characters i never get tired of

things that make me cry

  • “Dude I’m proud of you, just keep pushing through!”
  • The entirety of For Forever and the reprise
  • “Did you fall? Or did you l e t g o ?”
  • “Dear Connor Murphy, I’m just glad to be your friend”
  • “Now we can both pretend that we have friends”
  • Remembering that Connor is dead and we will never get to know the real him
  • Knowing that he and Evan would have been good friends
  • Dear Evan Hansen in general
  • The whole thing
  • All of it

Ok people I’m seriously tired of HATING characters shit. It’s really getting annoying

Truthfully I was one of them. I never liked rowan but then I told myself Noor if you realize it he makes Aelin happy and Yeah. Then I made this post.

I got a confession.

I don’t understand why people still hate chaol for what he did. Even though he apologized like for everything. WHEN YOU KNOW HE NEVER MEANT IT!

Like the past is the past he fucking apologized for his mistakes and what he did he knew was wrong. Like even aELIN forgave him. And people are still like “he was still an ass” Well everyone, people you meet in your whole lifetime are gonna be assholes and jerks. Even your boyfriend or friend. Everyone will be like that once in your lifetime.

Even you but you just don’t see it.


Hell im an asshole too, but I have changed. Maybe Idk

So seriously stop being childish with the hate and learn to forgive.

It’s like how you say your not a hater but you clearly are.

Reasons to watch Leverage

Eliot Spencer

Eliot Spencer


Ahem. Right.


- Found family trope, which I will never get tired of in a million years

- You know that post asking for a series with a dark, fucked up, tragic beginning that gradually gets happier when the series progresses? Leverage is basically that. Four out of the five main characters have pasts that range from ‘Mildly sad and lonely’ to ‘Holy shit you’re fucked up’, but the show takes that and then makes them better. There’s no gritty downspiral, no one gets killed for shock value, it’s an action series that’s actually fun. 

- Did I mention it is hilarious? Because it is. Really. Friggin’. Funny.

- Broody man getting called out on his broody man-ness

- Broody man having an awesome ex-wife who has moved on from the divorce, still cares about her ex-husband but is not bitter and also does not get jealous but instead becomes friends with ex-husbands new partner.

- No. Annoying. Love. Triangles. Just one glorious OT3.

- Ladies telling dudes they need more time before embarking on anything romantic and then getting as long as they need without anyone pressuring them into something they’re not ready for.


- The resident nerd is not a stereotypical white boi geek, but a rather buff and very attractive black man. You know who is a stereotypical white boi geek? The villain.

- Not only relatable heroes, but relatable villains. I mean, everyone has been screwed over at least once by the type of scumbags portrayed in Leverage, so watching them getting taken for everything they own gives me tingles. Tingles of vindication.

- There’s one episode with two female leads that’s basically ‘Fuck the Bechdel test we’ve got criminals to catch’

But seriously, just go watch it for this glorious goober right here:

Inktober days 27 & 28: Climb/Fall

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So like, a Big Thing about the vlogs is that they’re written with the aim of including as many clips from the show as possible. Which means that Lance talking about his family was probably a long shot hope to begin with, since he only mentions them like… once. But! There were plenty of other things that Lance could’ve talked about, instead of whatever the hell that was.

Some ideas off the top of my head:

  • Lance introduced himself as the Red Paladin which… honestly should have opened the door to him talking about the lion switch.
    • What! About! Blue!
    • Like… can u imagine Lance offhandedly mentioning Blue. Cue a flashback montage to all of their best moments together. Return to present and there’s Lance, struggling to keep up a cocky facade, even as he wonders out-loud what he did to make Blue so mad at him…?
    • I’d die.
    • I also want to hear Lance describe Red?? And maybe the differences/difficulties that come with piloting a new lion.
  • Lance talking about his new skills!!!
    • Like… He takes a great amount of pride in his shooting skills, enough to mention being a sharpshooter in the vlog, Voltron why don’t you follow through.
    • Plus Lance having confidence in himself is something I will never get tired of lol
  • I get that Voltron apparently hates it when characters talk about themselves but they could at least… have Lance describe the team?
    • Like I would love to hear his opinions on the others lol, especially post-season 4. We know Lance loves talking about his teammates at the drop of the hat (remember Laika?) so it’s not even a stretch lol.

I’m exhausted out of my mind rn but these five minute ideas I just jotted down are still….. 100x better than what we actually got. Lol.

Hamilton wouldn’t had been the man he became without Eliza. She made sure no one forgot about her husband all through her lifetime. Stop erasing her.

Evan probably wouldn’t had the motivation to progress so far into his life without Zoe. He wouldn’t have grown into the self he is in the finale without her. Stop Erasing her.

Nabulangi was the one who encouraged Cunningham to preach during Man up, progressing the plot greatly. Stop erasing her.

Fieryo sacrificed himself so Elphabea could get away, knowing he’d probably die in the process. Stop erasing him.

The newsies would’ve barely gotten anywhere if Katherine hadn’t approached them and written the article. She was the one who came up with the idea of publishing the newsies banner. Stop erasing her.

Christine was a big reason Jeremy got the squip, without her, the musical never would’ve taken place. Stop erasing her.


medalion confirmed isabella is a lesbian, which means ssc had a black girl as a main as well as a black man as a prince and a middle eastern lesbian princess and tons of other rep for everyone, but you guys decided to sleep on it because white feminists were pissy. got it. 

What I love about the ships in voltron is that every one of them fills a trope we’ve seen a million times in media but never get sick of.

  • Sheith is the “two characters who have a backstory and have this incredible amount of love and trust between them” You can’t beat their bond
  • Klance is the “opposites attract, opposing elements, love/hate, rivals to friends to lovers” trope that no one ever gets tired of
  • Shallura is the “knight/protector and the princess” Mostly a disney trope but considering how many people love disney movies, I’d say it’s a pretty popular trope. 
  • Plance/Pidgance is the “smart person/flirty, loud mouth” trope. Another classic of media
  • Hance is the basic “friends to lovers”
  • Heith is the “hot-headed brood with the literal embodiment of sunshine” 
  • Shance is the “admirer falls for hero and tries to get their attention and it finally gets reciprocated”
  • Keitor is the “two people who have so much in common and are basically clones of each other” You think they’re definitely going to be together in the first few eps but it takes a season or few. But you still cheer when they do
  • Hidge is the “two nerds who are awesome together but no one else gets them but each other”
  • Kidge is the “two introverts who only find happiness, peace and solace with each other”
  • Kallura is the “dark, brooding hero who never opens up but meets a person who is able to dig under their surface and reveal something kinder than they portray”

And this isn’t even beginning to crack the surface of the tropes found in voltron ships. It’s like every character was made to be shipped with someone. Even though it’s a show that doesn’t focus on ships, every ship falls into a classic trope that audiences have loved and rewatched for decades.

Maybe that’s why the team who created voltron are so easy-going and understanding about ships. Because they realise that no matter what you ship, it all falls under tropes that have had people cheering and squealing over and over again. You can have so much fun, no matter who you ship. 

Being a multishipper in the voltron fandom is the best thing ever. You have so many tropes and stories to play with. It’s beautiful

Top Ten Awesome Fanfics *

* yep, not “all-time favourite”, because I cannot choose in all objectivity only ten fics. This list is a list of ten fics* chosen in my five main fandoms that I love and feel like they should be read, but it could have been ten others … It’s very hard to choose. One day I’ll do a real masterpost fic rec …
* yes, I’ve cheated. There are waaaaay more than just ten fics here … Sorry not sorry.

The lovely @justkeeponthegrass had a brillant idea : to make a collection of our favourite fanfics to show writers just how much we appreciate, respect and admire their work. I personally owe a great deal to fanfic writers, especially in the Merlin fandom, for they helped me get through a very hard period of my life. Fanfic writers have been and are constant companions of my life, whether I’m sad, happy, tired or feeling excited, they always deliver, they are amazing people who do an amazing work just because they like it. I admire the hell out of any of you, and the following ten titles, plus the special and honorable mentions, are me trying to tell you how much you mean. Very, very long post incoming …

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also not to take away from crowley’s sacrifice. i’m really sad about that too but i feel like his character came full circle and he was just tired of all of it. i love that he sacrificed himself to - maybe not save sam and dean - but to get back at lucifer and i think that’s beautiful. i would have never imagined crowley killing himself, but if it’s out of petty revenge, it’s very fitting i think. i’ll miss him a lot

Sawamura Sundays

His captaincy and why he deserves more recognition

Alright, so first of all, I would like to thank you guys for sharing your thoughts! And some of you have raised some fine points, ones which I would like to include in this installment.

For the official kick off of this… whatever this is, I want to talk about Daichi as a volleyball player, particularly his position as captain, and how important his captaincy is for the entire team.

(I just wanted to include this picture because he looks so damn fine and wow how do I breathe but anyway)

The thing is, for Daichi, leadership comes naturally. I mean, he’s the captain of his junior high team, one where he played with Ikejiri, and from that flashback, it was very obvious that Daichi has wisdom well beyond his years.

He already has this maturity and his stabilizing presence is already apparent from the get go. But see, the thing is, and this has been accurately said by @monkeyingaround, “his character could have been so typical, but Furudate did, as Furudate does”, which is to give characters the dimensions and more colorful facets of personality. And this couldn’t have been truer for Daichi.

He could have been easily the strict, boring captain, but he’s more than that. He could’ve been someone who’s probably super powered, because he’s a captain for a reason, right? But the thing is, what makes him the perfect captain for his team, is because he’s not actually any of that.

And for him, it’s not a bad thing.

Believe me, he provides the team with more than just support! That’s why I am still so grateful for the Daichi centric chapters, because they emphasized how big of an impact Daichi’s responsible nature is for Karasuno.

Valor and Simplicity. 

(I still cry about this.)

It really hammered the point that instead of seeing him as just this boring character, his stability provides the team with the solid and stable foundation that they need. But he does so in various ways. 

A few cases in point, he can be like this:

But he can also be like this:

Coach Ukai and Takeda-sensei thought it best.

(On an unrelated side note: I absolute love how his centric chapters are called Playground and how its cover page is this:

(It’s like basically saying that Daichi owns the game, not just in terms of volleyball, but also his teammates. And I digress, but anyway…)

Aside from being captain, he’s also a wing spiker, although Daichi stands out more, and he’s actually notable because of his solid receives. I cannot stress how much this skill have been so crucial in Karasuno winning their matches. While it is the point that goes over the net and to the opponent’s side of the court that technically counts, not letting the opponent score and keeping the ball in play counts as much. And Daichi, what with the numerous times he’d saved his team by saving the ball during critical plays.

I find this picture kind of ironic though, but oh well.

He’s well lauded for that, and boy am I proud when characters also recognize him for this, but I still agree with @rubysfavorites, that Daichi gets set aside for more popular, flashier characters, and isn’t seen as special or unique. It’s one of the reasons why, as @narubabe mentioned, that Daichi doesn’t get enough credit for being a catalyst for Hinata and Kageyama working together.

Actually, we can go way back than that. Because, honestly, and I will never get tired of saying this, if it weren’t for Daichi, the whole Karasuno, the Karasuno that we know and love today, wouldn’t have been possible. “Chemical reaction of encounters” chapter, remember? Daichi, and the rest of the third years, didn’t let the roots hold them down. They fought their way through it, they gritted and grinded their teeth, just to be able to reach the place where they are right now.

Or when the second years quit the team, but he didn’t lose out hope, and was thankful for having them back?

Even Old Man Ukai knows.

And if that’s not enough for you, Daichi served as the coach. THE COACH for the team, when they didn’t have one. He took on the responsibility of being the coach and captain, and if you don’t think that’s amazing or don’t deserve a high praise and utmost recognition then I don’t know how else to convince you.

In conclusion: Daichi is a great captain, who deserves more love and more recognition than what he’s getting. Karasuno isn’t Karasuno, wouldn’t be the Karasuno without him.

Feel free to add your thoughts! :)

Good Girl CH 1: Tequila and Bad Decisions

Chapter 2, CH 3CH 4, CH 5. CH 6, CH 7, CH 8, CH 9, CH 10, CH 11, CH 12 CH 13, CH 14, CH 15, CH 16, CH 17, CH 18, CH 19, CH 20, CH 21, CH 22, CH 23, CH 24, CH 25

I scan the crowd of both Asians and Americans but regardless of races I can say confidently that they are all pretty shady. My eyes go to my grinning friend Jihyo, who has somehow convinced me to come to a very nice club that just happens to be crawling with creeps. Some of her other friends had told her how amazing the club, EXO, was but seem to forget that you have to either look really slutty or really rich to get in. That is how I ended up having to take off my jacket and stockings and now have to stand in line in the freezing cold in nothing but a tight leather skirt and one of Jihyo’s crop tops that could pass for a bra. She is in a similar skimpy out fit, but she is actually wearing her only pair of shorts like that which meant I had to wear the skirt.

“How much longer?” I groan as I begin jogging in place, something I found easy in her five-inch heels.

She rolls her fake green eyes at me, “We haven’t been waiting that long.”

“It’s been an hour. What are they waiting for?” I glance down the line toward the closed doors.

“I thought you didn’t wanna come?” She teases with a confident grin.

I scoff at her, “I still don’t, it just happens to be better than freezing my ass off out here.”

“Maybe if you go shake it up there we can get in.” She gestures to the large bouncer standing outside the main door.

“Fuck that, I would much rather fuck Hoseok to get in,” Jihyo grins at the mention of her friend that works in the club and also happens to have a massive crush on me.

“Would you please? I offered but he didn’t believe me that you would follow threw.”

I glare at her, “You offered what?”

“Your precious virginity,” She grins at me evilly.

“Ugh don’t say stuff like that.”

She continues to tease me, “What, can’t handle the truth that you’re a 17 year old virgin?”

“Not all of us can be lucky enough to lose their virginity in a school bathroom when we were 14,” I snap back. She just grins at my mean words. “I can’t believe that you offered my virginity to some guy to get into a club,” I pause as I rethink my words, “That’s a lie, I expect nothing less from you.”

“I learned my bitchiness from you.”

“I’m giving this place five more minutes than I’m leaving, with or without you.”

She fakes hurt, “You would leave me to get drunk at a club by myself?”

“Yes, what will you do without someone to take care of your drunken self?” I pat the younger girl’s head.

Just then the doors to the club opened and the bouncer starts weeding through the people lined up in front of him. I’m not surprised when lots of the guys or undeniably less attractive girls start getting denied and pushed out of the line as others get to go inside. When it’s our turn to be checked out, again, I’m not surprised when the bouncer waves us in without as much of a glance at the fake IDs we worked hard to get, though I understand why. Jihyo is an undeniable beauty with her long raven locks and perfect doll like face. With the body of a fitness goddess and legs for miles, I have always envied her 5’6 height. Standing at a small 5 foot but thankfully 5’5 in heels, I’m still dwarfed next to the beautiful girl. Though I won’t admit it out loud I’m quiet a looker myself.

Being from a Korean father and a mother who is a mutt herself I was lucky enough to inherit some very good qualities from different races. The nice curves and wavy locks that I received from my dark skinned mom seem to fit my cat like eyes I got for my dad. Though I also got my short height from my dad’s side of the family too. My hair is a blend of them, giving me perfect loose, black waves that hang daintily against my back.

“Jooyoung!” Jihyo brings me out of my thoughts to have me gawk at the massive club with her. The bar is to the left; circle booths line two of the other walls while the huge DJ booth takes up most of the other wall. Lights flash as the music blares through the massive speakers making it hard to hear what Ji is trying to say to me. Realizing that I can’t hear a word she is saying she just nods her head in direction of the bar. I follow, our hands locked together to make sure we don’t loose each other in the thick crowd. Once we reach the bar Ji manages to find an empty stool that she quickly places me on. She stands close behind me, her hands resting on the bar, locking me in and all the others out. Even though I’m older Ji is taller and a little bit bigger than me, something that has made her a little over protective, though I don’t really need it in places like this. Even though she is always the one bringing me to them and the trouble along with her.

“Four shots of tequila!” She yells to the hot bartender, who grins at us. Farther down behind the bar we see none other than Hoseok busy mixing drinks and flirting with customers. So different from his normal cutesy self, he seems so much hotter with his hair pushed back and a sly smirk on his face.

“Damn,” I accidently say out loud. Ji follows my eyes and grins. That grin stays as the bartender places the four shots in front of us. Giving me two and keeping two for her self, Ji raises the first one and holds it up to me expectantly. I hold my little glass to hers’.

“To getting drunk!” She clinks our glasses and moves to drink but stops as I begin downing mine, “And to getting layed!” With that she does hers’ in one go like me. We both slam the shot glass back down on the counter, grimacing as the awful liquid burns its way down our throats. I glare at her little add in to our toast.

“I’ll sleep with someone when I want to!”

“Who said it was for you? I need some fun too, it’s been way to long.” She teases as she rests her head on my shoulder, grabbing her other shot and, again, holding it up to mine. “How about to you just doing something that will get you out of your funk and make you that happy go lucky girl I met in elementary?”

I give her a soft smile, clinking our glasses and down the shot. “Four more!”

“That’s what I’m talking about!”

“I’m so going to regret this in the morning.”

“Oh shut up, when was the last time you got actually drunk? You are the best person to be around when your drunk, you’re just so cute and friendly.”

“I turn into a child. That’s not how I want to be in a public area with creepy guys all over the place.”

“You’re a step a head of most since those killer instincts seem to keep working threw your buzz. I wouldn’t question anything if Freddy Kruger himself came up and offered me a ride home. But you, you can see threw the best con man after downing a bottle of tequila.”

“It’s a gift.”

“One of few,” She tease as she holds up a shot, “To me becoming a better judge of character and to you becoming more careless. I’m tired of being the only one walking up in a stranger’s bed.”

As more and more shots are downed and things wrong with my life are listed I have never been so grateful but so annoyed with this girl at the same time. She is the only person I share anything with, the only person who even somewhat knows what’s going on in the mess I call my head. But as she stands there telling me all the things I should be worried about or work on I get kind of angry. After having enough shots for now, I pull the tall girl to the dance floor with me, hoping to shut her pretty mouth up. We dance like there is no tomorrow, forgetting all that is troubling us; actually I seem to be the only one with troubles.

As hours fly by of dancing and more shots here and there my mind begins to fog. I stop caring about the unknown hands that grope me, too focused on my high and the music. My feet are numb and my legs feel like jello but I some how continue to stay on my feet. Jihyo is a grinning mess in front of me, twirling around and stumbling every few minutes. It has been along time since I’ve felt this good, this free, like nothing could ever hold me back. Jihyo would have usually abandoned me by this time and I would take that as an okay to find a way home but not tonight. I am no one’s babysitter tonight!

Suddenly the crowd starts moving toward the DJ stand, they all huddle, trying to see something that must be pretty interesting. Being the nosy girl she is, Ji tries to drag me along with the rest of the crowd to find out what is going on. I try to pull her away from the gawking people, knowing whatever it is, it can’t be good.

Running away isn’t a possibility with Ji trying to pull me the other way and the crowd pulling me as a whole. As my instincts scream at me to run, the sound of gunshots can heard above the music. The pull of the crowd towards the noise is gone as people try to avoid the bullets that are flying in every direction. My eyes scan the crowd, seeing at least a dozen people on the floor either crying out for help or already dead. Blood covers the almost empty dance floor. Without another thought I start dragging Jihyo to the bathroom as the rest of the crowd breaks out in a panic as they all drunkenly scramble to the front door. Some how through my very drunken state I’m able to maneuver Jihyo and myself through the small bathroom window, out into the empty alleyway. The cold nips at my cheeks as the wind blows it’s freezing air around us.

Jihyo lands on her butt, “Ya! That hurt!” She whines loudly.

“Shut up you idiot!” I scan the alley for anyone else who exited the club, finding a van waiting. On the other side of a massive garbage bin the back door to the club busts open. A long line of extremely attractive guys strut out, the last one, who is taller than the rest, has something large, and strangely human shaped, hanging over his shoulder. I slam Jihyo and myself up against the wall and pry that they don’t see us. To be completely honest, I couldn’t careless about my own safety but Jihyo has so much to live for, I don’t want to risk her life.

“Joo-ah!” She calls out drunkenly, drawing the attention of the last of the men.

God dammit you dumb bitch! I love you, but you dumb bitch! I scream in my head as I hear their footsteps coming our way. In a desperate moment I whisper an apology as I punch her across the face, knocking the drunk girl out easily. Quickly I throw the stray trash bags on top of her, hiding her from who ever is coming. I’m crouching down next to where I’m hiding her, behind the garbage bin when someone comes rushing down the alley way on my side. The person stops when he sees the group of men coming his way. I can easily see the terror on the poor man’s face as he reaches one of the over hanging lights just a few feet away from me.

My heart stops when another gunshot rings out in the alley. I watch as the man drops to his knees, clutching his stomach his eyes drift away from his killers to me. The anxiety building up in my chest almost bursts when the gun fires again, this time hitting the man’s forehead, making him collapse, his eyes never leaving mine. But as if my heart knows what is to come it pounds harder than I’ve ever felt it before, as the footsteps continue toward us.

The suspense of them finding me begins to annoy me. My chest is hurting from the tightness of my anxiety and my thighs don’t appreciate being stuck in a low wall sit for this long. But it finally happens. A man dressed in all black stands over the body for a minute before crouching down and going through his pockets. He pulls out the dead man’s wallet and flips it open, automatically finding something that makes him sigh.

“Poor bastard had a family. What a shame, should watch wear he wanders.” The man mumbles to himself, dropping the wallet on the man’s chest. I debate on whether I’m a horrible person or not for not busting out in tears at the fact an innocent man was just murdered in front of me and that I could possibly next. The low amount of empathy I normally have for people seems to have reached an all time low when I realize how I feel absolutely nothing for the dead man in front of me.

But instead I study the killer. He looks young, but from the way he carries himself I feel as if he must be older. In a nice suit, which was obviously made for him, he is extremely handsome. The uncaring expression on his child like face tells me this is something he has done many times before, something that should disturb me more than is does. Just as he is about to stand up he pauses, his eyes not really focused on anything. I resist the urge to scream as he tilts his head and his cat like eyes find me. “Hello there baby girl,” The cat man purrs with a threating yet attractive smile.

Avoiding the Cheating Trope

Dear fanfic writers - there are about 8 billion other ways to hurt someone in a relationship besides cheating on them. Seriously. I get it, characters sometimes need to have a past, one that makes a clear villain and expalins hesitance in a relationship, but there are other answers besides cheating. Such as:

  • A partner who consistently belittled their dreams
  • A partner who made them feel like their romantic attention was either way too much (as in"you’re smothering me"“you’re so sappy it’s gross”) or not enough (“i care more about you” or “i never come first”)
  • A partner who flirted openly with others or - more broadly - actively did things to make your character insecure about the relationship
  • A partner who waited way too long to admit that their feelings were gone/weren’t real until your character was in too deep –> this can destroy someone’s ability to trust for years
  • A partner who lied about something very substantial about their relationship and did not own up until it was too late
  • If your character has kids - a partner who claimed to be okay with children then met the child/children and realized it was a dealbreaker
  • If your character has kids - a partner who is taking advantage of them in some way because of the child
  • If your character’s partner has kids - a partner with a child who used the child as emotional blackmail for your character (this happens way too often in real life and it can ruin people and cause issues)
  • Actually the above even if nobody in your main relationship has kids, if either main character has a bond still with that child and is unable to see that they are being motivated by the child’s parent, whether the child is theirs or not
  • A partner who manipulated your character all the time, enough to make them lastingly insecure or distrustful
  • A partner who led your character on for a long time, breaking up with them and getting back together, not fixing issues in their relationship, and promising to change but not until your character finally got dumped (also works even if your character did the dumping)
  • A partner who disagreed with them over a big contentious issue such as religion or politics, and eventually decided the relationship could not survive (this is a valid reason to break up but can still be devastating if handled wrong and could still create a villain)
  • If your character has something they can’t change, anything as serious as not being able to have kids or having herpes, to something like dick/breast size that a partner told them was a nonissue then cited as a reason for the breakup
  • Having a character get left at the altar and they have no reason why. Their former partner never gave them any closure and left them to sort out the resorting fallout by themselves. This also works even just for a broken off engagement. There doesn’t need to be cheating involved for this to be devastating.

I’m sure there’s many more as well, but these are a few I could think of off the bat. I hope this is genuinely helpful for people. I just get so tired of reading a great fic and then finding out a character has a past awful romantic history and then it boils down to them getting cheated on. Being cheated on is horrible, awful and could completely change someone’s life. But it has also become a cliche, and I know that thinking of other things can be a struggle, so here you go. I’d love to see people add more too, if they can think of it!


For each of you, what do you find that you’re most protective of within your character, like, what is it you like about your character that you want to make sure comes across in your performance or that resonates with you? (x)

Intelligence is not a redeeming character trait.

I’m really unbelievably tired of (mostly male) characters being “redeemed” from their bad attitudes, bad manners, poor treatment of other characters, etc. by the big reveal of their supposed genius. 

Being intelligent (no matter how intelligent) doesn’t make a person worth more than anyone else. It doesn’t excuse any of those things. It isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card for bad behavior, and having other skills (no matter what they are) doesn’t justify never prioritizing learning how to not hurt the people around them.

It’s not an excuse. 

And I think this is especially important to bring up for (mostly white) male characters, because actual men outside of fiction are excused by society in the same way that narratives excuse them in fiction. As long as they’re perceived by society as being “more important” than other people (which they already are by default if they’re men, and even more so if they’re white, etc.), any inappropriate, harmful, or offensive behavior toward other people is excused. 

The excuses are always that it would be “hard” for someone who is SO INCREDIBLY GIFTED to… be kind? Show compassion? Consider the effects of their actions on others and act accordingly? 

It’s bullshit. 

Fundamentally the trope is ableist (by basing someone’s worth around their mental capacity), with undertones of classism and racism (in the same ways that IQ tests are classist and racist), and it perpetuates a narrative of male privilege and entitlement.

And by the way, if you were reading this post and thinking “Is this about [specific male character who does this]?” then the answer is yes.

Friendly Notes for Jumin Haters

It’s been over a year I played MM and even after that it seems people never get tired to talk about jumin as if he is the only sinner in RFA and the only character who has so many flaws and nothing good; hence he is a bad character and doesn’t deserve forgiveness so does his fans; they are the worst and the whole internet should know about this as if the whole world hasn’t already know about this. It’s been a year yet people still don’t get over it.

Jumin Han tag here on tumblr isn’t even a safe place for jumin and his fans because it always surrounded by hate posts, false accusations, DJHIG meme and people who disregarding his character. So I beg your respect to consider these things below:

It is OK to dislike/hate Jumin Han because he or his route made you feel uncomfortable and triggering your unpleasant experience for whatever reasons no one ever force you to like him or change your opinions; we just want your respect.

  • But it is NOT OK to call him an abuser when clearly he is not one of that. Just because the slightest of his behavior remind you of your abuser doesn’t necessarily means he is one of them. He was having a mental breakdown for mostly 1.5 days for the first time in 27 yrs of his life on his route. Making you feel uncomfortable wasn’t his intentions, that’s why he keep apologizing to you. He is inexperienced of expressing his emotions and he was anxious and insecure. He needs time to go back to being rational and logical jumin again and see after that he is changing and he certainly never do those things again. Is it what an abuser would do? NO!
  • It is NOT OK to spreading false accusations about him and make him looks like some kind of villain/criminal. I saw many people accused him of kidnapping MC when in fact it was not true. MC is consciously want to come to his penthouse and help him on her own will. No one force her into this, not even jumin himself.
  • It is NOT OK to always associate him with his Bad Ending traits/events; Bad Ending traits/events exist because the player encourage him to do so and make him believe it was the right thing to do. Keep pushing him doing bad things but never tell him what is right. That’s why it was called bad ends. It exist for a reason. The truest character’s traits will only show during the good route only (Good End/Normal End). Please don’t disregard his wonderful character development.
  • It is NOT OK to accuse us, jumin fans that we are an abuse apologist for liking jumin or we are ignoring his flaws or problematic behaviors because he is a male and he is so fckn attractive or the like. Also accused us for romanticizing his BE2 and call it was sexy cz this is so fckn wrong and insulting for us.
  • It is NOT OK to play victim and call us rude to make us looks bad yet you are the one who send anon hate and rude commentary in the first place and telling us to stop making positivity contents about jumin and keep coming back as anon to tell us how gross we are for even liking an abuser like him and goes 9763234581 ways to write how jumin is a bad character and how his route make you uncomfortable and even bring him down to level up your bias.
  • It is NOT OK to tag your jumin hate with “Jumin Han” tag and mention his name in the body post without being censored.
  • It is NOT OK to antagonize/attack people who started to like him with anon hate and your tons of bullshits just to seek your own validation and being rude with your insistence and keep coming back to them.

I think that’s all from me. If you want to be respected; please respect mine too. I don’t want any of this pointless discourse to continue in the future. Don’t you get tired already? I don’t know what your aim, but it’s been a year and you keep talking about his flaws endlessly. It’s not even a week since his birthday gdi. I just want peace and love jumin in peacefulness without someone telling me bullshits.


I won’t respond to any kind of offensive/rude commentary. I hope people would take this with level-headed manner, if you disagree just keep it to yourself. I do my business, you do yours. Everyone has different opinions and point of views. I only demand your respect.

Thank you.