characters in books

When you start a new book and that one character

that one fucking character

says one line and the opening notes of mamma mia start playing in your head because here we fucking go again

First gouache attempt!
A lot of crappy stuff happened, including torn paper on the sides but I am still very happy with the result. There is definitely room to grow 🤣 but the way that paint looks at the end is soooo nice!
I love digital but a real peace on a real paper feels sooo different and nice. Or at least makes me feel hiped the first 24 hours! Undo is still a problem but well.. we can’t love our lives with undo anyways.

This is Eliza Makepeace from a book called The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.

Six of Crows: Meet the Crew

In Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, marginalized members of society challenge stereotypes surrounding the minority group and finding strength in other aspects of their characters. Each protagonist in six of crows represents a facet of a real minority group even though Katterdam is an imaginary city. Together the six characters pull off an impossible heist, outsmarting entire governments. Their marginalized characteristics are a significant part of their characters, however, they do not stop the characters from succeeding. In this book, the six have complete agency. The plot involves them manipulating others rather than others manipulating them.

  1. Kaz Brekker is ruthless and intelligence. He uses gloves to hide his PTSD touch aversion and incite fear in others. Many believe his hands are forever stained with blood. Even though he has a limp, he can beat anyone in physical combat, as he uses his cane as a weapon.
  2. Inej Ghafa of Suli nationality and has deep bronze skin and dark hair. She is also a former sex slave. Inji is a spy skilled with combat, par core, and knives. As a way to combat her PTSD from her time in a brothel, she thrives in the shadows of the city and can defeat groups of men twice her size. 
  3. Nina Zenik is a member of a magic race that is killed and enslaved for their powers. She uses her powerful magic to get ahead in the world. Instead of being hunted, she works within the hidden black-market of Katterdam. 
  4. Matthias Helvar is a religious zealot who has been exiled from his homeland and has to confront his prejudices against magic wielders to survive. He confronts and slowly changes his racial prejudices, bringing an alternate voice to a diverse novel.
  5. Jesper Fahey is of Zemeni nationality and has dark brown skin. He is also a gambling addict, and bisexual Jesper is a bisexual character who’s sexuality doesn’t define him. As a sharpshooter, he is able to defend the crows and earn the money to pay back his gambling debts. 
  6. Wylan Van Eck cannot read because of his severe dyslexia, however, he is brilliant with numbers and chemistry. He is also gay, but his sexuality does not affect the way others see him. He provides demolition expertise for the heist and allows for their escape.

Currently, Six of Crows has managed to challenge existing representation of some minority groups. Bardugo primarily gives power to groups that are often pitied for their disabilities. Two different representations of PTSD are shown with different ways of coping. There is a gay couple in the novel that end up together, rather than dying tragically or turning straight, two surprisingly common themes in LGBTQ+ representation. Differing sexuality is normalized through a gay relationship, an asexual relationship, and a heterosexual relationship.  Further, all of her characters have distinct nationalities and skin colors that inform their characters without relying on race for those characteristics.


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