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By somewhat popular demand, I’m gunna test the waters and do a few sets of these to see how they go. Important Info/Pricing, how-to and more samples under the cut, so I don’t clog up the dash.

Current Open Slots:
1) @nharuya, set of 4 (Returning Customer)
2) @rugskink, set of 3
3) @scales-and-heretics, set of 6
4) @tidusyumemiru, set of 6
5) @tuftananke, set of 6
6) @xeuseung, set of 3 (Returning Customer)
7) @cynicaldjinn, set of 6
8) @kreepykeeper, set of 4
9) @sonataofsteel, set of 3 (Returning Customer)
10) @khujatotayuun, set of 6

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I was looking through a folder of all the preproduction designs I did for my short film from last semester and I thought to myself, “wow, these look pretty stiff D:”. So I decided to do these really quick draw-overs on my character expression & pose sheet to see if I improved at all from the last 5 months that I drew the original. And I think i did improve quite a bit :> The reason for this is because animating the film really drilled the principle in my head that exaggeration/push&pull is key. 

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#no means no


[16/?] Favourite Male Characters → Takashi Natsume (Natsume Yuujinchou)

Happy Birthday, Natsume!! (ノ◠ヮ◠)ノ*:・゚✧ ~1 July~


I recently caught up with all of the Berserk manga so far, and I’m now a big fan. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same thing about the new anime series that came out.

That said, it made me want to try my own take on an animated looking version of Guts. Kentaro Miura’s style is very hard to grasp/simplify.


Still the most accurate thing…


Final Fantasy Agito expressions ➟ Deuce;