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Glen gives Gil a piggyback ride; Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki

Favorite manga moment as requested by anonymous~

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First of all, I love your art, it's so classic and just stunning??? It's also AMAZING to see more content for the German bros, whether it involves them solo or their history together (they're popular characters but I don't see nearly as much content on them as I'd like to). I saw you did a little delving into Nyo!Pru's characterization, but could you do more art or just general headcanons for her? I love your version of her so much!! ❤️

thank youuuuuu!

here she is, i don’t have a whole lot of headcanons for her because i’m not terribly fond of nyo’s, but….she’s basically like gil, except a little bit more untrusting/defensive and a little prankier, like, she very much enjoys her practical jokes. she always has her hair done up tightly, and will usually have a cap on if they’re not in a formal situation. 



My favorite character from the start was Gil, but with Oz’s recent back-story and development- Oz is trying so hard to be #1 now I’m not even sure which is my #1 anymore. 

elinor’s blog list, bc ppl don’t seem to know they’re mine lmao

      nightwept: jean de reynard, original character, main blog, active.

      lifeslain: heath and aria, dual oc blog, second main blog, active.

      oceanbent: aloys de reynard, jean’s dead bro, original character, inactive. 

      amortled: ryan moira, original character, semi-active.

      jokesbound: xerxes break from pandora hearts, inactive, needs to be revamped.

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Name: Carla

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Cat person or dog person: Both

Favorite fictional character: I have far too many dude. Maybe Break from Pandora Hearts though, god did I love him. Or Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji. And so many more oh man.

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1

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Watch out for spoilers!

ElliotxLeo Edition of some scribbles I did lately. Crush my heart and spill the fragments over those two, if you’d be so kind. 

So, on the second picture we have my headcanon that after Leo dies, he is in the abyss where he meets Elliot again. I accidentally sneaked some german text in, translation is: “It’s you…it’s really you!”

Characters from Pandora Hearts © Jun Mochizuki | Fanart ©

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I’ve decided to write the list of the request I will do/I’ve done, just for let the requesters know when they can have them. I will write here even the private requests, for the same reason. 

Last update 25-06-2017 (please, remember that I’m in Italy!)

  1. Elizabeth Midford from Kuroshitsuji
  2. Mikaela Hyakuya from Owari no Seraph
  3. Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist (private)
  4. Lottie Baskerville from Pandora Hearts (private)
  5. Owari no Seraph (so, some character in each one?)
  6. Othello from Kuroshitsuji
  7. William T. Spears from Kuroshitsuji (private)

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11, 14, & 16!

11) what aspect of your writing do you think has most improved since you started writing?

general writing skills. vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and ability to weave words together - as a french gal, i’ve become much better at that since my beginnings XD 

14) do you make playlists for your current wips?

no !!! i thought about making moodboards though - i should get on that :D 

16) are there any characters who haunt you?

aaaah, haunt me is a big word. i’ve only had two characters who did that - Xerxes Break from Pandora Hearts, and Percival Graves from Fantastic Beasts. They’re the kind of complex characters you latch onto and refuse to let go. It’s a great feeling :)