to finally fulfill what she believes is her destiny.

Storm decides to search for T’Challa’s soul in limbo, where T’Challa is fighting for his life. Meanwhile, Wakanda is attacked by Morlun, the totem eater. Morlun’s attack causes large amount of damage, as well as many causalities. Shuri, W’Kabi, Zuri, Ramonda, and S’Yan must find a way to stop him, before he destroys Wakanda.


The final arc of Reginal Hudlin’s run is perhaps his best work. I found his run overall to be a lot of fun, but felt that the writing would be somewhat lacking in several instances. We also didn’t see much of the BP supporting cast after the “Who is the Black Panther” arc, though I don’t blame Hudlin for that. Focusing on T’Challa and Ororo and making them involved in the greater Marvel universe was the right call at the time.

This story fixes a lot of the issues I had. The writing was focused. The supporting cast was involved and everyone had a role in solving the problem at hand. I also felt that the art was solid.

Also have to mention: this story is perhaps the best interpretation of the T’Challa/Ororo relationship, in my opinion. This story made me a committed shipper of those two. T’Choro shippers will surely like this story a lot.

Shuri Portrayal:

Shuri received a lot of development in this story. Her ambition to be a Black Panther was brought back to the forefront, with her eagerly anticipating the opportunity to escape her brother’s shadow. The girl we first saw in “Who is the Black Panther” has grown up a bit, but those attributes we first notice then—occasional arrogance, tunnel vision, etc—are clearly still there. So it wasn’t too surprising that, upon meeting Bast, the Panther God, life threw her a major curveball, via Bast rejecting her.

Yup, she was initially rejected. But she didn’t die, unlike those who had previously been rejected by Bast. Rather, Bast gave her a second chance to show humility and consider the greater good, something Shuri slowly began understanding. Eventually, Shuri learns why Bast kept her alive and that, due to her heroics, Bast made her a Black Panther.

It is also in this story that planted the seeds of Shuri slowly leaning towards a more traditional perspective, which becomes a factor in later stories.

Lastly, Shuri’s relationships with the supporting characters were in full display. Her bumping heads with Ramonda; her being grateful of Ororo’s decision; her interactions with W’Kabi, Zuri, and other characters; all of that were well done.

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t talked much about Shuri being a Black Panther. It is a very important moment in BP lore and I’m not trying to dismiss that. Hell, it’s probably the number one reason Shuri survived all those years and didn’t end up in character limbo (a lot of BP supporting characters ended up there over the years), as well as why she ended up being featured in events and other stories soon after. That said, as a fan, her being a BP wasn’t the and-all-be-all and wasn’t what made me a fan. What mattered, in the long run, was the development she received. Character development lasts longer than said character getting a mantle (especially when said mantle is highly associated with another character). Thankfully, this story got the ball rolling on that front in a major way.

Final Verdict:

Solid story with good characterization, solid art, a strong T’Challa/Ororo story, and plenty of Shuri development.

Next Up:

Shuri joins Falcon and Luke Cage to help T’Challa defeat the Kingpin in an action packed (and hilarious) story!

You know what’s kind of sad about Balthazar Bratt?

It looks like he literally only has one friend, and that’s Clive. I mean, he’s basically a crazy cat guy, except with a robot.

And if you think about it, Clive must have been with him for most of his life. It seems like Clive was created for Evil Bratt, and we all know Bratt hoarded everything from that show, so Clive must have been with Bratt for decades. I mean he’s Bratt’s childhood pet in a way. 

Sure, Bratt is crazy, but it’s kind of depressing that he had only one person who cared about him, and now that Clive is in Did That Character Survive Or Not Limbo, Bratt now has exactly zero friends. :(

anonymous asked:

As much as I'd love to see Black Paladin Lance, I've resolved myself to it practically being plot-reserved for Keith (even if I'm a bit unconvinced at the way it has been developed so far). My main problem is it looks like catering to the fans of the old Voltron, which could mean that Lance might bump over to Red and Allura to Blue to complete that nostalgia shuffle. I just hate the fact that if (when) it happens, Keith and maybe Allura (1/2)

(2/2) are the ones who will have a good plot weight/motivation behind their changes, while with Lance it’s just “well you were in Red in the old one and/or you’re the second to Keith anyway.” And when we find out what is special about the Blue Lion/Paladin, Lance might no longer in that role/be with Red, leaving his character in limbo. That I think would be the worst (but quite possible) timeline ever but I no longer have enough faith that the series would absolutely not do him in this way.


ngl….i actually kinda think BP!Lance might happen tho?

why would the writers highlight Keith’s and Red’s bond so much in season 2 just to rip him away from Red and toss him into the pilot seat of the black lion? that just. doesn’t make sense. unless they were trying to make things angsty, which, i’d say is a pretty piss poor job of trying to create angst. if they were going for angst then there should be more buildup, more moments between Keith and Red that made you recognize how important their bond is and get you emotionally invested in their sad sad breakup.

there’s also the fact that only bad can come out of Lance piloting the red lion. bad for him, bad for Red, it wouldn’t be healthy. their bond would be really unstable and built from Lance’s insecurities and Red’s lingering attachment to Keith. Lance would change, and not for the better. he already compares himself to Keith enough, having to fill the role Keith once did will only make it worse. he’s been through this before with the Garrison, having it happen again is like, taking a wound that scabbed over, reopening it, and dumping salt into it.

unless Lance somehow manages to work through his insecurities as the new red paladin….i don’t know. i don’t see what the point is of throwing him into the pilot seat of the red lion is unless the writers are intending to have him…change like that, which is kinda pointless unless they’re going for more angst. which i don’t think they are because??? the writers already said they wanna keep it lighthearted?

so i think BP!Lance has a chance. i think it’s possible, i think that it would be much healthier for Lance to pilot the black lion.

the writers may be basing their story off the original voltron/golion, but don’t forget they did say that they want to do their own thing too and cater it to not just old voltron fans, but new ones as well. 

and i have high hopes for Lance’s character development in the following seasons! Jeremy Shada himself said that he’s pretty satisfied with Lance’s character development so far (remember he’s like way ahead of us bc he’s probably recording for season 4/5 by now), so i’m excited to see what happens to my son regardless!

don’t worry guys, i’m sure Lance will be okay (mostly) :D

sailormoon1998  asked:

If Sonic really did tell Amy he loves her, do you think his personality would change? What would he be like if him and Amy were boyfriend and girlfriend?

Yes, most definitely.

It’s actually one of the reasons SEGA doesn’t do it. They very much don’t want Sonic to ‘grow up’, and sadly, love would be a catalyst of such things. However, by having your character not progress, but remain a constant, never changing entity, you’re leading your character down to limbo and ultimately, making him plain and uninteresting, which Sonic is becoming if it weren’t for his stalwart fans who remember when he was a growing and changing character.

I’ve often written about Sonic growing up and his reasons for ever getting with Amy if situations allowed. You can read my fanfiction Timeless Game to see what I mean. But ultimately, he’d have to accept that she wants a family life (domestic living), and may make sacrifices so that he can live the way he wants to as well, but she would still demand the ring and kids.

He would be happier, have more things and reasons to protect, and be much more open and affectionate. He would still have the ‘cool-guy’ demeanor, still be awkward with Amy’s public displays of affection, or having Amy encourage it. But more or less, he would become responsible and actually SHOW his appreciation for what he has or has earned. He would be more considerate, and even learn to sacrifice for others, even if it’s not quite what he wanted. (which, at the current moment, he doesn’t.)

A lot of people write him like this hungry beast with a sexual appetite, but I believe him to be more of a quiet, sweet longing. Not using too many words, but still having a lot of impact with just a simple line or action. Amy’s easy to please, so this would compliment his way of showing affection. He’d also like to always have fun, so someone who could laugh with him makes Amy a great companion, seeing as she’s always looking for an adventure to escape the dull world around her. Amy also is very accepting, but also pushes him to move passed his comfort zone, this leads to greater character and development on Sonic’s part. Sonic could also be there for security and company, which Amy very desperately desires.

As for the relationship goes- Many writers, such as the one from Archie, have commented these two would be a good match in they would keep each other focused and staying on track. Their signs suggest they would be harmonious, and one official saying they were 'a lovely couple’ which has been trademarked in some games, appearing under them as a title for when the player teams them up together. I also believe the trust and level of loyalty between these two would be unparalleled. And they’d be a great comedy duo, since Amy can often match wits and insults with Sonic just as much as he can dish them.

Overall, their future would be a sweet one. One I believe Sonic would save for when he was ready to retire XP lol

Hope that satisfies your ask, Sailor-chan! :D

evodog  asked:

Oh jeez do you have a list of ocs somewhere?

you know that’s a preeeetty good question.  i have quite a few for my story and a shit ton need updates.  

i’ll make a list here of each character’s tags. there’s gunna be a few not listed because they need reworks.  i guess i’ll make this a directory post for them. no real order here. some of these are reaaally old. i tend to neglect my characters since they usually never stir any interest. most are from my main story unless stated otherwise.